Is rap music at its roots a counter-cultural response to the white supremacy of the Western societies?

  • Yes, rap music is at its roots a counter-cultural response to the white supremacy of the Western societies.

    Though there are certainly elements of today's rap scene that are more interested in financial success then pushing the envelope of equality, rap at its roots was a counter-cultural response to white society. The most convincing piece of evidence that this is the case is that the most commonly cited example of "proto-rap" is James Brown's album 'Hustler's Convention'. James Brown was an outspoken advocate for civil rights and black self-reliance; it is entirely logical to connect his own counter-cultural beliefs to the roots of rap.

  • I think it's an "in your face" response.

    I think rap music accidentally became a counter-culture response to white supremacy. I think rap started out as a much needed voice and outlet for an entire race, and became something huge and extremely popular and extremely successful. Rap has portrayed every imaginable scenario in society, and put it out there for everyone to learn.

  • With Denmark, Sweden and Britain yes

    Not so much the other countries. It was mostly those countries that did what they did. Britain, especially the lowlands of Scotland. So in their case they're attacking them. Germans, French and Italians not so much as they were not behind the atrocities that Danes, Swedes and Brits committed. So yeah

  • Rap music had nothing to do with race when it began.

    During the origination of rap, there were no racial connotations. Rhapsody is actually an old concept within music, but just not commonly used as an artform by itself until the late 1970's to early 1980's. Even then, the most popular rappers were of many races. The Beastie Boys were one of the most successful rap groups of their era and they were a bunch of Jewish white kids.

  • No, It Isn't

    I do not believe rap music, at its roots, is a counter-cultural response to the white supremacy of the Western societies. I believe rap music has its roots in Africa where African Americans originated from. There forms of music developed and changed while they were here and have continued to do so.

  • No, I think rap is just a type of music created by culture.

    I do not think that rap is something that was created as a means to express a counter-culture ideology to Western societies with a white supremacy. I think that rap was something that was created due to the culture of the people that created it. I think that it has nothing to do with race.

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