• We need to stop racism.

    Whether you like it or not, racial profiling is a form of racism. As defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, profiling is "the act or practice of regarding particular people as more likely to commit crimes because of their appearance, race, etc." Tell me that judging someone's likelihood of committing a crime based off of his/her race is not racist and hateful.

  • Going by the definition you just provided, yes.

    It's something we all do in some way shape or form. I also do something I guess you could call "hair profiling." I was picked on by a boy all the way from 4th grade to 11th grade by a boy with blonde spikey hair. So unfortunately, when I see a boy with blonde spikey hair, I am instinctively a little apprehensive. Is it right? No. Am I a bad person for having made that association in my life? I guess that's the question.

  • Are we so weak...

    Are we so weak that we can not change, hiding behind the guise of public safety, so weak that we must blame what few have done as a right to be intolerant to a people as a whole, so weak, that we can't take responsibility for are unjust acts and say we don't like you because you are different from me and that is frightening, so weak that we will blatantly accuse the victim because their skin is a different shade from ours.
    Can't we be strong enough to change, and say all nationality's have those that they are ashamed of, strong enough to say who knows who is a threat, I will treat all the same and make sure to protect everyone, Strong enough to say you may look different from me and our cultures may be different but to me you are my brother/sister and maybe if we work together we can make a better and more tolerant world for all.

  • How is arresting someone becaus of their race NOT racism?!

    That is literally the definition of RACISM! You can’t assume that someone is a criminal just because their black! That is something hitler would probably do if he was around today! People should not be targeted because of their skin color, that is unconstitutional, racist, and disgusting and any police officer caught doing it should be fired and fined!

  • Depends on your definition of profiling

    When it comes to police and security personnel who are in charge of public safety arbitrarily racial profiling without reason is yes wrong. It comes from a personal dislike or distrust of an entire race. But if it is reasonable for the cause of public safety then no. Keeping a more vigilant watch over a certain race because historically people who have hijacked planes or blew up buildings overwhelming were of a certain race, then this isn't racism, it's being diligent. You can either optimize public safety by inconveniencing the innocent people of that race while wearing the societal label of a racist. Or you can be negligent at your job by ignoring historical trends putting the public's safety at risk all for the sake of not being called a racist. One the first option seems to have nobler cause.

  • Racial Profiling Is Logical

    If studies show that people wearing red shirts are 50% more likely to commit murder than people wearing blue shirts, you would much rather walk down a dark alley with someone wearing a blue shirt than someone wearing a red shirt, no? It's the same thing with race. If people of a certain ethnicity are more likely to commit a certain crime, it makes logical sense to be more suspicious of those people.

  • The math says no.

    Our society is run by money. Airport security is expensive. Human lives are invaluable, but so is money. Racial profiling increase security and reduce costs. Even with better trained security people, racial profiling would still occur if people of a specific racial group were most likely to say breach security and hijack a plane. Racial profilining is only racist if you profile people purely based on their race, and race alone. If it's for security, saftey, and within reason, then it's not racist. I hate white people. I am white, therefore I am not a racist. I think all nonwhite people belong in jail -- this is a racist statement. It doesn't mean I am racist. I'm sure somebody out there does belong in jail. Whether or not they are white probably shouldn't matter, but to some people it does. Could racial profiling be to blame for racism? I got four words for that. Ninety years of slavery.

  • Doesn't matter how much time passes, you can't help it.

    I do not think racial profiling is right, but the fact is, everyone will do it... Unfortunately, a natural instinct such as that can't just be stopped. If everyone in the world woke up tomorrow and looked the same, there would be no way to tell who was who, and the profiling would be forced to a stop. This can't happen, however. There is no way to put this to a complete halt, but it can be slowed down tremendously.

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