• Definitely it is

    Even to this day you got Nordic Klan types who think Chinese, Japanese, English (those who they deem to be Normans), French, Italians, Germans and Irish are lowlife scum. Now the Islamic thing is not racism. Religious prejudice perhaps but not racism. Now in some cases it's against Arabs, but not always.

  • Racism is alive but not in the way you think

    I am very sorry but i have to disagree with your stance and understandment. While i see your point on certain thing I have to comment on the fact that you seem to be accidentally discriminating against white males. I am not a white male, Im a hispanic woman, and i am sorry but if the tables were turned and Gorge zimmerman was a minority and Treyvon Martin was a white male we would simply brush it off as self defense. As Americans we are all taughht to discriminate against whites, we feel that they owe us, and THAT is racist. I am very sorry but that is the truth. You seem to accidentally have become what you sought to destroy. Please do not take offense as i am not trying to be mean or condecending, i, like you, have felt the need to speak up.

  • Racism is easily an issue

    When people hear racism, the usually think the foaming in the mouth confederate racist guy that hates all minorities. However, racism is simply when one race discriminated against. The whole stand your ground imbalance is a simple statistic that shows that black people are more likely to go to jail when they use the stand your ground defense and other statistics follow. The simple truth is that racism is a problem in the U.S and the first step to fixing it is to realize that we have a problem.

  • Not Really, Or At Least As Much As Before.

    Racial discrimination is not nearly as widespread as the media says. Some will have racist views, but they are few and far between. Also what really is racism? It seems like liberals love to just pull the race card becayse they can't say what the person is really profiling them for.

  • Media race baiting

    Racism seems to only exist between blacks and whites, leftist media outlets use black people and the topic of racism as a pawn in a large political game and it seems to be working to perfection. The U.S is so politically correct it is sickening. This is coming from a Mexican living in the dirty south who though has encountered racism, the amount of people who did not see me as a skin tone outweighs those few people who did significantly. Racism will continue as long as you keep it alive.

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