Is racism in America today about black and white?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • “Not being a racist is definitely not enough. You have to always stand up and speak against it; whether it's coming from your siblings, parents.

    It's always been about black and white. I don't know why today this is still being a problem.
    But even i didn't know why people hated me because of my skin color. I learned that when i was 8 years old. I was surprised by this. After school i when home and i look at my brown skin very closely. For almost a good 20 minute.
    I was also learning English at the time. Then everything started to come together, what does name really meant. Why that documentary we watched, my teacher was so concern about how i might feel about it. For the first time in my life, i have never consider the color of my skin to be a problem. The next day school felt different, i was afraid. I was very afraid, since i was the only black in my class, i was constantly wondering what are they thinking about me? How do they actually see me. Are they really laughing with me or at me?

    My entire life changed by this, then i started recognizing it everywhere i go, i could see a certain insecurity withing me. As a child back home, we hate white friends that we would play with them. We always wanted to learn more about them. They play with us just like any other brown kid, so why is that not the same here? Why was i afraid to make friend with a white kid.?

    Just knowing that people did not like me because of my skin color really destroy my childhood. I hatted it so much. Worse part knowing i can't do anything about it. I could not change it, or cover it. It was just me. But as i mature i started to ignore what people thought about my skin color. I ignore every racist comments towards me, then i could see that not all white hated me. I started making some white friends. Some we are still friends since grade 5 till today.

    Our mind is our greatest weapon. Our greatest enemy. External weapon will never hurt you more then what you will do to yourself. But when you are a child, this can destroy you. If you don't have the right people in your life.

    I think my teacher, and my white friends. Because this society would have done something else to me.

    Today i do not hate any white, i never had, and never will.

    But if you want to be racist, please leave kids out of this. Let them be kids. Kids don't care about colors. Only when they are taught to hate. Will they hate.

  • It seems like it

    Today, when you see racist acts, it's usually between a black person and a white person. However, we do see racist acts towards other races to, but majority of the time, racism is geared toward blacks from whites. I feel that it is the fault of the people who refuse to accept that the world isn't grey-scale anymore for why racism is still happening after all we did to prevent it

  • It is a black and white cover to a colorblind issue.

    Unfortunately, this has been the case in instances where the headlines of news stories and articles depict a dark/ brown villain preying on a white or seemingly white victim. This is seen in the Black lives matter movement being challenged by the All lives matter movement from excluding them from feeling oppressed. It is seen in the repeated news stories about Black children and adults being assaulted or killed, because there seems to be no consequence for these offenses. It is seen in the depiction of white guilt playing a role in a temporary tinge of fear as various people of color and otherwise stand up against a publicly acknowledged Black and White issue.

  • Today it's the case

    Back then it wasn't. So yeah today it's the case that racism is black and white mostly because Sharpton always fans the flames of racism. But in the old days it was was not the case. So those saying racism is about black and white today are not completely worng.

  • Not entirely true, but there's still more to it.

    Although black-white cases are seen more in the media, other races are constantly put down too, right underneath people's noses. For example, Muslims are constantly being accused of being terrorists where some wouldn't even hurt a fly, just because of their race/ethnicity. Also, Latinos can be accused of being criminals just as much as black people. Asians, are constantly being referred to by society that they are the "underdogs" and plenty of other races not named are still facing discrimination today. Even though you may only hear about racism between blacks and whites, it's still important to not forget about all of the other people in the world.

  • More than black and white.

    All races have suffered from discrimination, so no, it isn't about black and white. Caucasians and African Americans are most reported on, but it is not limited to them. All lives matter and none of them should have to go through racism, period, but race is made a bigger deal of than anything. It can never be about the individual or capability or even what they did prior. People find a hard time seeing past the race.

  • No, other races are discriminated against as well.

    NO. NO NO NO. Racism is a thing done to all races. No matter black,white,hispanic,asian. Racism is still going on today to ALL RACES (I mean if you want an example, look at Donald Trump). It is not a black and white issue. Theres still plenty of racism against hispanics. Asians. Whites. African Americans. Just open your eyes to the world and internet and you will see the constant racist jabs that are still being made today. Donald Trump. Jeb Bush. The terrorist attacks. The Charleston shooting. It is everywhere. Do not be so close-minded that you only see the stuff on the news. Look and you will see.

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