• It can be seen

    The news media had hundreds of photos of a black women. She had a social media account with recent photos. They chose the most unflattering photo with her with a toy gun. That was no accident and must have taken some news worker a lot of time to find an old photo.

    Next a white women was on the news. She is not easy on the eyes and somehow they chose the best picture of her from who knows when, At her best. She looks nothing like that now, But they used it.

    They want to portray black people at their worst and white people at the best instead of picking one standard.

  • Racial Bias is a major problem in the media today

    It is my opinion that racial bias is a major problem in the media in today's society. There are no news stories, television shows, or films that are free of racial bias. While some of these may not employ racial bias in an obvious fashion, it is still apparent to those groups that are portrayed in an unflattering fashion.

  • Yes,it is a problem

    I think anything in the media that can be blown out of proportion. I try not to pay attention to these kinds of things in the media,but they can be tricky, I know the more impressionable minds are going to walk into these situations and believe the media over what they should really think.

  • There are limited hues in media today.

    The media has taken some small steps forward on the forefront of a better and less prejudiced portrayal of racial minorities, but every step forward is not enough and sometimes even detrimental. When the song "America, the Beautiful" song sung in different languages, that was a proud moment to break through barriers and preconceived notions of racism and bias to people of color or of immigrant background. But that was met with ferocious backlash and great prejudice that highlights that most media does take a racial and often old-fashioned approach to misrepresent people of different races. There is a severe dearth of truly dark skinned models and products that cater to racial minorities shown on popular media and American, as a nation, still has many rungs of unbiased perceptions to climb.

  • The bias is from society not the media

    Media only portrays what society desires to see.

    It's a fundamental principle of economics, where there is demand, there will be supply.People subconsciously want to see thin,pretty, white people on the media.But they want to see other cultures too, just not too many so they don't feel like they are being replaced,so they always have a token minority there.They may be unconscious of the bias, that doesn't mean it isn't there.

    Even in some Asian countries,people equate fairness with beauty. That's why they have billboards with models who barely look Asian and whitening products are still being sold.They want to see those people there because they think that's beautiful.

    Of course some people push back against these societal norms and it is encouraging to see many more people do so.For example, in the same Asian countries mentioned above, K-pop is becoming big all over Asia and the media devotes a lot of attention to it because the demand is there, even if there aren't many Koreans in the target market. Buzzfeed have a racially diverse workforce.Young people especially are starting to push back against racial homogeneity.

    The bias is not from media it is from us.We need to stop consuming the whitewashed media if it affects us so much and start embracing alternative media that is more diverse which will then become the new mainstream media if enough people care.The old mainstream media will then accordingly adjust because profit always rules.Where there is supply, there is demand.

  • No, I don't think racial bias is a problem in the media today.

    There are a large number of black and white news anchors across the nation, the stories that the vast majority of the networks produce are not racial in any way, I think overall the media has gone to great lengths to eliminate racial bias in their networks since it's viewed as unacceptable in today's society.

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