• It depends on the content of the song

    Just like any genre of music, rap has some songs that of course are bad for society. A lot of mainstream rap talks about doing drugs, about how "tough" they are, and a lot of degrading woman remarks. Of course, this does not make the entire genre bad. There are some rap songs with some amazing lyrics that can be considered rap. This is however the case with every genre. There are pop, metal, rock and just about every genre that has songs that are going to offend but that doesn't mean that the whole genre is bad.

  • Yes, if you actually listen to it properly.

    First off, we need to clearly define what's beneficial to our society and what isn't. My take on it is, mainly anything that enlightens us intellectually, protects us from harms, feeds our morals, is beneficial, and anything that does vise-versa is not. So something like education is generally speaking, "good," whereas something like violence is generally speaking, "bad". With that said, nothing is concrete and we often mesh our "goods" and "bads" together. Rap is just like that: a mixture of both "good" and "bad".

    On the bad side, I acknowledge that most of mainstream rap tends to promote counter-productive things to our society that may dampen our growth (e.G drugs and sexism etc). But on the good side, it also promotes pretty much an equal amount of enlightening messages that may prove to foster our minds (e.G awareness of surrounding world and positivity etc). What people don't know is that Rap is a very broad genre and has much varied songs as they are different colors in the light spectrum. However, the more "positive" rap songs don't get as much attention (even if they're a tonnn of them). If you actually dive into the rap genre, you'd notice topics arraying from drugs, sex, and violence to philosophy, conceptual stories, and political views etc. And there are all sort of different perspectives for all of those topics.

    A lot of rap requires a sharpened mind to analyze the intricate metaphors and wordplay that they contain. It's a genre of music that has the most substance as its narrative structure makes an in-depth approach for topics more inviting. Just listen to almost any song by Lupe Fiasco, and you would see exactly what I mean.

    In conclusion, while certainly there are quite a bit of faults with the genre, the pros outweigh them by a numerous amount. You'd know, if you would actually dive into it properly.

    Posted by: Kash
  • Rap music is very much needed in our society.

    Yes, rap music does contain malicious content such as drugs, sex, and violence. But you guys can't forget about 2pac. He wrote songs about poverty, war, racism, teen pregnancy, discrimination of women, starvation, and more. He tells us about the real world. It's the stupid and ignorant rappers today , such as Lil Wayne and Waka Flocka, that make rap look bad. People just gotta start listening to the good rap. 2pac, Notorious B.I.G, Bone Thugs and Harmony, and all the old school 90's rappers are the good rap people should hear. Most music today is just wack. Although there is good rappers that still rap today such as Drake, Eminiem, and Chance the Rapper. People just need to start having more sense in music. Rap should never be seen as bad. It's poetry <3

  • Tyrone Williams Third

    Im tyrone and I listen to rap all the time. I don't do drugs only weed. Rap is good for our society. I know that yall think im wrong but really; I am an anti-drug and weed person that listens to rap. I do weed but it's for medical uses and it doesn't cause any deaths. Im Tyrone Williams and Im always right and I approve this message.

  • Rap is awesome

    I love listening to rap because famous rappers like jay z , eminem, and drake! My whole family listens to it even my dog and little sister she is so funny she dances and sings the song she is lisening to. Me and my friends listen to rap music !

  • Yes it is

    Rap isn't a bad for society. It is what the lyrics are telling us. Music is notes on a staff. Not the words. The culture tells kids that in order to be cool they have to listen to the correct music and the reason why they dress so shabby is because they see celebrities dressing in very revealing clothes. So don't blame it on the music, blame it on what the people wear and how the culture influences them and who they hang around because not all rap has a bad message. Some rap is trying to send a message

  • Hip hop music is deeper than what you are hearing on the radio/ BET

    What most are exposed to today is not quality hip hop music. Just as most rock, country, and soul is not what it can be and does not contribute to a better society. Hip hop is popular--that seems to be the difference. Do not blame rap for society's state, rather look at the society which bequeathed the genre so many love to aimlessly hate. Pro-social hip hop is uplifting, informative, and unifying; Sony, Interscope, Viacom, DefJam, etc. Do not promote/sell that type of rap music quite as frequently it seems.
    Is it really rap music? Is it the industry? General fixation with garbage rap? Poor parenting? Before ignorantly jumping to conclusions about that which we are genuinely uninformed, but rather guided by misinformed notions and attitudes about which we may feel rap music is representative of, the individual's responsibility is realizing society and music as a whole--more objectively before spewing unsubstantiated claims. God bless, long live good music :)

  • Rap educates people and brings us closer together

    Rap educates people from several different standards.
    -Rap is a way for people to speak freely about political or social issues and by doing so engages people (mostly the youth) to become concerned and aware of these issues.
    -Rap is an opportunity for artists and producers to create a completely unique product both musically and lyrically.
    -Rap is a reflection of the soul and a solace for both the musicians and the listeners who may be struggling with the same issues.
    Also, let us consider here that the headline simply states "Is rap music good for our society?" nowhere there does it say "popular rap music". It seems many of the arguments against rap music stem from the lyrical content of current POP rap artists-many of which say the same tired things over and over. As far as rap music being good for our society I would say do your research, dig into the underground and you may discover that the lyrical content of rap music from there could be the best thing to happen to our society.

  • Rap, as an art form, does not affect society, it merely reflects society.

    This question results from the widely (but wrongly) held belief that the arts are the CAUSE of societal behaviors. Sociologists and historians have long been well aware of the FACT that the arts do NOT cause social change -- they merely REFLECT it!
    RAP, tattoos, burn scarring, body piercing, violence against women and children, recreational drug use, and all of our other "social ills" are NOT causes, -- they are REFLECTIONS of what is already going on in society!
    To discover CAUSES people must look at what has changed in family structure, child care, work environments, discretionary income, politics, health care, and most of all, the QUALITY OF EDUCATION!
    History will probably show that this period in American society was riddled with loss of strong moral values, lowered educational expectations, and many other symptoms of the decline of family structure, political integrity, and willingness of the population to accept personal responsibility for individual behaviors.
    And finally, religion is NOT the answer, -- things like honesty, integrity, reason, social responsibility, logic, and LOVE are! To the extent that religion leads us to these things, it is very useful.

  • Based on what you listen to

    Rap music can't be classified as neither good or bad. There are some songs that are downright bad but others may be singing about justice or what's good. It's not just rap, there are songs out there for example country that talk about sex and drugs. It's just not exploited as much as it is in rap music but it's not fair to just classify a certain genre of music as good or bad.

  • No.. Just No.

    At least most rap music is horrible for society. Since rap started, we've got youngsters showing their bottoms and wearing hats sideways and on the tip of their heads. I mean, what the heck is that? Youngsters are now wearing gold chains and tatoos, and spitting vulgarities and profanities consistently. Finally, rap music isn't even music. It is just some man or woman talking quickly and throwing in cuss words every few seconds.

  • 16 Year Old Ashamed Of My Peers

    I would just like to point this out: I am a 16 year old female and I have been listening to rap my entire life. My average in school is above 90% and I do not live a materialistic life or engage in illegal activities. Sadly, many rap artists today believe that promoting negative values is the only way to sell records. The truth is that the immature kids of today's society cannot handle the general explicit lyrics and obscene content most commonly found in rap music. I have yet to see the influence of this particular genre lead directly to a corrupt society. However I am certain that it has some effect on the younger generation who seem to think that money and girls define success in life. I have seen this pathetic attitude first hand in my own high school, particularly from the males.

  • I don't think so.

    I have a brother 13 years old and LOVES rap he's obsessed with this music. Actually when you hear it I enjoy the notes, but the text is so lame. I contains dirty words and is a bad influence especially for the youngest. It also causes violence. But the most think that I hate about rap is that it makes the females like trash, like they are just an object. So I don't think that rap is good for our society.

  • Sort of Inbetween

    Rap music doesn't have to be about ridiculous things like how "fly" this guy's life is. Lots of it can be quite liberating. However, the majority amount is dedicated to getting high, having sex, cars and basically stupid things. I'm not saying rap is bad. I'm saying the bad rap music is too popular.

  • It's No Good

    Rap is very bad for people. It influences people to make the wrong choices. It's no good for the people singing it either. Sittin here and talkin about sex, drugs, and all his other crap is stupid. Personally rap is no good for anybody and people shouldn't listen to it.

  • Rap music is NOT good for the society

    To me, rap music is not good for the society, it is just all about getting "High" and manipulating women, and it affects our teens to, these days we have teens sagging, getting tattoos, getting draids , and they think it's cool, so if our teens copy from that, think about where they are going to end up next.

  • It is a menace

    Rap music is not inherently bad. However, its extreme popularity, and what 'rap culture' promotes, is bad. It all-too-often promotes drugs, violence, ne'erdowellery, slackery, rebellion, hatred, sexism, bigotry, negative nonconformity, a sense of indignation at manufactured charges on society, and many other unpleasant qualities that are now being drilled into the heads of unsuspecting children. 'Gangsta Rap' is descended from a form of poetry from the American slave-era, in which slaves would compile rhythmic poems of protest and rebellion against their masters to chant at work or at leisure, as a form of motivation by emotional upheaval. Now, however, this same malice for society is misplaced, as the instances in which a minority is treated unfairly do not include the lot of billionaire rap-stars or their listeners. Rap, along with Rock and Roll, is also working to subvert the cultural respect for traditionally accepted forms of music, such as Jazz or Classical. Many a modern-day youth will scoff and turn his or her nose up at music that is generally accepted by science and academia to be mentally stimulating and pleasant, in favor of repetitive and often nonsensical strings of profanity and malcontentment, often demonizing more mellifluous styles of music as boring or outdated. This, I think, is harmful to society; we are losing the origins of our music in a sea of all-too-similar chants about sex, drugs, and mock-parole.

  • It's tired and worn.

    Rap music began like most creative styles of art as a novelty with a brand new way of expressing the mood of a time. It has devolved into a stagnated cesspool of racial and low minded stereotypes. The music drags itself through same groove it originated with and shows little if any maturity as a respectable genre. It seems to survive only the roots of its past and the ever growing need for shock value. It's a cheap easy appeal to a youthful male mind.

  • No, coming from someone who listens to it.

    Rap GENERALLY promotes alcohol and drug use. More importantly, it promotes the degradation of women. I listen to rap although I listen to Deltron 3030... Not Wiz Khalia... AND rap promotes the thug lifestlye ie. Violence, and the now pervasive ideology that it's cool to be hard. So, as a whole, rap music is NOT good for our or any society.

    Posted by: mkat
  • Not at all.

    Rap music isn't good as a whole. Now before you say "Oh you're old you don't get it". You should know I am fifteen years of age. Now, I think the influence rap music has over youth today is very negative, it promotes racial and gender stereotypes, it encourages drug use and foul language. The Hip hop from the 1980's was a bit more modest and more "fun". I'm not debating whether or not rap is "music" (That's for another time). I just think that the overall effect it has on society is negative.

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