• It's political grandstanding, nothing serious.

    So Rand Paul, the loony son of noted loon Ron Paul, is suing the Obama administration over the National Security Agency's domestic spying program. The one thing that Rand does better than Ron is political grandstanding, and that's all that this case is about, conveniently in time for campaign season. It's too far, from someone too far gone to be taken seriously.

  • A Waste Of Time

    I believe Rand Paul is going to far in suing the Obama administration. I believe this act is a pure show and it has no real merit. To me, taking the time to file papers to sue the Obama administration is a pure waste of time, especially considering he should be using his time to do his job, as he was elected by people he should be representing.

  • Yes, he is.

    It is pointless of Rand Paul to bring a class action lawsuit against the Obama administration because it won't get anywhere. It would be hard to figure out what people were actually damaged as a result of the NSA program. There is not enough evidence to prove who the data was collected from.

  • Rand Paul is going too far in suing the Obama administration.

    Rand Paul is not making any progress by suing the Obama administration. Obama has tried hard to come to bi-partisan agreements on difficult issues, but the GOP refuses to even cooperate. Rand Paul has succeeded in increasing his own celebrity profile without doing anything to help the country or to fix the economy.

  • Rand Paul Right in Suing Obama Administration

    Without a doubt, Paul is correct to sue the Obama Administration over its NSA surveillance issues. The fact of the matter is that these programs need to come to an end, and the legal system offers Paul and others an option for getting rid of these programs. Paul has every right to sue.

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