• Almost anything can be justified.

    What is justifiable is based on morality. Morality is subjective. Anything based on Morality is then subjective.

    Someone's beliefs and justification for those beliefs may make absolutely no sense to someone else, but they can still have them and justify them.

    In a world where we call average normal and the average person is insane only the sane people are labeled insane.

  • If 'Justifiable' Means 'Understandable'

    As long as we accept the title of my answer, then yes. People don't always act logically, people don't always see past themselves, and their own suffering. If we accept these unfortunate traits as natural human behavior, then we can't really condemn people for how they felt in their shortsightedness.

    For instance, poor peasants used to give Jews hell because they needed to find a scapegoat to vent their frustrations onto, and the successful Jews attracted that. A good thing? No. But I understand why they did it.

  • Yes, anything is

    Rasism, usually is a terrible thing and should not be practiced. However, if there is a great reason to be racist, then it is acceptable. For the "great reason" i am not talking about x race killed someone, so y race is better than x race. I am talking about if a crazy leader would start a nuclear war unless you were racist to someone. That, i can live with

  • Racism is only justifiable if Classism and Ageism are:

    The logic is simple:

    If you are too poor, based solely on your poverty level, regardless of your education, you may not vote.

    If you are too old, based solely on your age level, regardless of your development, you may not vote.

    If you are a female, based solely on your genetic markup, regardless of your citizenry, you may not vote.

    If you are fat, based solely on your obesity condition, regardless of your culpability, you may not vote.

    If you are [something I don't like] you may not [something I don't want you to do].

    Is there a reason to question the invalidity of this "Reasoning"?

  • It's an arbitrary judgement

    Is it ok to call all Christians idiots? Is it ok to say all rich people are greedy, exploitative bourgeoisie? Is it ok to say all conservatives are racist pieces of privileged white trash?

    I mean, if anything can be justified, my above statements must be justifiable, right? Right?

    What about those who don't agree with same sex marriage? Obviously those people are just idiots and bigots, universally, right? Because broad generalizations can be justified right?

    This is idiocy. Racism, bigotry, broad generalizations and stereotypes are not justifiable. They are the way people intrinsically attempt to justify their own flawed perspectives.

  • Holy Hotcakes Batman!

    The 15 year old in me want to just say *fart noise* 25 times instead of putting an actual reason, because i feel actually answering this stupid notion would be to justify the asker in asking it, but out of respect and fear of the moderators of this website, I will actually answer. Um, a system of oppression, which is what racism is, not prejudice against a race, is never okay. It pains me that it was necessary to state this, and it even hurts more that I couldn't use this great opportunity to say *fart noise* 50 times.

  • Racism is not justifiable.

    Racism is by definition irrational. No race is superior to another race or inferior to another. Only small trait differences exist between populations across the world, skin color being one of them. To justify racism, one would have to show that one race is superior to another in a meaningful and logically constructed way.

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SweetTea says2014-07-11T10:50:29.180
Did the First Lady ever apologize for using that racial slur? Just curious ...