• People that say no are just ignorant

    Racing a car or demands 100% focus and a tremendous amount of physical fitness. I can guarantee that everyone that voted "no" has no clue about car racing. The arguments that I was reading are just stupid... Comments like, "My fat uncle drives a car so therefore he can race a car". That's the same as me saying that I can bounce a ball and therefore I can play in the NBA. Just because you can hold a steering wheel doesn't mean you can race. I can swing a stick but sadly I'll never play for the Yankees.
    Take F1 for example which in my opinion is the most physically demanding form of car racing. During a race a driver can lose up to 6 pounds of body weight! Also, many F1 drivers are also triathletes and have brutal workout regimens to keep their bodies ultra fit and strong. The force applied to the brake pedal on an F1 car can get close to 450lbs. G forces can get to around 5.5 G's. Imagine trying to sit and hold your head up while 5 fire extinguishers are strapped to your head-(That's the weight equivalent of the head/helmet when you take g-forces into account). Now try doing that while going 200mph, subjecting your body to brutal G-forces, pushing your body and mind to the limit, focusing 100% on the task at hand, oh yeah... And trying not to think about the fact that you're knocking on deaths door. In most sports you get multiple breaks so really you're just exerting small bursts of energy between batters, downs, whistle blows, etc. In car racing, it's 100% effort until the checkered flag. I think the people that voted "no" just don't understand basic physics.

  • The more you know...

    Some quick facts: Pressing the brake pedal is similar to an 80kg leg press (they press this hundreds of times in a race). An F1 driver's heartbeat AVERAGES as high as a marathon runner's at the end of a marathon. The cockpit is at least 40 degrees C. I could go on. All in all it's an incredibly physically demanding position to be. And as for the mental side of things; having to be in that demanding position I described whilst keeping 100% unbroken concentration for the entire 2ish hour race with no rests is a feat worthy of admiration. All other sports either have breaks/half times, down times etc. That's the TRULY impressive part of motor sport is the mental stamina.

    This is the problem: People think "I drive a car and it's easy so what's the big deal about driving it fast?" It's hard to educate how wrong this train of through is because, unlike other sports, we don't ever race cars. See, we know how difficult it can be to run around, kick a ball, play tennis, soccer, swim etc. We've all done those things and because of that it's easier for us to appreciate athletes playing these sports. However our experience with cars is merely driving them which is a mundane experience at best. So what everyone does is take their experience with cars and project that onto motor sport and think "what's the big deal?" As soon as you're in a proper race you'll realise how amazingly difficult it is but we never race in our lives so everyone stays ignorant on it unless you either a) have a natural interest in motor sport or b) decide to research it.

  • Racing is a sport

    Many people DO NOT understand why racing is a sport. I've been told all that you do is steer a wheel. Well, its not. There is a mega physical impact on your body and much physical training is required. I just race gokarts and I am talking from what I do. Also, racing is just left turn, left turn etc. There are many technical tracks out there in the world. One last thing, when people say that racing is easy and that they will beat you in consetion karts, they can't even drive that six corner track going 35km an hour. So next time think some more about your opinion.

  • Motor(sport) clue is in the title

    I agree you can be unfit and get into a race. No different than you can be unfit and enter a running race or even boxing match, this does not mean you will be competitive
    I have taken part in all 3 disciplines to some extent.

    Racing is not a game it's dangerous. Also, seating with a six point harness you do move. We race at 3G, uses lots of muscles. 26mins you'll be semi crawling out, even with good bmi, diet and some gym work.

    If your engine is competitive, tyres, chassis - it's down to the driver, a bad driver can not win in a good car.

    Doing very accurate laps at very high speeds is like catching bullet (you won;t understand that if you've not raced a car at national level at least) Do you think you could race open wheels, where tyres nearly touch..

    A few inches too late turn in and your running deep, maybe wide, off circuit and into a barrier. Slick and wings is very mentally challenging, at first it's like bungee jump (leap into the unknown you build up to it) focus is on accuracy, how far you can take it, leaving margin for improvement someone will beat you. 1 stat - high level club racing cars generate more force round corners than you feel in a bungee jump.

    This craft takes years to learn & natural talent will win. Some top guys can jump in someone elses car and drive it faster than other racers. They don't need learn best racing lines and they adapt to changing track conditions.

    Most racers can get within 2 secs of race lap time with some training but those last two seconds will feel semi impossible to most, hard on the brakes, at the very last minute, shortest distance, scrub off just enough speed, but not too much, not lock up and go straight on it's so hard to get a competitive lap times in serious racing it's much easier to crash. Most people have no real concept of this. It's very scientific to get everything to the optimal.

    Try a basic race sim R factor or iracing in a powerful car and see if you can do competitive lap time. Then try doing this accurately lap after lap, 120+mph towards corners with barriers, It is not the same in real life. We have a natural survival instinct to back off too soon. It's very demanding.

    Not as demanding at boxing phycisally, but one race I felt like I had been fighting just to keep up and was desperate for it to end. You can stop, like you can lay down in boxing too so it's all relative

    This is where the NO group are wrong, you;re not racing if you're out of shape, you're not trying, we call that just turning up that's why it's a sport.

    I have the up most respect for all competitors of all sports.

  • Racing = a sport. (Try it yourself before you judge)

    Indycar's have no power steering or traction control. That's tough even @ low speeds, try handling that at 200 mph while attempting to overtake someone else in a turn. NASCAR aren't that much slower.

    What is a sport? An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

    Physical exertion: yes
    drivers lose up to 15 pounds of body weight in the Indy 500
    competition: yes
    entertainment: yes


  • Sports require teamwork and car raxing is mostly teamwork.

    We can all accept the fact that its just cars going left and left and left. But what if I told you that going around in circles is harder than you think? Well yes. You're at a turn and you're about to pass one of your rivals and you fail to pass him because the turn was just not enough. You need a strategy. You need the whole team (driver, pit crew, crew chief, and spotter) to intervene and to find a way to not only pass him, but to get to the front. You need to be mentally skilled and prepared for whatever obstacle gets in your way. Racing is all about teamwork and comunication. Especially driver and spotter. The spotter os your third eye. He tells you who'se behind you, if you are ready to pass, if there is lap traffic ahead, etc. In the end, there is more to racing than just a bunch of cars going around in circles.

  • Hell yeah they are!

    They trian, eat and compete harder then most athleetes in a different way tho. I dont time to explian the rest right now but i race and its more than just gas, brake and turn left O.K. Well i turn a tight corner on some tracks it feels like the helmets going to rip my head off cuz the g force makes it feel heavier.

    Everyone who says pro racing isnt a sport well, u probably well grand theft auto and need to get a life!!

  • Lol lol lol

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  • Yes racing is a true sport!

    Yes racing is a true sport I have grown up around racing in baseball foot all you do not have to climb under a car you don't have to unbolt stuff you don't have to take a tire off to change it you do not have to put gas in anything but in racing you have to do all this stuff

  • Yes yes yes

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  • You're joking, right? Or is that left, left, left, left, left, and left?

    It's fast! It's dangerous! It's uuuuuber-cool! Flash...Zip...Vroom...Screech.


    See? See how distracting race car driving can be? You get caught up in the energy and excitement of it all and then - wam! - you forget: it's not a sport.

    Yes, yes, race car drivers have to mentally prepare themselves for the speed and carry with them the perpetual threat of untimely, metal and bone-crunching, firey death. Oooh - and shiney trophies. And groupies. And...Wait...What?...Oh, yeah...

    *Ahem.* Not a sport. Going around in a circle at 10 million miles an hour doesn't require a large amount of skill. It requires courage, peppered with a certain amount of optimism and/or stupidity. It's more like a dare, not a challenge.

    Sport also requires a degree of physical prowress. Something special. Not like, "Wow! That guy really has strong hands to hold the wheel of that car!" Sure, race car drivers can be fit and work their bodies to be glistening, admired temples; however, it's of no use to them in a machine. My uncle Sal, who is basically a bloated noodle, could drive a car. In fact, he does. Athletes use their bodies for sport, not machines.

    Now, don't go arguing, "What about bowling?" (Or any other lame almost sport you can think of.) Also not a sport. If it doesn't check two boxes - mind and body - it's not a sport! And you know what people? It's okay. It's truly okay to love race car driving and just call it what it is. Adults driving around really fast in cars. Yes, there is a degree of - *AHEM* something - needed that regular Joes like us don't have (expensive cars?), but that's about it. So, get caught up in the excitement of it all and you'll just forget you took the other side on this one in the first place.

  • Unfortunately, no, superior physical fitness does not apply.

    Whilst i agree that it does take mental and physical fitness to race a car, the superior car will always win (ONCE AT THAT LEVEL). A world champion runner or a world champion athlete can only be the BEST at a sport because they are PHYSICALLY the best. A car that slightly outperforms another car when the racers are all of roughly equal weights and abilities (regardless of body types) will win. There are sports in which I can agree shouldnt fit into this category either (sailing, horseriding) though those fall short of a complete machine competing with another machine. The engineer wins the race at the end of the day.

  • Because you FREAKING SIT

    Racing is when you sit and see AND YOU DON'T EVEN FREAKING MOVE AND racing sucks if you just sit in a seat and drive you call that sport no.And sports are supposed to move and make your self sweat like nike.Lahehwjakoqosjhsj jeiwjshjw jsiwoaopakajeg jwoqkakkv jwpwkdvkal all AND FREAKING RACING SUCKS

  • Definitely Not a Sport

    Whoever has the biggest engine wins, gimme a fast car Ill go enter the Indy 500 and win. Any fat loser can race a car and win, physical athleticism is hardly required and I doubt mental fortitude even has a factor. Turn the wheel hit the gas. Only stupid people think there is anything but marketing in racing.

  • Racing is not a sport

    Racing is not a sport. Racing is simply a competition between two or more persons to see who comes out first as the fastest. Racing requires very little to no athletic ability.. Racing does involve some obstacles such as endurance and strength but overall not one person is physically an athletic person

  • Technically, yes, but I don't think it should be.

    Oh, look! A left turn! Oh, another left turn! WOO!
    SERIOUSLY! All they're doing is driving fast in circles. How is that exciting? I mean, really? If you wanna be "cool"go out in the country in your truck, and drive. But I mean, it shouldn't be on television. I don't see a point. Sorry not sorry.

  • No, race car driving is not a sport.

    Any fat guy can get in a car and race. Any fat guy cannot play a real sport. Women are created equal inside of a race car. Women are not equal to men in a single athletic competition. Race car driving is a nice form of entertainment but not a true sport.

  • Car racing absolutely is not a sport.

    Combat sports, ball sports, track and long distance sports, skating sports,water sports and outdoor sports are sports. Driving a car around in circles is not a sport. Have you seen some of the pro drivers? They're old and fat and not athletic at all. Car racing just is not a sport. Simple as that.

  • Car racing absolutely is not a sport.

    Combat sports, ball sports, track and long distance sports, skating sports,water sports and outdoor sports are sports. Driving a car around in circles is not a sport. Have you seen some of the pro drivers? They're old and fat and not athletic at all. Car racing just is not a sport. Simple as that.

  • Its all about commerce, a driver from a small country stand s no chance

    Everybody can drive a car, only drivers from large countries are interesting, for commercial and advertising purposes. A driver fom a small country like Belgium or the Netherlands will not even be considered. Because the are not interesting enough for advertisements. Furthermore all the so called topdrivers have to make sure that they have the fastest car, so that they cannot be overtaken during the race

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