Is racial equality worse off today than what it was in the past?

  • You bet it is!

    For all parties, The racial game is more rigged than ever! As more platforms continue to get weaponized then how could you say racial relations are getting better all of a sudden? The culture war is inevitable at this point and it would take generations of education to become a truly equal society, But unfortunately the principle of race in America has already been established therefore we could all be one race, But then we would turn into colorism so pick your bets.

  • Yet nigga titties

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  • Better with attrition.

    Relations keep getting better and better. Socially and financially, Race relations are becoming more an more equal. Each year, There are less and less people who are racist and judge others by their actions and words and not by the color of their skin. Each year the number of non-white people holding the highest ranked positions are getting greater in every area.
    About the only thing that has grown is the number of known racist claims because the media tends to report on them much more often. Some of which (Smullet, Sandman) have been proven as false ones.

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anc2006 says2019-05-01T00:28:36.653
Nowadays it is like when you hit an european nothing happens but you hit an african american you gets fine.

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