Is racial solidarity in the U.S. today doing more harm than good?

Asked by: Skynet
  • Just look at the Caribbean

    If people would just stop arguing about who killed who, who enslaved who, all 150 years ago, and just married hot people of a different "race," in a few generations, race would no longer define culture. In the Caribbean, there's little to no animosity between people of this skin color or that, anymore than red-heads hate brunettes. And if someone took your ancestor's land, get a job and buy some of it back! Because guess what? If you lived back before it was taken, you wouldn't have land if you didn't work for it anyway!

  • Yes, especially since, depending on the race, it is racism.

    The real culprit of racial divide is the practice of belonging to a race. This is further exacerbated by over exaggerated media accounts on the differences of how races act, and a government obsessed with what race is doing, and what and how they can discover whom the next victim will be. There will be no end to racial divide until we all just get over ourselves.

  • In a way

    Pretty much anything acknowledging a difference between races hurts more than it helps, even if it's well intended. The whole "we're one race, the human race" thing doesn't work when racially exclusive organizations/programs exist. Very difficult topic to bring everybody together on, both not acknowledging racial issues and accentuating them hurt progress.

  • Yes, racial solidarity is doing more harm than good.

    Racial solidarity, in short, is racism. That is organizations such as the NAACP, while they were necessary many years ago, are no longer valid and are driving minority and majority races apart by giving either a sense of entitlement or an "I'm better than you" approach. If no one would identify with a certain race, no one would be racist.

  • Racial unity prevents White Genocide

    White traits are recessive and race mixing is white genocide. White solidarity is good because it prevents interracial relationships which would result in loss of white traits. If everyone did it....The white race would be destroyed. Destroying a racial group is genocide. Racial solidarity is good and preserves pure blood. All races should feel solidarity towards their own kind.

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