Is Rachel Botsman's "currency of trust" realistic given the internet?

  • New Currency and Networking ideas should be taken with a grain of salt

    Rachel Botsman's Currency of trust is a great way of describing the needs and motives of computer users, and especially file sharing habits. The pool of people who do file sharing is increasing, so it is not just a minority of hackers anymore. Targeting this demographic is more well done with Rachel Botsman's ideas because money isn't as good of a measurement, in the form of buying media, etc.

  • No, there are so many mistruths.

    No, Rachel Bostman's currency of trust is realistic given the internet, because there are so many people on the internet who will say things that aren't true. There are people who do not care about what is true. If they don't like you, they will spread rumors about you. The currency of trust cannot stand with so many lies online.

  • Currency of Trust Unrealistic

    Unfortunately, Rachel Botsman's "Currency of Trust" isn't a realistic thing thanks to the Internet. It's built upon the basic premise that other people are going to be honest and straightforward, which is something that you will rarely find on the Internet. Therefore, the currency of trust would never function properly.

  • Rachel Botsman's "currency of trust" is not realistic given the internet.

    Rachel Botsman's "currency of trust" is not realistic given the internet. People can lie or fabricate the truth so it is not realistic. It is too vague for anything meaningful to come out of it. The internet can cause damage to any company that relies on customer relations. Therefore, it is not realistic.

  • No, it is too vague.

    No, Rachel Bostman's currency of trust is not realistic, given the internet, because it is too easy for a person to destroy another person's reputation on the internet. On the internet, a person can post something about another that is untrue. In addition, when someone searches for a good or service, a person's individual trustworthiness may or may not be relevant. Bostman overstates the importance of trust.

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