• It is necessary for a functioning and stable society

    It is sometimes required for the simple fact that statistics on race are used by the Government is all sorts of contexts (Police, Civil Defence, &c), and the fact that some races are statistically more likely to commit crime. Blacks are more likely to be criminals. It is not "racist" to state this fact, otherwise that means facts are racist, which is impossible for obvious reasons.

    There is no logical reason for denying the Government the ability to use statistics and facts on race in its legislative capacity. The Government has a requirement to do its best to defend its citizens, and political correctness must not be allowed to stop this.

  • Evil defined as intentional harm to innocent beings

    Profiling is how the brain operates. The intent is to determine risk and reward. Humans do not all share the same values. When a person wears a full length gown at an airport that person is profiled because of the perceived risk of a hidden weapon. There is no intent to harm the person wearing the gown.

  • Based in stereotypes

    Racial profiling stems purely from stereotypes. We cannot govern and police our society (or any society) based on the idea that ,because a black male's pants are sagging they're mostly likely going to commit or have committed a crime. This notion is utterly ridiculous and filled with uncertainties. Racial profiling is based on assumptions.

  • That is unconstitutional.

    Assuming that someone is in a certain way because of a race is racial profiling and mentally racist. It doesn't make sense to assume Chinese people are the smartest when online it says that 51% of all Chinese Americans have at least a Bachelor's Degree. It doesn't make sense to assume that African Americans have the highest percentage of criminals. People with different personalities will be at approximately same percentage for every race.

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