• Every time we have an election the main topic tends to be the candidate's race.

    I know very few Americans who do not judge an individual based on race. It's sad when you have segregated groups based on race. In my neighborhood, which is mainly black and Hispanic, the blacks only hang out with blacks, the Hispanics only hang out with Hispanics, and the few white people, myself and a few other families, mostly stick to themselves. Most people don't talk to me because I'm white, and it's been harder for my biracial siblings. I have a lot of friends outside my neighborhood who are of a mix of races and we accept each other for who we are, not how we look. Unfortunately I can't say the same for the majority of the nation. Every time we have an election the main topic tends to be the candidate's race, which should be barely relevant if relevant at all. We need to stop judging by skin appearance and start judging by character.

  • Yes it is

    While I would like to say that we as a people and as a nation have come a long way over the past few decades, it pains me to know that this really is not the case. Problems of race are still very much around these days, just ask a minority.

  • Racial disparity is a problem to an extent.

    Racism is much better than 50 years ago but it is still very much around. Racial disparity was much worse back then, but I would argue it is still prevalent. Just because we see less of it then we did in the past does not mean that the problem is fixed.

  • Yes, but it's improving.

    The history of the United States has forced many inequities to be formed that have grown from our slave past. Stereotypes helped fuel many of the policies that affected non white races, such as Jim Crow Laws. The result is that many of these policies still have resonating effects that will dissipate over time. If we keep working towards removing those stereotypes and policies, our problem will disappear.

  • Any minority will have a higher chance of facing discrimination

    It’s simple math. If there are 5X the number of white people than black people, black people have a 500% higher chance of experiencing prejudice. But no, I don’t think it is the problem it’s made out to be anymore. Having kids too early and not staying in school are the main causes of poverty in the USA, regardless of race. I’d say disparities are usually not caused by racism but by the negative aspects of culture. I mean, thug culture is actually a thing, which it shouldn’t be. How obvious does it have to be that it’s caused a ton of harm economically and otherwise to black culture?

  • Race is not the issue here; it's poverty.

    Minorities are more likely to be living in poverty, come from broken homes, and things of that nature. A lot of the disparities that exist today are because of these factors, and the ultimate issue that is behind a lot of it has nothing to do with race at the core.

  • Racial disparity is not a problem in the U.S.

    I think that in the past few decades, America as a whole really has come a long way as far as how it handles different races and racial disparity in general. We have become a much more tolerant nation, and racism in general has declined quite a bit, which is good.

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