• Military is horrible

    These military people claim they are fighting for your freedom. Small nations like iraq, Syria, Libya do not represent a threat to the us. It's like saying someone throwing rocks will beat someone shooting with an ak47. These are small antiquated nations that can t do anything. However, For the morons, They act likened saving your live. The military is fighting for moron Republican presidents who like playing cowboys vs ara s rather than fighting for the sovereignty of the us. All the military people I have ran into a racist, Vacous, Uneducated, And stupid ( since you have to be regarded to fight political wars overseas for the gop.

  • Hell Yeah there is!

    Here is a recent study done by a non-partisan group that details how mainly AA service are treated across all 4 branches of service for a 10 year period. This is all you need to know about racism in the Armed Forces Today. What a damn shame!

    This says it all...

  • Racism is a real problem in US army. A lot of US soldiers treat asians like crap..

    They are pretty direct about their racism. One army guy told me he doesn't want interacial babies and another army guy told me he dislikes black people, black culture, song, etc. This guy treats asians like crap. I have noticed that people who dislike blacks treat asians like crap too

  • There is extremely racism in the us army

    I have proof photos that are even on utube photos of a white soldier pointing a loaded 9 mil at a black soldiers head
    Photos of luietenent allowing a soldier out side the wire with sniper bait glasses on
    Degrading photos of black soldiers posted on family web site
    These as well as racist rants by so called men of American honor

  • Yes, racism is a problem in the U.S. military because it is still evident everywhere in society.

    It is hard to imagine that racism wouldn't be a problem in our military when it remains a problem in our society. The military was still segregated until 1948 despite people of color being used to fight in wars as early as the Revolution. And even now, the majority of African Americans and Latinos serving complain of racial discrimination in the assignments they are given and the treatment they receive.

  • You would be exhausted

    The military supports literally every facet of mankind that the states have to offer. Every one in the military is supporting one of the few nations who even took the time to establish a civic right to any of color. Never the less, You can't be racist in the military you would be exhausted, And you don't care about skin color when you more worried about Blue, Green, Brown and Blue, Especially when your taking rounds. You only care that the dude next to you is ready, Willing, And sending rounds back. That you have their back, Cause you have to trust that they have your back. Simple as that.

  • Shades of Green

    I served 22 years and have only been out for about a year now and in this year I have witnessed or heard more racial complaints than I've seen in the last 22 years combined. Don't get me wrong I have heard racial slurs even in the military and have even been called "whitey" or "Cracka" jokingly from my comrades but when push comes to shove those same people had my back in a moments notice on any issue. The first time I was ever profiled/discriminated against was when I was stationed in Brooklyn and a local cop asked me why a white man like me was in my neighborhood. He was shocked to find out I lived in the building he stopped me at. Some would call that racial profiling or discrimination I call it doing his job. Is racism ever going to be truly gone I don't think so until the world is all 1 shade.

  • No you are going to run into meanies everywhere GET OVER IT

    Any place you go you are going to meet bigots, whether it be military, work, school, ANYWHERE. The military is no exception there will people that will be mean to someone because of their race. But these people are rare, although they are everywhere you do not work with these people most of the time. They may be there but they are not the majority

  • No, racism is becoming less acceptable.

    Racial minorities have been being accepted in society increasingly over time, and I believe that fact is represented in the military as much as in everyday life. There probably are people who have disguised racial prejudices still, but it is becoming socially unacceptable as people learn to appreciate minorities for their own contributions to society. As in any organization such as the military there may still be factors that hold down different groups from advancement, such as women and gays, but I think racial barriers are becoming less prominent.

  • No, it's not

    It's not any more a problem there than it is anywhere else. The military relies on review boards when a soldier comes up for promotion. They judge him based on the performance of his duties, physical fitness, and overall soldierly qualities. It's possible one member of the board might be a raging racist, but it's unlikely his opinion will sway the entire board.

  • The Military is About Results not Race

    There are those that may claim the military is racist. This belief, however, cannot be further from the truth. Results and actions are rewarded in the military regardless of color.

    To understand the race neutrality within the military on need only look at the leadership. The highest positions are frequently held by those that would be considered minorities.

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