• Radical Islam is a big problem

    Radical Islam is one of the biggest problems in the world right now. They go around and blow up innocent people every week. Something definitely needs to be done about them. At this point, war isn't a ridiculous idea. I do think ISIS will eventually collapse on itself, but not anytime soon,. I do fear that ISIS will be like a super nova, it collapses on itself but goes out with a very big bang. This world is a scary place.

  • Most radical groups are a problem in the world.

    History speaks for itself when I say that the majority of radical groups throughout history have been a negative effect on the world around them. Take for example, Nazi Germany. The Nazi Reich believed that what they were doing was for the betterment of mankind. Obviously, only Italy and Japan shared the similar belief and it was a large problem for the rest of the world.

  • To A Degree

    I believe anyone who has been paying attention over the last ten to fifteen years would quickly be able to answer, yes, radical Islam is a problem in the world. Radical Islam is what bore the terrorist people deal with. They are the ones that misread the Quran and kill in it's name.

  • Not only radical Islam could cause troubles.

    Yes, I am convinced that radiac Islam definitely means problems. But not only Islam, but also radical Christianity or any other radical religion or faith. Everything radical could cause a lot of troubles in the world. Religions are here to help people. To make better human society, but radicalism destroys all ideas and jeopardized human wellbeing and progress.

  • It is the most significant problem in the world today.

    Radical Islam is a main factor in the vast majority of violent conflicts around the world today. Modern terrorism is almost exclusively a radical Islamic phenomenon. It is a poisonous ideology that is causing great suffering around the world for all peoples, including Muslims. The threat and barbarity of radical Islam is comparable to Fascism or Communism historically.

  • a problem in the world

    I personally agree,Radical Islam is a growing problem throughout the world. In Europe, it's a burgeoning issue that politicians have been unwilling to address properly because of the influence of Muslims there, but it's a critical problem in the United States, too -- especially in our nation's prisons.

    The mood in the U.S. is so anti-anti-Islam that politicians run for cover whenever Islam is raised as an issue. Not so with Representative Peter King (R-New York). He endured death threats and ridicule from liberals because he held hearings in the House of Representatives to investigate the Islamist threat we face as a nation.

  • Any radical religion is a problem.

    Any radical religion, be it Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, or anything else, is a problem. Religion and faith are fine when they make you a better person that cares about society and how other people are treated, but when it causes things like the Salem Witch Trials, The Crusades,and terrorist activities then it is a big problem.

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