• That's exactly what it is.

    There is no biological basis to the concept of different races among humans. There are genetic markers, sure, but no difference in our DNA. Race is a social construct that was based on ignorance originally, and now perpetuated on purpose through racism and fake social justice warriors. It's a disgrace.

  • Its all just over reaction

    We are all humans.We all have feelings and we love to do the things we love to do,we love to hang out with our fellow humans and pets.No difference!But our society had made huge issues over small things.Race is only a thing because of skin color.That it,we are all the same.Different races act differently because they hold different belief systems and conform to social norms.Mass media and mainstream entertainment did a good job in dividing us.

  • race is merely a perception

    Yes I beleive that race merely a perception. People that grow up with all different colors do not see colors. People who grow up isolated from those of different color are the ones that see a difference. We are all the same human beings no matter what color we have the same make up and the outward appearance will one day be a thing of the past.

  • Race is very real.

    Humans are usually one of the five races - African, Asian, European, Indian, Middle Eastern. The rest can be classified as Other. Please see the attached picture of Human race as of 2020. Eventually each of these races will evolve into a new and distinct species, Like Gorilla, Tiger, Zebra, Goat and Horse.

    Https://imgur. Com/a/bwKrZVP

  • Race is not just a perception

    This country is quietly divided in myriad ways. The prison population dominated by minorities, unsatisfactory schools, unsafe housing, below poverty income. The list goes on and on. While overt racism was legislated out of existence with passage of the civil rights laws, the reality is different. By any standard measurement, the economic and social divide is growing and, sadly, race is the instigating factor.

  • Race is not merely a perception.

    Race is real. People from origins in different areas of the world have different bodily features, such as skin tone, facial features, skull shape, and other bodily features. To deny that race exists is asinine. However, even though race exists in that people do look different due to originating from certain geographical areas, does not mean that they should ever be discriminated against or thought of as inferior. Our minds all have the opportunity to be equal given the right environmental conditions and stimulation. Our general physique is also equal, no race is weaker or stronger than another.

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