• Yes, it is

    Although people preach that the U.S. is "free" and "equal" and all that, racism in the U.S. is extremely prevalent and surprisingly acceptable.
    For example, racist stereotypes are considered absolutely hilarious (only by those aren't of that race, that is). Many people are more likely to be afraid of blacks than others, and people satisfy their jealousy of others' achievements by stating that it's due to their being Asian. Racism is amplified with special privileges respective of race, such as white people's being considered "more American" (cough cough anti-Obama conservatives) and blacks somehow reserving the right to use the N-word. Middle-Easterns are targeted in airports, and even Indians are accused of being terrorists for their similar skin color.

    Racism is terrible, but it is acceptable, whether people say so or not.

  • Racism is bad

    I have tons of not american friends. Just because they are different doesn't mean its okay to treat them differently. If you went somewhere and people treated you like an outcast, how would you feel. Racism is a form of bullying. It should not be tolerated and punished severely. I really don't feel like writing anymore, I just wanted to get my opinion through.

  • No no no no no

    Bc you know its not right poeple should not be saying mean stuff liek that a person is a person no matter who their race is or what they look like or how they identify or anything because we all bleed the same colored blood man so just shut your face mkay???!!!!

  • Acceptable to whom?

    Racism is not acceptable in my social group. You'd be kinda a pariah if you supported it. And the most recent survey I've seen showed something to the tune of 85-88% of Americans supporting racial equality.
    I'd say it is has lost more and more legitimacy as an idea that's normal.

  • America doesn't have special rights

    Racism is a sick discrimination. It is downgrading someone because of their ethnicity, and this should never be acceptable. I don't know why the US should have any special privileges, especially in regards to illegal and disgusting things such as racism; because no one should have to suffer the torture of being bullied for their race.

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