• No doubt in my mind

    How else are we supposed to explain the killing of a child, who was clearly playing with a toy gun? When will we start to break away from the sort of mentality that deems it acceptable to project deeply ingrained stereotypes onto individuals simply due to their status as a minority? It is quite clear that male African-Americans are often (unfairly) viewed with prejudice and not given the benefit of the doubt, regardless of their age or socio-economic background. This partly helps to explain why there are regular occurrences of young black males being killed on a month to month basis.

  • Racism led to the death of Tamir Rice

    Racism is most definitely the reason that the now innocent boy (12 yrs old), Tamir Rice, is now unfortunately dead. There was no reason for this shooting and no person can reasonably believe that a person can say a command 3 times AND have that command be followed within under 2 seconds. The officer shot and killed Tamir because he was black, and sadly, now a 12 year old boy is lost to his family.

  • Racism and Fear

    Racism is an issue, has been an issue, and will probably continue to be an issue. Certainly it contributes to all of the craze about police officers shooting first and asking questions later, but that's not the whole story. There is so much fear - everywhere. When police receive a call about a man with a gun (and they don't know he's a kid with an airsoft gun) their first response should be maintaining their safety and citizen safety.

  • Tamir Rice and racism: Ohio's law clearly does not apply to everyone

    In my opinion, the summary execution-by-cop of Tami Rice, a 12-year old African-American, is clearly racism. I do not believe that the same would have happened had the boy been white. The fact that the policeman has not properly been prosecuted by its crime shows that, not only is the Police racist, but so is Ohio's law.

  • It was an unfortunate accident

    Racism was not the defining factor in shooting Tamir Rice. The fact is gun crime is a serious issue. If guns were illegal in America this would have been less of an issue. But because guns are legal this places police and emergency services in a constant state of fear of the worst case scenario and will ultimately lead to the wrongful shootings from time to time. It is also interesting to note that white people, Mexicans, Asians and many more are victims of wrongful police shootings. However apparently the media don't care to write stories about these people. When it happens to a black individual people are obsessed with the idea that it must have been a racists act as opposed to an unfortunate accident caused by a constant state of fear due to a gun culture way out of control.

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