• Is r&b joke

    Most widely yes, speaking in strict terms purely from a musical standpoint. The music is often shallow and repetitive (regarding most r&b post 1990) with little to no interesting musicality. Most of the allure of this genre of music is the lyrics, which, imho is generally very widely relatable general observations about relationships, and/or just coitous, actually. Why is this a negative? Because it's easy to write a song about something everyone experiences in a straightforward and overly descriptive manor. 99% of all people have experienced a human relationship and the turmoils that come with it, it is nothing special or unique. Some would argue, "why does that make it any less important?". BECAUSE!!! An artist used to be the exception, the outcast, the free-thinker... Well now (in the USA, at least) we are up to our eyeballs in free-thinkers, and they are NOT all revolutionaries contrary to idiotic popular belief. The "weird" is normal now, so we celebrate the original "normality" through nonsense, no-talent, computer-enhanced glory-hogs... Does anyone even realize that our most prized artists never even received accolades until well after their demise??? Now we put people on gilded, diamond-encrusted pedestals for making ONE FUCKING GOOD SONG!!!

  • While I find R&B and rap mixing to be dumber

    There is no doubt that R&B just is plain annoying. It gets under my skin to be honest. I laugh at how stupid most of the lyrics are. Michel'le is the biggest example of dumb R&B singers. R&B just plain sucks if you ask me. Lol haha. Worst genre of music. Rap ties for it though.

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