• If it looks like a thug, quacks like a thug...

    It's probably a thug. Is it racist to assume that an African American male in his early 20's who has neck/face tattoo's and his pants around his ankles is a criminal? God no. I'd make the same judgement on a member of any race who presented himself as such. I am explicitly advocating profiling on the basis of gender, income and personal appearance. In other words, in the beginning of an investigation for a stolen vehicle; the police should check low income/high crime areas. If they happen to be places primarily inhabited by African Americans, then so be it.

  • NO if you agree then you are a knucklehead

    Anything bad or offensive to do with races is absolutely, positively, stupidly idiotic. AND YOU KNOW YOU AGREE! If you might know the pledge of allegiance states, "and liberty and justice, for AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL" Okay, and by the way I found a loophole finding out that (spoiler alert) some/a lot of schools/school boards are total hypocrites. (something to do with racisim)

  • No, it is unAmerican.

    No, racial profiling is not valid in the USA, because it goes against what the USA stands for. The United States is the place where people are not judged based on the color of their skin. It would be unfair if the people in the United States have to be subject to the same racial profiling that they tried to escape.

  • Racial profiling needs to stop in the USA

    I think nobody no matter what race you are should be profiled. It is awful to be profiled base on your race and racisim in the USA still exist and needs to stop, you should be able to go shopping or go to dinner with out the fear of someone watching you for nothing.

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