• Racism is wrong.

    Racism is wrong because everyone is the same and should be treated equal. Whether you're African american , Mexican, white etc if you were to cut yourself you will bleed red everyone does there is no difference everyone is the same. Same as if you're rich or poor you will still die nd will be buried in the ground and Covered in dirt. Just because people are of different skin color that does not make them different from another human being. People actually as if they're different species. Which are nit because we were all created by one therefore we are all human.

  • Yes racism is wrong.

    Yes racism is wrong, as all people should be treated as equals, and there is no one supreme race or inferior race. All people are made of the same body parts, tissues, and organs, and therefore are just as equal and each are as valuable as the next person no matter what race they are.

  • Racism is wrong

    You shouldn't look at someone's skin and tell what kind of person they are. If we were all the same skin color, there wouldn't be a variety. The world is a more colorful and cultural place with everyone and their colors. Racism judges people by first glance, but once you get to know the person you may realize that they are not bad.

  • We're all EQUAL!

    Racism is wrong, because all people are the same. There is no difference in biological structure, we can't always tell about skin color, because it is wrong. It's not like black person has blue blood, or asian person has yellow blood. We all equally the same. If you know biology, that we all were monkeys and then monkeys became into black people, it means that we all black people. After we immigrated to other territories we changed into different color. So people know the history before you talk!!

  • Of course it's wrong.

    Many people have to face this every single day . All the little jokes and insults made are so wrong and hurts people in a very negative way leading to bigger problems. People should not have to go through racism . Just because people are a different skin color or aren't American doesn't mean they aren't human.

  • People are all people

    Black, white, or anything in between - we are all people! We all have emotions, feelings, ambitions, needs just like everyone else! Two arms, two legs, one head. There is no evidence that "white people" or "Jewish people" or whatever are any different genetically than anyone else. If anything, the proof demonstrates we are 99.999% the same! People are people and race/ethnicity has no bearing on anything other than skin color. Why has it taken so long for people to agree to this?

  • Of course it's wrong

    How can you make an accurate judgement about someone based on colour or nationality that's ridiculously stupid. What does me being brown have to do with the price of tea in china? Nothing! Exactly my colour means nothing. It's crazy that here in America we're still racist, we have groups from all over the world here, this is truly a melting pot. We say we're trying to overcome racism but we still have to mark down our ethnicity/color on almost everything we fill out. Why? So you can make racial statistics?What does it prove? Absolutely nothing? For instance, they say 70%(not a true #) of the prisons is filled with blacks. Why say that, that gives us the impression that blacks are more likely to be criminals than others. What it should say is 70% of all inmates come from poverty, see how it didn't point out a specific color. Another ex, 90% of all racism are by "whites" when it should say 100% of all racism is by stupid bird-minded humans. My point is we say we are trying to overcome racism when secretly we are still promoting it.

  • Yes and no

    I do not believe as most people generalize that racism is against African Americans. I live in Atlanta and there are plenty of African Americans here. I do not think there is anything wrong with them in themselves. However there are certain characteristics that occur more so in this race of gangs shootings ghetto sayings sagging etc. Now obviously this is not what every black pperson does nor do only black people do these things, however, especially in Atlanta, it is more so them. I tend to be racist if you call it that to people like this. If it is a perfectly well dressed black man who is polite and can be well respected, i have absolutdly bo problem, they are no different than us. To use another example I generally don't like the type of what you would call redneck white people with tank tops and tattoes who smoke and all that. Once again, if it is a respectable person with good intentions I have no problem. There is no problem with racial differences we are all biologically the same with different aspects. Its lime a person with green eyes is worse tthan one with brown eyes, just different characteristics. I think its ok to be against certain types of people, I know it is generalizing but first impressions matter ans personally if I see a black person smoking with his pants low and stupid haircut I would stay away. But If its someone wwho is dressed well and is respectable I have no provlems with them no matter what race. I think it's better to nnot like certain characteristics of a person such as people who smoke alot or teens who try and act cool sagging and blasting rap than to just generalize it into one race ans blame the race

  • Racism is logically wrong initself.

    Racism is basically generalizing a list of habits to millions of people. The thing is that situations create people and each individual should be valued individually. Being racist is basically being lazy and instead of getting to know person, start of with the prelearnt guesses about him. This is wrong not only in the sense that it is rude (which one doesnt necessarily have to be) but also because it is a loss of potential economic, scientific, social power.

  • Racism is logically wrong initself.

    Racism is basically generalizing a list of habits to millions of people. The thing is that situations create people and each individual should be valued individually. Being racist is basically being lazy and instead of getting to know person, start of with the prelearnt guesses about him. This is wrong not only in the sense that it is rude (which one doesnt necessarily have to be) but also because it is a loss of potential economic, scientific, social power.

    Posted by: ocul
  • Studies show blacks are dumber, genetically closer to funguses than to white men

    Studies show that black people are dumber than white ones, as for white men are from northern and cold places, poor in natural resources, while black people are from warm
    places with abundant resources. Thus the white men would have to be smarter in order to stay alive while black men don't have to think as the envoriment is in their favour. Even antrhopologists agree that the black man is closer to the apes than the white man. We're not equals.

  • It is not wrong

    Racism is great because blacks are not as good as whites. Whites are better than blacks. As in the game of chess white has the advantage over black. As they say god gave the white man the book the red man the bow and the black man the hoe. I support slavery. I want free labor. Also if you are selling any I am looking for some black slaves. #gorasicm

  • Everyone is one, dont' deny it.

    Everyone states that racism is about white superiority as well as prejudice toward other races. Big surprise, your racist too. Whether your a Jew hating Muslim (like your precious Koran Says you should be 'Quran (5:59-60) ') or a French hating Englishman. In fact, if you were not prejudice, you wouldn't be able to learn and survive. Thank your ancestors for this precious gift. For example, if you are a young child and you played with fired and got burned, you just learned your first lesson about prejudice. Fire is bad if it burns you. But there are other issues with fire too, if you cannot control it, you can burn down your house, your family, your city. Fire is dangerous because either you, or others around you have either 1) Done the damage themselves and survived to learned from it or 2) Learned from other mistakes. So the point is that you as a person make correlations based on your environment and perhaps we are making our 'calls' based on the media or on another's misfortune. Whatever, the point is that it's better to have a false positive than a positive negative. Your ancestors lived because of it and you are born today because of it. So shut up about race and telling others they are racist! You are being completely hypocritical.

  • Racism is survival.

    Racism is applying pattern statistics and observations in order to increase our chances survival. Example: Black hooded male walking behind you late at night. Would you cross the street? Now compare that to an Asian with glasses. What threatens you more? Racism is a survival instinct, the same instinct that tells you not to put your hand in a fire.

  • Racism is Irrelevant

    Racism is not a big issue in the US, as many think it is. There are many statistics that say, blacks especially are not as good at contributing good to society. (ex. Obesity rates, crime rates) However, blacks are put on the highest pedestal worlds above white, because whites are viewed as "racist." But blacks are all but canonized by society, yet they still wish they were oppressed so people would feel bad for them and they would have a reason to believe that white cops kill for racism, and republicans are racist because they didn't vote for black Obama. What I am saying is, there is no reason for this question because it isn't relevant in the US.

  • Black people are like 1 gene away from apes

    If we believe in evolution, black people are so obviously less evolved. It's that simple. They're literally still the color of gorillas. Their noses are halfway between a normal one and a gorilla. The only difference I see between the jungle and the south-side of Chicago is guns. I don't believe in slavery but not noting the physical resemblance is lying to yourself .

  • Racism hurts peoples feelings.

    As humans we all deserve to be treated the same, no matter who we are or where we come from. I am truly ashamed of how we treat people who are different. If you do racism ask your self now, I'm I doing the right thing? How would you feel if we all ganged up on you and started calling you names, would you like it, would you think it is fair? We are all the same, so what if we are different that what makes us unique. Just two or more people you are tearing this world apart.

  • Mixing the different Races leads to racial tensions.

    God made different countries for different races. Africa for the Black Races. South America for the Brown Races-Indians,Incas,Aztec, Mexicans etc. Asia for the Asians-Chinese,Japanese. Asia Minor for the Persians,Arabs. Europe for the Caucasians or the White Races.
    North America for the Indians originally and then the White Races.Australia for the Aborigines and then the White Races.
    Australia is an interesting example of acquired racial problems.
    Australia had a White Australia Policy until recently. Colored races could visit but not stay. Australians lived in peace and harmony until their racial policy was abolished. Now the Aussies have racial problems like the rest of the world.

  • Racism is not bad

    Alright, if you think of it this way, everyone is human, and some are just dumber than others, no big deal or anything. I think is okay to speak the truth, some Asians are smart while some blacks are dumb. So what? There are smart blacks and dumb white guys. The ones who say racism is wrong are just some people trying to be nice, well guess what, world ain't perfect and we gotta accept the way it is, you are probably not a racist, but are you a sexist? Are you a religious person? What do you think when some one says that you are bad because of who you are?

  • Racism is great (on the right amount)

    Take a look at Europe, a continent that once represented nobility and manners, is now drowning with goddamn arab and muslim pigs.And all of this is because one godman jackass thought that arab people and white people are equal to each other... Of course racism isnt always good, for examle, the holocaust was a mistake because not only that jewish people didnt damage europe, they made it better! The jewish people held very important positions on europe better than most europeans would! So, what i suggest is throwing all the arab and muslim scum out of europe to syria, and let them kill themselves!

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