Is Rand Paul being silenced because he's the only one who is telling the truth more then the rest of the GOP?

Asked by: Joemorris666
  • Rand Paul is a the only true conservative and the media is silencing his libertarian message

    Last night was the GOP's 3rd debate and Rand Paul was barely called on and at some points he had to force himself into the debate. When he did talk no one argued and even one of the favorites Ted Cruz sucked up to his views. There has been huge scrutiny of the CNBC moderators and if you don't think how they asked questions last night was bias and unprofessional, you probably aren't competent enough to vote in this election. Only asking questions to candidates that appear in the news aoften is wrong because both conservatives and liberals agree the media has its own agenda. We need to start holding our media accountable.It needs to start NOW!

  • He's trying to be a typical politician.

    Paul is doing poorly because he isn't being himself. He isn't authentic like his father was. He's trying to make himself appear a lot more conservative(like most other candidates) than he is, and this is screwing him up. He would probably be in a far better position if he went back toward Libertarianism, and away from Conservativism.

    His dad was so popular because he went on the debate stage and spoke his mind, even if his position on an issue was against the position of the Conservative base. No one else on the stage was like him. It's rare for a candidate, in any election, to speak his mind and back up his claims with evidence, like Ron Paul was doing.

    I honestly do not understand how Trump is doing so well. I knew the average voter was ignorant, but not this ignorant. But Conservatives aren't correct on every single issue. Rand Paul will be better off if he finds these issues, like his father did, and take a strong position on them in public.

    So this isn't a media problem with Paul; although the media is obviously biased and far from objective. The problem here is with Rand Paul, himself.

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