• Healthy for Kids

    Rainbow Six Siege has Blood and Violence yes but it teaches real life Swat team Aspects and tactics like Breaching, Securing Hostages, Tactical Advantages, And Rappelling down the rope from a helicopter, All things Swat team members do So yes it is healthy for kids and I say it is Healthy.

  • Healthy video game

    Rainbow Six Siege is a healthy game because it can help kids learn there guns, Ammo, And parts to a gun with a little fun mixed in. Personally I love to hunt and shoot guns. By far this game has helped me know what angels to shoot guns at, What different guns shoot and sights.

  • No its not!

    My son has been playing this "rainbow siege six" and has begun acting so violent! This morning we had to go to my co workers wedding and he asked for 5 more minutes and called me a "noob". Most likely a demonic term, This disgusting video game has corrupted my child. I have gotten rid of his computer and he cries but i know hes thanking me for saving him

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