Is racism an elite conspiracy or is it a people thing (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Conspiracy nut,lunatic,fringe,wacko these labels contain more arsenic than tobacco

    Its easy to shut down a real debate by using that term your leaders write books(tragedy and hope,grand chessboard) where they brag about just about everything that you would first see as just theory.

    A second and final thought experiment: imagine for a moment that you are a sociopath, and that you aspire to rule over a people, living off the sweat of their brows as a parasite. Your biggest challenge will be to keep the people’s eyes off of you and on one another when the problems inherent to parasitic relationships begin to arise.

    As your taxation ushers in poverty, you can dodge the bullet if the grays believe that the redheads are milking the system. As your regulations bring unemployment, you’re safe if the balds believe the jobs are being taken by the brunettes. When your corporatism causes rioting, you are in the clear if the silvers believe that the mixed-hues are given legal preferential treatment. When you want to go to war and must convince the people to fund it, you would do well to demonize the savage raven-heads on the other side of the world.

  • You can't even imagine the stupid things made up by conspiracy nuts

    Racism is not some conspiracy made up by the rich as divide and conquer. Racism is something a whole group of people believe. If anything, religion can inspire racism. Racism is not conspiracy thing. Whoever thinks that is so stupid and uneducated. Get a book and get some brains I say to these people.

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