• Look at who comes here.

    Nobody bats an eye, or protests when a white British man sneaks on a boat, and arrives on America's shores. But when a Latino Mexican man tries to hop across the border, everybody panics. Nobody suspects the Brit of foul, but prejudice against the Mexican. Our teenage girls will wave English flags, and be called fan girls, but Americans call people waving Mexican flags dirty immigrants. It does not matter your nation, but your skin in America's twisted vision.

  • It has nothing to do with immigration or race.

    I am from a predominately Hispanic state and consider this culture to be part of my heritage. In fact, I lived in Sonara, Mexico for 5 years as a teenager. As a white male, I have much more in common with a Mexican from say Arizona than I do, say an an Italian from New York. I can honestly say I have not met anyone who was "anti-immigration" as you put it. The problem is with uncontrolled and illegal entry into this sovereign state. There are 196 countries today on earth. Of the 196 countries, 195 of these countries do not take issue with having controlled borders and immigration enforcement. Only the US has a problem enforcing its own laws. The reason so many people want our borders secure is because this problem is causing tremendous burdens and problems for our country. The real issue is not directly about race and immigration. It is about politics and distraction. I don't care what the immigration laws are - however, is it so unreasonable for me as a taxpayer to at least expect what laws we do have to be enforced. Is that so much to ask for. If we don't enforce one law or set of laws, why bother enforcing any laws. How do we justify one from another. Where do we draw the line, at what point does society begin to break down. I am all for immigration, It just needs to be done in a manner that is beneficial to our society not a detriment for the sake of political points

  • Ofcourse it isn't.

    No country can absorb near infinite numbers of random people from other cultures. It is only reasonable to limit the number of immigrants.

    As for the statement of "liberal agenda" trying to suggest the cause behind anti immigration is 'racism'..

    1: What example does he have of a single white Englishman sneaking aboard a boat to enter America?
    2: How many such Englishmen do this, vs the number of Mexicans who do this?

    His claim of racism is completely unfounded. He cites no example of illegal immigration from England, because it doesn't exist. English people are just as wealthy and have the same sort of education and public services as Americans. They have no great incentive to come to America and if they did, they wouldn't need to do it illegally.

    Americans are more accepting of legal immigrants from England because:

    1: They're legal
    2: They come to fulfill a role, do a job, and not to feed off of state houndouts.
    3: They do not come in their millions
    4: They share cultural values.

    This guy really is part of an agenda.

  • No, Race Isn't the Reason

    Race is not the reason behind anti-immigration policies. The reason that so many people are against the concept of immigration is because there is currently too much immigration and not enough legalization. Our naturalization process is flawed to the point where millions of illegal aliens may exist within the country, benefiting without the same responsibilities that legal citizens must adhere to.

  • Cultural compatibility is the problem

    When a flood of new people come into a country with completely different customs, mannerisms, business sense, driving styles, beliefs etc...It is not at all about colour or race but it is everything to do with culture. There needs to be some cultural congruency or there will be friction because of the cultural differences.

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