• It Is Good For Drinving

    That is all it is about good for these days. Unless of course, you like listening to talk radio. Even that is starting to dominant he Internet. The digital air waves have pretty much did some serious damage to the standard radio. Businesses seem to play the standard radio a lot still.

  • No it is not dead.

    I believe that the radio is not dead, Mainly because with the new pandemic, Some may not have phones and may DEPEND on the radio. Plus, It is a good cosmetic to the cars and lots of people are very needing in the radio category. It is nice to listen to music while driving.

  • At the risk of sounding like an advertisement...

    Radio is not dead. Live streaming on the Internet and apps for various mobile devices can make the radio still be transmitted, and over longer distances to boot.
    You could, theoretically, listen to a radio station such as KFI in Cheyenne, for example, over the Internet, via apps such as i(Heart)Radio. This is not an advertisement for i(Heart)Radio or KFI, merely examples provided.

  • No,its not dead yet

    Radio still has its time and place in today's world. You still listen to it on the way to work. It usually on in the gym as well. If your a labor job or something that you don't need silence for its going to be on in the background. Its not what it once use to be, thats for sure,but it still has its place.

  • Not at all

    No, I think that radio is still a big thing, mainly because of cars. When people are driving, they still listen to the radio channels a lot. Also popular shows are saving the radio stations, because people like to listent to the shows that he DJs are doing a lot.

  • Radio is not a dead medium

    Radio is not a dead medium but an evolving one. Talk radio still remains as popular as ever. Satelite radio is an option on most new vehicles. Pop music stations are losing ground to technology and pay stations. The future seems to be evolving more towards talk and pay radio rather than the top 40 format.

  • No it isn't.

    Radio is not yet a dead medium. In fact, it is still the medium of choice--or the only medium available--in many poor or developing parts of the world. We don't all have computers or internet or fiber optics or video streaming. Radio is not dead yet. Not by a long shot.

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