• You become what you're taught

    In some minor cases, we see individuals splitting from the traditional teachings of the household. Nevertheless, the perspective of racism is one that is conditioned by ones family or whomsoever they may spend the majority of their time with. If one does happen to disregard their family's teaching, it may be focused to a more moral point of view. Racism is usually accompanied by a family background of racist figures; very rarely do we see an individual discriminating against a particular race, while his or her family accepts equality of all races.

  • Yes it depends on your upbringing

    If you grow up with a bunch of skinhead thugs than likely you'll believe what youve been tought your whole life, witch is the idea That whites are better than other people, where as if you grow up wits nice non racist family you won't be racist . Nurture not nature for the most part.

  • Racism is not something we are born with.

    My opinion is that every child is born into this world free of hate and fear. It's the social bubble that they grow up in that teaches them to think differently of people that do not share their color of skin or have a different view in regards to religion.

  • Yes and no

    There is evidence that people are also naturally resistance to differences. A lot of humans are naturally attracted to people of their own race and socialize with people of their own race. It is social, but I also believe that naturally we question the differences. Racism would not exist in society of it did not stem from something natural

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