• Shouldn't get treated different because the color of your

    Just because I'm black doesn't mean that in ghetto and dumb and the rest of the stereotypes because, to be honest my race is intelligent and smart and the white people don't realize that just because a boy is a drug doesn't mean there dumb. They have to actually use there head and mental math. We are actually much smarter than whit people anyway.

  • Race doesn't determine how you act.

    If there was a serial killer on the loose, would the police only look for white men? No, that would make more likely for the culprit to get away. The only time race should ever play a part in an investigation of a crime would be when witnesses describe the criminal as a certain color. Aside from that, looking for suspects based on their skin is inherently racist and allows for a higher probability of convicting an innocent person or never catching the real culprit.

  • It Can Cause many Incidents

    Many little black boys have died because of someone in authority judging them on the color of their skin and the way that they dress. Trayvon Martin is one example. Either way the person profiling is ALWAYS wrong! People were shot and killed. Micheal Brown is another and Oscar Grant is also another.

  • Race is a descriptor

    If the suspect has blond hair, the police will look for someone with blond hair. If the suspect has a tattoo on their arm, the police will look for someone with a tattoo. Just because race is mentioned doesn't mean it is automatically bad. With law enforcement race can distinguish one person from another and therefore is a key factor in identifying a suspect. If the suspect is white, police will look for a white guy.

  • A tool not amethod

    There is nothing wrong with profiling as a tool as long as it doesn't become the most used method Ina investigation. There are more whites then blacks but the ratio is higher for a black. If there were two suspects one black and one white they each go in opposite directions and you could only follow one, it would make more sense to follow the black guy.

  • Racial Profiling has only been stopped because of political correctness

    Firstly, race or skin colour is an effective way to identify people. Secondly, racial profiling has only been stopped or attacked because of political correctness. Statistically, there is a higher chance with certain crimes that one race will be much more likely to commit that crime than the other. Therefore, it is sensible to use racial profiling. Obviously, you will have to prove that the person has committed the crime. As long as racial profiling is used in the right way, it is very effective and keeps people safe.

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