• Rap is better than country.

    Rap is better than country because rap has a story behind it like trying to stop using drugs or finding a girlfriend. Country tells you about their girlfriend beer and jeans. Country people only hate rap because it "isn't real music". It has almost the same theme as country so they are basically calling country non music

  • Your reasons are poor simplu....

    The opposition keeps quoting the "definition" of music. The issue is I refuse to think narrow minded, musice is more than a defintion. Music FOREMOST is expression, and art. The individuals are using definitions designed to describe their favorite type of music, lets face it alot of people who don't like rap never listened to it, proven .By the oppositions "generic" reasons for saying rap isn't music. Music that is given a fixed definition is not music at all end of.Discussion.

  • Yes, it is real music

    This is an argument by anecdote: I was much too old to appreciate rap music, but one day I was inside cleaning my house and my neighbor was outside cleaning his car. Like a lot of men cleaning cars he had his radio up loud and it was playing rap music. As I walked around cleaning I suddenly noticed I was kind of bopping to the music and enjoying myself. I don't know that music has a formal definition by which you can determine what music is real and what is not, but any sounds that can make you get up and dance is music. It is the same as the art world, pioneers in that field have often encountered the accusation "that's not art!".

  • Yes. It has the same core features of other music.

    Although it may sound different and use speaking rather than singing, the voice is still being used as an instrument and the effect is still an artistic statement. Core musical elements like rhythm, melody, timing, and other aspects that are universal to all music also apply to rap. Usually, the people who complain about rap just do not like it because it is unfamiliar. But it is no less complex or intentional than most other music.

  • Of course

    Like any other genre, it's unappealing to some. That doesn't disqualify it as music when it hits all the benchmarks something needs to in order to be considered such. Arguments against it being music rarely progress past "it isn't because I don't like it", which obviously isn't enough to disqualify it. A lot of people hate country music, but it's still music.

  • True rap is about emotion and struggle

    When most people judge rap, they are people that dont listen to it, but judge it anyway. I could just say that your favorite type of music sucks just because i heard one song. Dugs and gangs appear so much because thats whats they had to overcome, songs that focus on that are just fluffer songs that have no meaning, but some songs have real meaning, like president carter, not afraid, drive fast live young. And notice the kind of people that defend rap are the kind of people that dont judge others music.

  • All music is real music.

    The music we are used to today and consider the top genres such as pop, rock and country all stem from things like jazz and old tribe music, none of which we would consider real music today. However, that was all the original music even if it is nothing like what we are used to. Rap is music just as any other genre is, it can inspire and entertain people and even if it isn't everybody's cup of tea, that doesn't mean it isn't real music at all. It is simply a different kind of music.

  • Flow equals melody

    Now see here... Lol I'm a rap artist, myself, by the name of Wary Marksman. I write and record all the time and am very well versed in the hip hop of the past and present. In the western world, we like to say that notes are only notes if they fit in with our 12 note chromatic scale. I would argue that all sounds made with the human voice are notes. They may be flat, sharp, percussive or exaggerated, but they still contain a crucial element: pitch. Biggie Smalls and Kendrick Lamar, both rappers, though B.I.G. Is no longer alive, have relied on smart variations of pitch during the presentation of their lyrics as part of their flow. In doing so, the audience hears a semblance of melody, even if it doesn't fit musically within the key of the sing or a western 12 note scale. Because if you're willing to count those half and quarter tones, it becomes a lot harder to deny the inherent musicality of the human voice.

  • Mainstream rap is killing the image of rap.

    The image of rap is being ripped apart by mainstream rap. The rap that I listen to on the radio is very different from the rap I have on my ipod. While mainstream rap promotes negative morals rapper like Shad promote the opposite of the mainstream,also rap not the only one guilty of promoting negativity. A lot of music is all about partying and drinking and disrespecting others, so to say its not music because of what it promotes isn't a fair argument. Also music is an art and anything can be art so no matter how odd or how illogical something may sound as long as you can hear it, it can be considered music.

  • True rap is music. Hip-Hop is not.

    True rap comes from the heart. Its music that has meaning. Too many people unfortunately get it mixed up with hip-hop.
    The trashy songs that you hear on the radio, the ones that don't really have much lyrics to them, that is not true rap.
    When the songs are about nothing but sex, women, money and cars.
    That is not true rap.
    True rap is about when you've lost a brother
    True rap is about trying to live up and be good to your mother
    Its about life, how you got where you are, your struggles and emotions
    Its not some terrible beat that constantly repeats
    Its not some music made just to make money
    Hip hop artist treat music as a business
    But true rap is a way to speak the soul

  • Rap is music

    There are hundreds of rappers out there who rap about real things like life struggles. Now days rappers just talk about money and violence. People are too distracted with these mainstream rappers to see the real ones like Public Enemy, Grand-master Flash, and Tupac Shakur. These guys went into congress with the message they portrayed in their songs. Listening to them will give anyone who thinks rap isn't real music another perspective that it isn't just rhyming a bunch of words.

  • No sh** it is

    Aight i just tried to prove that rap still is a music and i realized sh** i might end up writing a whole book. So i just erased everything i've written and imma just make it short. Imma just leave it to y'all haters of rap. Comment on my post with your argument and i'll show how you're wrong. Asking whether rap is real music is asking whether any genre like rock is real music. Aight bring it on mofos.

  • Yes and no

    A majority of mainstream rap may not be considered "music," but that doesn't mean you can put off the entire genre as unoriginal garbage. Once in a blue moon, you'll come across a skilled, original rapper whose manipulation of the English language is an impressive display of skill, talent and artistic ability. Eminem pours all of his negative emotions into his lyrics whilst maintaining a dry sense of humor, while George Watsky presents interesting viewpoints on society as well as introspective monologues while managing to bent words in such a manner that he gets his point across whilst maintaining a steady rhythm and rhyme scheme. I don't think it's fair to judge an entire genre of music by its most popular artists.
    That being said, a majority of rap is just an underdeveloped drum beat accompanied by ghetto trash-talk that just so happens to have a pair of rhyming words every so often.

  • Yes, undoubtedly. Is this even a question?

    Rap is undoubtedly music - going by a dictionary definition of music as organized sound and silence, it's really quite clear. I'm really astonished by the narrow definitions of music to which so many people here seem to adhere. Melody is not a necessary component of music, nor even is sound for that matter - consider "4:33", an entirely silent piece by John Cage, who until his death in 1992 was the world's foremost musicologist and philosopher on the nature of music. Rap, in essence, is recitation on top of an instrumental accompaniment - for those who are still unwilling to abandon traditional definitions of music, consider the comparison to recitativo secco, a form of declamatory-style present in virtually every opera since 1600. Would anyone here dare to claim that these sections of Don Giovanni or Wagner's Ring Cycle are not true music? As for claims that rap does not include harmony, that is entirely untrue; a harmonic accompaniment is an essential part of the standard rap song.

    Please comment if you disagree with anything I've said, I'd love to discuss it. I'm really appalled by the results of this poll so far.

  • Why do people ask these kind of questions.

    Define real music. Rap is just like rock/punk/R&B. The way its structured is what makes it different. What makes that genre. A band with some heavy lyrics and loud amps. Rock. Band with F the Government mentality. Punk. Beats with Soul. R&B. Beats from certain software with versatile rhymes. Rap. Do you know what they have in common. They have an instrument with rhyming and a certain rhyming scheme.
    Do you dislike another genre cause what you heard on the radio. Have you ever given a genre a chance. Rap's nowadays state yes is pretty much going downhill. Only cause its the consumers fault. People will listen to basically crap or anything with catchy beat without taking time to actually listen and evaluate the lyrics.
    Example 1. Gangnam Style. Everyone liked it for its beat and dance. Also it was a love song to a girl. He could of been saying "AMERICA SUCKS BLAH BLAH" and people would still like it.
    Another Example Super Bass by Nicki Minaj. I seriously lost IQ points listening to it. A kinda catchy beat of her rapping about her "Super bass" I can't really see she is famous or classified as a rapper.
    Man if I had a catchy beat and starting rapping twinkle twinkle little star people would gobble that up. That is why the Rap Industry is at where its at now. People support all the artists that suck and the actual artists that make good music in the rap industry don't get the mainstream recognition and go underground. Now the underground would probably change your thoughts on Rap.
    Example 1. MF DOOM.
    Started in Late 80 early 90's with KMD
    (back then his name was Zev Love X then changed his persona to MF DOOM). Still makes music today. This dudes beat and lyrics are crazy. He has so many metaphors and you would find many songs from this cat that doesn't deal with money, girls, or drugs. That's really why most people hate rap. They turn on the radio. Rap song from Lil Wayne , or 2 Chainz comes on and that's what they hear. Money, Girls, Drugs. Just listen to Doomsday off his Operation Doomsday album. Great Day in the Madvillain album. Guv'nor off one of his latest album Key to the Kuffs.
    Then tell me if it had it to do anything with Money, Girls, Drugs.
    Example 2. Del The Funky Homosapien.
    A legend hailing from Oakland California. This guy lyrical skills have surpassed the point of genius.
    Don't believe me. Check out Deltron 3030. Sci Fi rap. These beats by Dan the Automator are superb. Kid Koala adds pizzazz . Then Del comes along and cuts the cake. Del also worked with our favorite virtual group The Gorillaz. The rapper on Rock The House is Del.
    So basically don't judge a WHOLE GENRE over what you hear on the radio. Take some time and listen to different artists and you maybe you might grow onto it

  • Yes, the words complement the beat

    A rap song has a beat to it that complements the lyrics, or else it wouldn't sound good. The delivery of words is adapted in accordance to how it best fits the sound. Look at Will Smith's work, he produces a catchy tune that sounds great amongst his rapping. It may be distinct from singing, but it is music.

  • Real music? The heck does that mean?

    What's real music? This is the aggravating argument that rap isn't art. Sorry, hate to burst your bubble, but art is art. All art is art. If a painting is bad, it's still art, just no good art. Rap music is bad art, but it's still art. And thus it's music.

  • yes its music

    It is creative rhymes combined with a catchy beat with a lot of depth in each line. Each genre has its good and bad artist so you cant only judge from the bad. Rap music is filled with emotions and they are expressed lyrically with a melody. Kid Cudi raps and did a rock album in WZRD, is he just part musician?

  • Yes, I think rap is real music.

    Yes, rap is a form of music because it is creative expression. I believe that when some people don't understand what is being said, then they automatically assume that rap doesn't contribute anything positive to the music industry.
    Furthermore, people have their own style and way of expressing themselves and you will either like rap or hate it. I think that rap cannot cater to everyone because it may take away the creative aspect of it or take away the message that is trying to be relayed. Overall rap is music, it is poetry, it is art and it will stand the test of time.

    So, even though it may not be as appealing as other kinds of music, it's still a form of music since it expresses emotion, and has sound.
    1. an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.
    2.musical work or compositions for singing or playing.
    3.any sweet, pleasing, or harmonious sounds or sound

  • Yes rap is

    I should preface this article by revealing my own musical tastes. Rap is not really my thing; I'm definitely more of a rock and roll guy. Rap is basically relegated to the same ranks as Britney Spears and country in my choice of audio pleasures: in other words, I rarely listen to it by choice. However, I will attempt to assess this topic with the least amount of bias possible.
    According to my local dictionary, music is defined as "an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color". Now while I don't necessarily regard dictionaries as gospel truth, I do agree with that definition. So let's see if rap holds up to this standard of musicality.

  • Of course it's real music.

    "Music" is obviously a relative term. It's subjective. And because many people consider it to be music, that means that, in some shape or form, it is. I, myself, am definitely not a fan of this genre, but I understand that many people are...Therefore it deserves just as much respect as any other genre.

  • Yes, it has the elements of real music.

    There's no way to deny the fact that rap uses the elements of music such as melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre, structure, etc. Even if the rapping isn't melodic, the instrumentals or "beats" in a rap song fill that void. Also, not all music has every single element in it. Look at Eric Whitacre's songs, they don't have a defining melody nor a strict rhythm.

  • So many semantic...

    Reading through some of these statements is pretty disappointing; the standard here shouldn't be a definition, but content with solid warrant and analysis.
    That said, before really covering my stance here, I feel it should be expressly clarified that music is an art form. Accordingly is subjective to the individual experiencing the art.
    I can see one making an argument that they don't like rap, but to claim that it isn't music is an elitist stance which basically claims that they don't like it so it isn't music.

    There's good art, and there's bad art; there's good rap and there's bad rap. regardless of one's personal tastes, rap is indeed music.

  • Yes it is

    Music is defined as "an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color." ( There is no way to refute the fact that rap encompasses all of this, ideas and emotions expressed using elements of rhythm, melody, and harmony

  • Rap is Music

    Those who are saying that there arent people rapping about today need to dig a little deeper. Rappers like REMI, Akala and even more of a mainstream rapper like Kendrick Lamar. Skeptics of hip hop should actually LISTEN to what is being said rather than dismissing as nothing more than rhymes aimlessly glued together. Swimming Pools, a song by Kendrick Lamar which is often mistakenly seen as a song that glorifies excessive drinking. The chorus of the song is 'pool full of liquor and we dive in it'. Is actually critical of drinking and explores a man struggling with himself and his own conciousness and how it changes as the night of a party goes on. Much like violent video games, rap music is too often dismissed as a menace by people who only scratch the surface of a topic to base their arguments on. As to whether the actual music in rap music is actually music. Once again just listen to the complexity of songs by Kanye West, Childish Gambino, Hilltop Hoods. If you give it a chance amd you really LISTEN to the details of the music with and open mind the realisation will come.

  • Discard the definition of music.

    The official definition states that music combines form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Sure, many types of rap do not incorporate harmonic structures of any kind. But you can't define art... That's what makes it art. As soon as you start putting restrictions on art it loses its legitimacy to be free. When you restrict music, you lose that "expression of emotion" part, therefore making the definition a highly contestable fallacy anyways. I don't care for rap, but I just proved that the definition is garbage.

  • I think it is

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  • Unsupported opinions on rap

    I'd respect people saying they dislike rap if they said that they did not like the percussive vocal style or something that applies to most if not all rap. But I'm seeing a lot of people say that rap is bad because "the topics are sex, guns and drugs", "the music is cheap sampling and shitty drum beats" or "it's talking fast with lots of swearing".
    I'll address these one by one.
    "Violent and disgusting topics" - Yeah, I hate that rap too. I hate misogyny, I hate drugs, I hate oversexualisation of anything. This is the rap that makes people form negative opinions. Well, not all rap is like this. People like Eminem, Watsky, Macklemore, Devlin, Ed Sheeran (he sorta raps sometimes), Tinchy Stryder, B.O.B, Yelawolf, Griminal, and tons more rappers respect the art rather than treat it as an outlet to talk about vulgar subjects.
    "Sampling and badly made instrumentals" - Firstly, while I know that we're discussing things in terms of music, rap is primarily about the lyrics, not the music but I suppose since the argument is over whether rap music is real music, I will certainly discuss this. Firstly, sampling. People say that sampling is lazy and that it's because the people who write the lyrics have no musical talent. Rappers aren't composers. Rappers aren't singers. Rappers are poets. A lot of famous singers don't compose or write the lyrics to their songs, they just put their vocals to it. So don't complain when the lyricist didn't make the instrumental. Additionally, sampling has been used in rap for a long time because, as I previously said, it's about the lyrics. And rap was used as an outlet for troubled people living in the ghettos of America, they didn't have the money to be able to make or buy a beat or have the money for instruments. Now, sampling is used because the instrumental takes a backseat to the lyrics and so is only used to establish rhythm and another background layer to the song. As for "shitty drum beats", yeah, I also hate those. Not all rap is that though. A lot of rap branches into rock, techno, soul, folk, country and pretty much any genre you can think of in terms of the instrumental.
    "Talking fast with lots of swearing" - This is actually kind of true but very misleading. One: These aren't the only components of rap, and Two: These aren't set-in-stone rules. There are many rap songs where the rapping is at a normal or slow pace. And so what? Everyone swears. Gratuitous swearing is unpleasant but good rappers know when it's effective and when it's just filler. But onto the main point: rap is intelligent. Good rap uses wordplay, intricate rhymeschemes, meaningful and powerful topics. A lot of music that people will say was "classic" is far more vacuous. A lot of Elvis's songs for example. If you listen to Eminem rather than Drake, you'll see where I'm coming from.

  • Just read the definition of "Music"

    The official definition of music, is
    1. Noun, vocal or instrumental sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and the expression of emotion.

    Let's take the best-selling artist of the 2000's, Eminem, a rapper.

    He used his vocal sounds and combines them in a way to produce extreme beauty of form, by staying on beat and expressing extremely complex rhymes.

    Above all, he expresses a vast amount of emotion. In his songs, there is an expression of emotion and no one can deny that. And all rap music expresses some type of emotion one way or another.

    So, yes Rap is technically "music". :)

  • Ye yes yes

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  • I think yes

    1.There is a beat a rhythm a chorus a back I. And that sing it in it because in some songs they rhyme the words well in rap they do that just faster.
    2. Some people do duets with rapper so I can't see why they dont call it music for example see you again wiz Kalifa a rapper and Charlie puth is a pop singer

  • Definitely is music and art.

    Obviously there are ridiculous rappers who give rap a bad name through mainstream. But I challenge anyone who doesn't think rap is real music to listen to a real rap artist. Kendrick Lamar is a great example. He is a pure artist, listen to his albums - To Pimp a Butterfly, good kid, m.A.A.D city, and Section.80.

  • Its a category in the Grammy's

    A Grammy Award (originally called Gramophone Award), or Grammy, is an accolade by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) of the United States to recognize outstanding achievement in the music industry. The annual presentation ceremony features performances by prominent artists, and the presentation of those awards that have a more popular interest. It shares recognition of the music industry as that of the other performance arts: Emmy Awards (television), the Tony Awards (stage performance), and the Academy Awards (motion pictures).

  • Rap is music and poetry

    Music is a way used by human being to communicate and express feelings, emotions and stories. Rappers have so many followers and fans because they rap about what comes from their heart and their experiences, people can relate to it, feel inspired, encouraged, or touched. Not every song is about weed and sex, but there are many deep and meaniful rap songs that really impact people's lives. If rhyming truthful words spoken with flow and sincerity isn't music than I don't know why any of those repetitive pop crap songs would be

  • Stimulates my Creativity

    The rap genre is music. The masses who generally listen to other genres only have a limited point of view and tend to generalize because they have heard only mainstream rap. True rap has a much deeper meaning that deals with stories of human suffering and struggling. The lyrics often are more politically raw than other genres. There are rappers that heavily sample from other artist's songs. There are also many rap artists who create their own beats from scratch and have a very hands on approach to the essence of their sound. To label all rappers the same because you don't like the form of music is a flawed assumption and is intellectually lazy. Rappers that only talk about women, drugs, and money are cashing in on being trendy. True rap is art and music to the core. There is a spirit in rap and it has honestly changed my life for the better. It brings meaning to my life and there is something about it that makes me feel human. I am a writer and this genre gets me motivated every morning before I place a pen on paper. And I warm up by writing rap verse in different poetry forms before I start writing a story.

  • It is because...

    Rap is an expression of struggle and it often times takes more than just listening to figure it out. The song, "throw away" by future represents what is portrayed by rappers. The first verse is all about how he disses women and says that he doesn't care about them. And then in the 2nd verse he says how he really feels about women and that he cares about them.

  • Tha realest music

    Storytelling, just connects people to the life and the way of life, makes you feel with the rapper, makes you think about it. Also amazing music and beat and everything just gives you great way to expose it, plus, storytelling and connecting with people is just another reason why rappers have followers and other artists have fans.

  • Of course it is

    I was really confused when I looked at the arguments on the no side. They seem to say that its not music because it's about drugs and is bad for kids. First of all, its not about being cool while doing it. Read the lyrics to an Eminem song and tell me if he supports drug use. Secondly, the definition of music should not be defined by the subject of the song. And if you want a song about drug use, listen to the beetles. They have songs about drugs, does that make them not music? Of course not. The issue with this debate is those that oppose rap are people who dislike it (obviously) so it makes sense that they don't appreciate it as the amazing art form that it is.

  • Mainstream rap is not the only kind

    I'm 15, but already I've realized that mainstream doesn't represent the true meaning of this sophisticated genre. The stuff you hear on the radio is just to blast or have a good time with. UNDERGROUND.
    Underground has everything, for everyone, and it also has a meaning. If you don't like the cussing, then actually research and look for rappers who don't cuss, or do it rarely. Some rap about peace and enlightenment. Others, heartbreak. Many songs are about growing up and/or the rough times they had. They express their feelings differently than other genres, but still they speak from their heart, and for the people that disagree. Listen to everything before you judge, it's just ignorance really.

  • Jazz when it came out wasn't considered music, rock wasn't considered music when they first came out.

    The Beatles, KISS, and many other artist were not considered real music when they first came out. Now KISS after years were finally inducted into the Rock and Role hall of Fame. It took so many years. When Elvis first came out parents would cover their kids eyes to make them not look at his dancing and the TV stations wouldn't film below the waist. Beatles made a impact in America and it made parents worry that they're kids were corrupted by music now The Beatles are one of musics greatest. Rap is being singled out like these other artist when they first started. It may not be music today and but later it will be considered music in the future.

  • Yes it is

    Music is defined as expressing ideas through rythym and melody. Rap is combinding music with poetry to create a genre of music. Rap is not just about sex, drugs, money, and violence. Those who are saying this is only looking at the mainstream. A lot of hip-hop uses interesting beats and clever metaphors. Example: Childish Gambino, Tech N9ne, Public Enemy, and Big KRIT

  • Rap is the New Jazz, the New Rock

    People used to say that Jazz was not music because it lacked the structure and stringent rules of classical music. They also claimed that Jazz was urban garbage and the moral degradation of society. (Even W.E.B Du Bois said that and he's W.E.B Du Bois) Then white people jumped on the train and suddenly, not only is it socially acceptable, it is held in high esteem and is taught in schools.

  • It certainly is

    Music is an art of sound that expresses ideas and emotions. Some rappers like chief Keef.. I would say he's not a musician. But rappers like Kendrick lamar are certainly musicians. Kendrick talks about everyday life and his struggles between peer pressure, gangs In Compton and his other struggles as a young man.

  • Music is about struggle

    Rap is basically talking about their past life and what they had to go through,or struggle through. Like eminem. He had to struggle at first with being famous. Only a few people knew his music at first. And then all of the sudden everyone is listening to him. Like the marshell mathers explains about how he had to struggle at first. But then he got all of this money and people listening to him. All rapers talk about their past and what they had to deal and struggle with. Like remember the name is about a guy named mike. And what he goes through. Rap is music!!

  • Of course rap is music

    There's instruments, there's melodies, there's ZERO reasons why anyone could argue that rap isn't music. As if content in SOME rap invalidated it as music. Nobody withholds rock music to the same standard; ever heard of You Shook Me All Night Long or Catscratch Fever? The idea that rap isn't music is rooted in racism, whether subtle or outright, and decades-old ideals. Rap is music. Deal with it.

  • You're all listening to the wrong type of rap

    Yes, I agree that mainstream rap is bad and not 'real' music but listen to people like Childish Gambino and Lupe Fiasco. They rap about real life issues and their life, not the typical stereotype of drugs, sex and money. Before you attack rap, please give it a chance. A huge group of musicians are forced to take criticism for a small group. Stop generalizing and stereotyping.

  • Rap still has a statement much like rock music despite its intense backlash

    Sure, rap may be poetry, but to say poetry in rap is not music is hypocritical. Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison were poets who sometimes spoke rather than sung stories in their songs, and for extended periods of time. An example is Bob Dylan's song "It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)".

    Also, why do critics only associate rap with profanity, drugs, and other vices? There have been rappers and rap groups who swore hardly at all in their music, like Will Smith and LL Cool J. Even some of the very profane and violent rappers have made songs with little to no swearing, such as 2pac's "Dear Mama" or Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's "Tha Crossroads".

    As for the sampling of snippets of old music, sure it may make rap not sound original, but younger rappers are admitting that the music of the 60s and 70s has had a revolutionary impact on them, even though they were born during or after that era.

    Rap is especially convenient if someone gets tired of listening to American Idol contestants or commercialized pop. It shows that you don't have to have a good singing voice to sound talented.

    Rap reflects people's experiences and ongoing struggles in life. While much rap is about suffering, it can ironically sound compelling.

    I can admit though that much of today's rap isn't the same as old school rap, but at whatever point do people say rock "died" so too did rap.

  • It does count as real music.

    People say that rappers only feed their voices to machines. But isn't that what many songs do regardless of what genre it is? People also say that it's not real music since it supports drugs and is offensive to women and other bad things. That doesn't mean it's not real music. Music isn't defined because of the lyrics in it. Music is music. Even if almost every song you have heard is the same thing over and over again, even if it is offensive or not, the lyrics don't matter. It may be the most horrible music to some people, but that doesn't mean that its not real music.

  • Are we talking mainstream?

    First I should say that there are talented rappers that have been played on the radio but the majority are crap and those crappy rappers can't help that they are playing the industry game reading lyrics that most people want to hear to get their label money. They all want money, that's the goal in life to be successful. Even if they can't rap their true feelings and ideas they are good rappers rapping about stupid crap. If you ask that rap music is real then you should ask yourself how much rap you have actually listened to that wasn't a mainstream artist. Those that say no are obviously not real rap fans. There is real rap that won't ever get radio play. It's all a money scheme from labels to radio stations. RAP is great and existent but not on the radio. So for all you people saying no you should be examined for brain trauma. I won't waste my time listing songs and artists of quality rap because if you don't know of them already then I feel bad that you don't listen to great rap.

  • Are we talking mainstream?

    First I should say that there are talented rappers that have been played on the radio but the majority are crap and those crappy rappers can't help that they are playing the industry game reading lyrics that most people want to hear to get their label money. They all want money, that's the goal in life to be successful. Even if they can't rap their true feelings and ideas they are good rappers rapping about stupid crap. If you ask that rap music is real then you should ask yourself how much rap you have actually listened to that wasn't a mainstream artist. Those that say no are obviously not real rap fans. There is real rap that won't ever get radio play. It's all a money scheme from labels to radio stations. RAP is great and existent but not on the radio. So for all you people saying no you should be examined for brain trauma. I won't waste my time listing songs and artists of quality rap because if you don't know of them already then I feel bad that you don't listen to great rap.

  • It is music

    Just because it is different, doesn't mean that it is not music. Saying Rap isn't music is like saying special needs kids are not. Human. Just because they are different, and more common these days, just like rap, doesn't mean they aren't the same as everyone else in some ways.

  • I totally disagree

    Back in the 90s music said something it had meaning it was the true meaning of music now today in my teenage generation its just words that people made sales off of just to get rich and famous what happen to when there was TLC, B.I.G , Tupac all of their songs said something now there's Lil Wayne , Young Thug , Nicki Minaj etc where's the real music

  • Rap Music is music. There really isn't a debate.

    There isn't much I need to say for my argument. Really, any argument for why Hip Hop isn't music, comes from a basically nonexistant understanding of the genre. Anyone who has actually taken more than 30 minutes on YouTube will find hip hop albums like Madvilliany, The College Dropout, Illmatic, Low End Theory, The Money Store, The Waters, Cancer 4 Cure, etc. Even more ways to back up why Hip Hop is music is look at the instrumental albums in Hip Hop. Look at J Dilla, El-P , Flying Lotus. All I can really say is listen to Never Catch Me by Flying Lotus and tell me it isn't music. Case closed.

  • If you don't think rap is music, you're listening to the wrong rap

    There's plenty of rap out there that's musically significant. The biggest part of being a good rapper is flow. There's plenty of rap where guys are rapping in 4/4 then go to half time triplets for bars, speak in off-time accents, and more. A good rap song is a very percussive piece. There's also a lot of inspiring confidence, talking about getting away from the ghetto, getting out of selling drugs to support a family. And yet people are still trying to say these percussive technical, passionately inspiring songs aren't music, but bands that go out and play a simple beat with 4 chords looped over and over while half the singer's lyrics are "nananana" are much more musical? Look at the lyrics to your average rock/pop/punk/funk/anything song. How many different lyrics are there? 20? 30? Now look at a rap song. There's probably 70-80 bars of lyrics. Listen to some Tupac. Listen to some Biggie. Listen to some GZA, Inspectah Deck, Ice Cube's "Gangsta rap made me do it," and don't just listen to it once over, go on rapgenius and look up the lyrics and their meanings, then try and tell me rap isn't music.

  • Rap is real

    Rap is another art form of music in the sense that it is one of the most passionate forms of expressing yourself and it is a predominantly black music however we cannot forget the likes of Eminem and Macklemore. It not only provides us with words timed to a beat but also tells us a story and many people have taken rap the wrong way. It has become more than the truth, namely the stereotype that oppresses and suppresses rap music which is that rappers only talk about drugs and alcohol. Rappers suck as Kid Cudi has a song called the Prayer which symbolizes feeling about the wrong his done in life and well Eminems rap verse in 'love the way you lie' is about relationships where he could be rapping about his own experiences with his ex wife kim and not just saying that to sound cool. Rappers don't do it to promote violence or for money but mostly for respect

  • Do you define music?

    No. Simple as that. Poetry can be un poetic. Music doesnt have to be overly musical. There is background beats and melodies, and just because you dislike it DOES NOT MEAN IT ISNT MUSIC. People say "oh rap promotes abuse and drugs" Ever liste. To rock n roll? Times are cganging. Catch up or stay behind, but you cant stop change.

  • Why is this even up for debate?

    It fits the actual definition of music. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it isn't music. Why is this even a debate? That's like saying "is aluminum a metal?" Of course it is. If literally all you have to do is say one definition for a discussion to be over, it shouldn't be a debate.
    I'm willing to bet my soul that 90% of the people saying that sampling is the equivelant of stealing think that Garage Band is used to make beats and couldn't even write a half decent rap for their lives.

  • I don't even like rap but...

    It's amazing to see so many people choose to be ignorant on this subject and simply uses arguments that basically says "I don't like it and therefore it's not music." I'm going to give simple counter-argument to the other side's arguments that I see.

    1) It does not have any melody, and therefore it is not music:
    Does music really defined solely by its melody? Rap is not the only form of music with very little/no melody at all involved. There are hardcore punk and extreme and drone metal music which sadly also victims to ignorant people's argument saying that these are basically just some guy screaming over drum and guitar noises being played mindlessly. These type of music are intended for minority taste. It focuses on other qualities such as speed, intensity and atmosphere, and in case of rap, it seems to relies more on groove, rhymes and flows. Does it make any of these type of music to be less "music"? Drums doesn't have any melody when being played. So can you say that drums are not a music instrument?

    2) It does not requires much skills:
    I'm not going to pretend that I have a good knowledge over this matter, so I cannot say for sure how difficult it is to create a rap song. But if it is so easy to create then why don't you become a rap artist and make millions with ease since it does not require any talents? Surely there are good rappers and bad rappers who managed to produce different rap with distinguishable qualities (I'm not going to give my opinion over who is which). If it is all so easy then why is it not every rappers are good rappers? (which then in turn will make every rap music indistinguishable in terms of qualities and there would be no "good" and "bad").

    3) It has no meanings/It is vulgar and offensive:
    It's hard to take this argument seriously because for me it's very pretentious. Is it important for music to have a deep meaning to be enjoyable? To me, lyrical content is more of a supplementary quality to music. It's nice to look up the lyrics of songs that I listen to and be fascinated/emotionally affected, but it is not the main reason why I listen to it. And who are you to dismiss that rap is meaningless because the lyrical style is different than that in conventional poetry or rock music? Clearly rap has never been music for children , and it is purposefully offensive because it is mostly created by artists for cathartic reason (to vent out their anger), similar to metal/rock music which the opposite argument seems to be biased toward and claims to be more meaningful than rap.

    4) It is a products of degenerative black culture:
    I'm not even going to bother. People who uses this argument are racists who clearly have no intelligent arguments to use.

  • It's the same as any other genre

    Rap has everything in any beetles or metallica song. People on the other side I see state their OPINION of rap, and while that's perfectly fine, an opinion does not make rap any more or less music, nor does it make a legitimite argument. "They don't sing, therefore it isn't music" that's probably what early humans thought when people first sang because it was nothing like humming. It has everything in a song, lyrics, instuments, preformers, ect. So what's the matter in calling it music?

  • Why wouldn't it be?

    Purposefully arranged noises for the purpose of artistic entertainment, check. Rhythm, check. Melody, check. Heck, vocals/lyrics (which aren't even necessary for something to be music by any reasonable definition), check!

    Whether or not you like it, whether or not it's good music (and I'd say, like any other art-form, there's a lot of crap and a lot of good), there's no way it CAN'T be considered music.

    The fact that this is even a debate, much less that 55% say "no" saddens me and makes me wonder how people could be so ignorant about what music is to even question this.

    Now... Drone, extreme forms of gorecore metal, field recordings, 4'33"... I'd like to see that debate. Much more interesting. Personally, I'd still say yes, but there's an actual case to be made either way.

  • Music is just art through sound.

    I don't care what how much you love Queen or how much you hate Kanye West. Hip-Hop is music. How is this even a discussion? Your opinion of a work of art doesn't have any weight on whether or not it should still be considered art. It's art. You can't argue that. It's a fact.

  • So much writing...

    As a rap artist myself I have found out first hand how hard actually writing a rap is. The fact that you need to know metaphors, similes, and have a good vocabulary is hard enough, But then you add that you need to have flow when you do it and be able to enunciate words is a another story. Also add the facts that you have to know the English very well and the English language is one of the most difficult to speak much less master.

  • Yes it is

    Rap is the step forward from hip hop, it may be the harmony and melody, but it holds beat and rhythm. Rap is strong enough for there to be a whlture b ulild upon it. The people that have created it has made it the base of their commands and its all about how people express themselves. It may be demeaning but the original cause was for good.

  • Rap is more like the words of art but still music

    Clearly, rap is categorized as music, so in this respect, the answer is yes? However, I think it is more like the words of art with regard to the way words are organized. You know, to discuss this, I will mention Eminem as an example, who I thought as the most well known, because he is viewed as Rap God in public. It is obvious that Eminem( of course other rappers) rhyme so hard. You can find the dictionary published by Oxford, "New Oxford Rhyming Dictionary"Look at the introduction, in which Eminem is referred. He rhymes so heavily that his works are amazing and worth the art. I presume it puts more emphasis on the cleverness of the way words are rhymed. It is the words of art, rather than music. Like.. The words of art including an essence of melody. I love how he emotionally tell their life...Like how he put through his life. He is extraordinary. Sorry if it sounds like I know about him very much....
    Additionally, some people who described, in this side, that rappers are the symbol of drugs, sex, or alcohol. It is strange. But my friends who rap are not such people. Not all of them.

  • According to the Definition...

    Merriam Webster: "the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity." Although rap may not necessarily constitute "singing," and even though there may or may not be a melody in the background, it is still music because they are sounds being made in succession, combination, and having unity and continuity. As for the messages in rap, it depends on where you look. I can name plenty of pop songs that are just as "dirty" as rap songs, but I can also name some very nice ones with positive messages. Repeated elements? Same in Top 40 songs (they're about dancing, love, club...). The same for those claiming it isn't real because anyone can do it: guys, rap is actually kinda difficult. Youtube some songs and try to rap along. It takes a couple repeats and even lyric lookups to get the song. Of course there are some artists out there who are fake and can't actually sing, but that's found nearly everywhere across the musical community. All music is an artistic expression, and that should be respected.

  • There's more to it then women, drugs and crime.

    People should explore the genre before making judgments like this. Rappers have story telling skills, contribute to society with charitable acts(Kanye, Dre), parody our sexually charged and vain culture with songs (2 chainz), they try instilling better moral values (Lupe). Keep in mind all the rappers listed are the mainstream ones. There are underground rappers like immortal technique who are more committed to non profit causes and resist label pressure to stop their acts of kindness.

  • The sheer ignorance in this debate is ridiculous

    So rock music isn't sexually explicit or violent or promote drugs?. Get out of here.. Also you Gus are only judging rap but what's "popular" not by the actual good artists.. I mean their literally is so much to defend but I don't even know where roster the ignorance is crazy

  • People are Basing Rap on the wrong artists

    A rappers talent lies within his lyrical talent and ways he puts words together with a flow. The reason the lyrics speak of violence and drugs is because the genre originated from the hood where this is what the rapper sees everyday. It's poetry coming from impoverished areas. The genre has been destroyed throughout the years and the product is mainstream artists. The labels ruined the music as they don't care about what artists have to say and instead care of sell value. If you look back to the 80s-90s is where you'll find true rap and of course certain artists of today, but not classifying it as music is ridiculous educate yourself on the genre before judging it.

  • Most creative type of music.

    Rap is by far the most creative form of music. It takes skill to be able to rhyme, match it with a beat and spit it quickly at the same time. Also the amount of wordplay is incredible. Just because you don't agree or think rap isn't music, doesn't mean you have to completely hate on it all together.

  • What does style have to do with the reality of music!

    I shall begin by stating that one should never voice their opinion about a matter from pure emotion alone especially hatred. God created music and is the origin of inspiration. Rap music is no more than a style of putting together words on top of a beat, lyrical content has to do with the heart of the artist not the genre. Rap music has to ability to reach people and change lives just like any other genre of music. Genre should not be blamed, for what harm does music have without words, and last time I checked, there are Rock,Pop,Jazz,Blues & Country music songs out there that have offensive language and promote silly ideas and crazy ways of living.

  • Rap is Inspiring

    Rap Music helps me when Im down and it gets me through my problems. Rap is True Music and is looked Down on because of Rappers like Jz and Lil Wayne. The good rappers that have real meaning and Inspiration are Eminem and other rappers like him. So I would Declare that it is Music.

  • You ignorant slugs

    Definition of Music from the Merriam-Webster dictionary: the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity

    Rap has sounds in succession, combination, with temporal relationships (aka tempo) through the use of beats. The unity/continuity comes from the beat looping throughout the track.

    That's why rap is music: because, literally, it is a form of organized sound, and therefore has been proven to be a form of music, and anybody who disagrees with this is an ignorant, clueless person.

  • Mainstream does not define a genre

    Mainstream rap (radio hits) are typically what one would call "trap". It is not meant to represent the struggles Rap once did and still does. If we judged genres on a FEW hit songs as the opposition does, then Miley Cyrus is pop, Taylor Swift is country, and Lil Wayne is Rap.

  • Rap/Hip-Hop is much more than music; it's an Art Form.

    Now DJing is when you can take previous music from the past and mixed them together to create something new. Ain't that what Rock&Roll is in the first place? Taking elements from the Blues, Country, Jazz to create a new, exciting music? Now you can say that they stealing music from others. Well, that's what Led Zeppelin had done. Not only would they covered old Blues musicians, but they would refuse to give them credit. So if it is not music because they aren't playing any "instruments", then I guess Janis Joplin is not music.

    It's also about Experimenting, something that Jazz and even Classical musicians are known to do. You might have heard of John Cage, who is known Classical Musician and one of the innovator of Avant-Garde. As you know, he is best known for his song "4:33", which is basically 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silent. The point of it is to explore your surrounding and the sound of the environment. Now would you say that "4:33" is music? You probably think Miles Davis "Kind of Blues" is not music because they did not use sheets, but rather pure improvisation.

    Now what is Rapping? Rapping is ones of spoken and chanting rhyming lyrics. Now chanting have been part of African culture, as well as few others, including Native American's culture as they would dance around to drums and chanting religion words and they are praising their Gods. Now you can say they are not singing, which is true. But Rapping came from Poetry, something that is considered Art. To me, Rapping is basically the mixture of Poetry and Scatting, something Ella Fitzgerald was known to do. In scatting, they have to improvised words along with the melody and they are using their voice as an instruments; something Rappers are known to do. They are basically rapping along with whatever melody the DJ are playing the background. This is how they come up with their rhymes, only instead of scatting, they called it flow. Flow is the rhythm of the rhyme and much like singing and scatting, you have to stay on beat, and like scatting, this is not easy to do.

    That is why Rap can be considered music to most musicology. It isn't just bunch of noise of a guy of guys playing previous records. It is when mixing multiple music together to create something new and exciting. Many music are like that. That is what Jazz is; mixing European melody with African Rhythm. I highly suggest you watch the "Art of Rap". They can explain it to you better than I can ever. Music isn't how many instruments can you play or how high you can sing. Music isn't just about writing in sheets. It's coming from your heart and having a great connection with beats and melody. Flowing, whether you like it or not, is melody. Why else do you think Punk Rock is considered music, despite only knowing three chords?

  • Real Rap & Bad Rap

    Rap was real at one time.... But before I get in to detail we need to define real. What do you consider real? Many people have different opinions on the meaning of real. Rap startedin the ghetto/streets of urban culture. Hip hop was the foundation for the eventual turned Rap genre. Hip hop was the base and rap became a branch off hip hop, from the gangsters/West/East coast thing. This was how hip hop/rap was and the artist were not only good, but credible before 2ooo era. What do I mean by credible? Rappers had skill, they were real street poets and actually living in the hoods. Was rap crap back then? That is a BIG NO! Rap speaks of killings, drugs, crazy lifestyle and all the above.... Then again so does other music it's just different cultured people telling their story how things are on that end. Rap gets the crap backlash because of where it came from and the ethnicities envolved with it. Hip Hop culture in my mind is the best because it's not racist. Every race is a part of hip hop today as we speak!
    My feelings on rap now are very harsh. Rap after 2005 went thru a process that changed rap forever. Mainstream industries have single handedly ruined rap by employing soft people for artist.... The real artist are not in the industry because it comes with a price and real people don't sell out. So most of these rappers in the game in mainstream have no skill and listen to what the corporate want to sell. So basically rappers, I call them R&B artist, have became the puppet and ruined mainstream rap. This has happened to rap because this is what the American gov wants.... American gov wants to make society weak and if the music industries don't listen than they eventually will be without a job. Another thing that has ruined not just rap, but other industries also is the gay movement. I'm not against gay but it's a bit ironic that once gays came out over the years rap along with with Hollywood has changed drastically.
    Rap was killed off in the mainstream by the American government. Before that rap was a newspaper that told the truth about what's really going on in this world. Ni one like it especially politicians because it's the only music that has real people speaking their mind and exposing the truth. The government don't want that. They want you to be stupid and unaware. Rap is the truth! And truth is in the streets! Let's not get that mixed up people!

  • It IS music, but it's not good

    Rap is "music" BUT it's not singing. I hate rap, and I think it's trash, but it's still music. Most of it is about stupid crap, but some underground rappers rap about real things.
    And those still aren't good. But it IS music. You have to admit, no matter how much you dislike it, IT'S MUSIC.

  • Rap is music

    Rap is music because, it has a beat, a rhythm and a basic idea, most rap has meaning to it. It may sometimes be about drugs and girls and sex but thats only a certain genre of rap. Some rap is about real things going on in life, sometimes its a way to make a point or express yourself, but rap is an art form as well as a form of music and if you think it isn't just cause its not what you enjoy then your point is biased and is only an opinion you need to find facts and evidence before proving a point with only opinions just listen to the right type of rap to find a song without all that stuff about strippers and drugs, if you listen to When I'm Gone by Eminem he raps about his daughter Hailey and how he wishes he was as a father, not about drugs (except while saying he should not take them) or strippers not all rap is bad or good rap is a form of art and poetry. Not all rap is hateful either. Rap is music weather we like it or not.
    And I'm pretty sure that this site isn't for stating opinions, so saying things like "My thoughts.. Rap is Crap!" then its an opinion and should not be used in the debate.

  • Rap is music

    Rap is music because, it has a beat, a rhythm and a basic idea, most rap has meaning to it. It may sometimes be about drugs and girls and sex but thats only a certain genre of rap. Some rap is about real things going on in life, sometimes its a way to make a point or express yourself, but rap is an art form as well as a form of music and if you think it isn't just cause its not what you enjoy then your point is biased and is only an opinion you need to find facts and evidence before proving a point with only opinions just listen to the right type of rap to find a song without all that stuff about strippers and drugs, if you listen to When I'm Gone by Eminem he raps about his daughter Hailey and how he wishes he was as a father, not about drugs (except while saying he should not take them) or strippers not all rap is bad or good rap is a form of art and poetry. Not all rap is hateful either. Rap is music weather we like it or not.
    And I'm pretty sure that this site isn't for stating opinions, so saying things like "My thoughts.. Rap is Crap!" then its an opinion and should not be used in the debate.

  • Is a Pet Peeve a Real Argument?

    This is more of a drive-by refutation than an argument, since I'm pressed for time.

    Neither do 80% of singers nowadays. And strumming four chords on an acoustic guitar don't really count in my book.

    Actually, what they do is mind-bogglingly unique: they treat the voice as a percussion instrument rather than a melodic one. It takes skill and concentration to do it well.

    "ALL THEY TALK ABOUT IS _________!"

    There are two reasons for this:

    1. The origin in street culture as a whole and NY street culture in particular. The gangs that the culture centers around rely on sex, violence, and drugs as a means to an end ($$$). Of course, sex doubles as both as a means and an end, but I digress. Talking s**t is a way of establishing dominance and verbally sparring (playing a game of "See Who Shoots First" is more like it). This translated over to rap pretty well, it seems, once we got the whole 'taking it too seriously' thing (see: Tupac Shakur). What we have now are interesting characters (Rap Personas) interacting through their music (Disses, shout outs, and features) and some major story arches (see: Eminem's discography).

    2. Lots and lots of words. If you took a hardcore rocker and forced him to write 10x more lyrics in his songs, in very song, for his entire career, he's gonna run out of things to say pretty darn quick. Rap takes away all his pretensions, his ability to shart out 8 vague words and call them a verse, and his art is either gonna fail and expose his true, shallow and uncreative colors (2Chainz) or thrive, and take his lyrics to a whole new level of precision and clarity (Kendrick, Jokerr, etc.).

    Also, this problem is mainly with mainstream or wannabe mainstream artists.

    If explored in depth, this could be a good argument about artistic integrity and ethics, but most people just flaunt the fact that they don't understand the nature of sampling and skip away whistling happily. The truth is that sampling DONE RIGHT is building upon someone else's Lego castle and building a life size fortress. Look at Kanye West's "Power", made up almost entirely if samples to make one of the greatest instrumentals ever even if the lyrics sucked (IMO). Heck, look at Kanye's entire discography, for goodness sake.

    If you think the four chords of pop music originated with hip hop, I don't know what to tell you.

  • Of course it is

    Rap, like most music, takes time, creativity, and dedication to make. I read the cons and saw someone say "leave it to the blacks", how racist is that? Also it can help with education Also it is great to help with beats. You should ask a pro they'd say it is.

  • Definition of music

    1. An art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.
    2. The tones or sounds employed, occurring in single line (melody) or multiple lines (harmony), and sounded or to be sounded by one or more voices or instruments, or both.
    It's a sound, it expresses ideas and emotion, it has vocal and rhythm, therefore rap is music, maybe not the most inspiring type of music but just because it's negative (not all rap) it doesnt mean its not music just like a murderer is human even if they killed someone.

  • Rap is music an expression of ones self.

    Music is not instruments singing or notes its an expression. With that being said it can be beautiful or vulgar, complex or simple. I see a lot of weak reasonings why rap is not music the use curse words drugs and sex how is this different from music in the 60's 70's 80's.. And to say its talent less is a joke you people are ignorant plane and simple if you wish to prove me wrong please send me an email with your own rap you made at gbeast10@yahoo.Com but you wont because you wont be able to. In the process of doing so you will begin to understand the complex art form of a people who were so poor they were forced to make music with a record player!

  • If you can jam out and it has a beat to it it's music

    People need to stop complaining about others music. Listen to your own s@#t. Music is what shows an artists feelings and it is what makes people feel good and makes you feel like you're on top of the world. I never listened to rap cause I thought it was ridiculous until I met AN ASIAN that listened to rap. My first song was N***as in Paris and it is to this day one of my favorites.

  • Rap is real

    Listen to the lyrics...I mean really listen to them. If you've lived a somewhat harsh and conflicting life the lyrics apply where needed in the situations you have experienced. Going through things myself right now and all I know is that rap isn't always about doing drugs and copping on the ladies...It's about the struggle.

  • I am not a big fan of rap music, but it still is music

    A lot of the opposition are using the argument of rap's lyrical topics being about things such as drugs, gangs, and sex. First of all, rap isn't subjected to use these topics, not all rap songs are the same. Second of all, the usage of these topics doesn't make it any less of music. Many different genres use topics like these and people still consider that music. A lot of songs don't even have a meaning, or a story, or lyrics, but that doesn't make them not music. Rapping is a style of vocals, and it's inclusion doesn't negate the music produced by musical instruments. Music isn't defined by someone's ability to sing. A lot of arguments is that rap's instrumental music is repetitive or not creative, that that leads me back to the fact that not every rap song is the same.

  • Rap is art

    Rap music while might be a different way to express yourself is still considered art. For example artists such as Macklemore, rap is more than talking about drugs, money, or girls its talking about all the different walks of life and how we are all generally connected in one way or another.

  • Rap music IS music

    Music is music, it may suck but that doesn't mean that it isnt music? Yes, a lot of rap music has to do with drugs, sex, violence, partying but it also shows creativity from the artist that is sharing the music. I'm more of an R&B fan but i know a lot of rappers that release good music examples: Azealia Banks, Missy Elliott, Drake, Ludacris and a lot more, but the thing is not everyone will always like a certain genre of music expiscally if its coming from black people that are always portrayed to be horrible people when they're the exact opposite.

  • The stupidity of some people...

    1. Go listen to "Love Ain't" by Cunninlynguists and come back and tell me that rap/hip hop is all about drugs and money.
    2. Just because it was digitally produced or edited does NOT mean that it is not music at all.
    3. Sampling is not music? Listen to Introducing... By DJ Shadow (it's #64 in the top 100 albums on rateyourmusic)

  • Rap is real music

    Rap is real music because it takes probably more effort to write a rap song then it is to write a pop song. Rap it is like poetry but with a beat. Rap has a certain truth to it depending on the song and the artist. Lots of rappers can sing too, lots of rappers do have a few parts where they are singing. Rapping is hard for a lot of people. It takes talent. The cursing in Rap music is the truth behind it and it is how the rapper feels and it is their expression through their rap. Not all rappers talk rudely about women. Sure it is popular in rap songs and it is not ok but it is just a rap song. I really doubt that they actually physically abused women. I don't understand why it is popular in rap or in any genre of music but Rap music is definitely real music because they have just as much talent as any other artist.

  • Rap is music

    There could be a pop song, a country song or the like that talks about the same thing people think rap talks about (pimps, drugs, money...) and it would still be considered music.
    Also, what about drummers? It doesn't have an obvious melody, like in rap, yet it is still considered music.
    Another issue to address. Whether it is stolen (backing track/beats) or not, it is still music, just 'stolen' music. Any music that follows the basic rules of music is still music, no matter if it is made by a famous classical musician or a rap artist.
    Finally, all sound arranged in a way following the basic music rules is music. Whether you like it or not, Rap is music due to it following these rules.

  • Rap is Music. What People Rap About is Stupid

    Generally speaking, rap (at least, the rap music that is most popular) features really stupid, shameful topics that art should not be used to express, like sex and drugs. Personally, I really like the form. If someone were to take the form of rap and apply it to a legitimate topic, like true love or beauty, then I would very much enjoy the songs.
    Basically, what I'm saying is that rap is a good music form that has been beaten viciously by its promoters.
    Also, I dislike excessive use of air horns.

  • It takes talent, look at Eminem

    Look at a guy like Eminem for example, incredibly talented. His music may, at times, be profound, but he also has song like "Beautiful" or "Not Afraid" that are positive. It is clear why some rap may not be real music but guys like Eminem, who started with nothing but a dream, are the definition of music.

  • No genre of

    Music is the best Lol it's totally funny to see this topic need to debate. Everyone has his/her own favourite music genre. If it was bad, it would not exist in the world at this moment. I rarely listen to rap music but I greatly respect the way rappers show their emotion in their songs.

  • You face their problems and write about it and put your heart into it, turn it into a song and tell yourself its not music

    You don't know what it takes to come up from the streets and the hood. They are RAPPING about their life they put their feelings and emotions into a musical form. It may not be the cleanest most appropriate, but neither was growing up on the streets. Its what they know. IT IS MUSIC.

  • Rap has a bad rep

    Rap has had more than enough amazing artists to even have to answer a question like this. A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, Mos Def, Common, Tupac, Nas, Rakim, KRS - one, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, The Wu-Tang Clan, Black Star, and many, many, many more have done more than enough to prove they are musicians.

    Many people say that rap requires no talent; flow is talent. Storytelling is talent. Not many people can pull of an entire song with flawless flow in one take like Nas did with NY State of Mind.

    If you base your argument on radio rap, then you have done no research and are assuming. Hip-Hop comes from the soul to your ears, from poverty to gated communities, it transcends bounds, breaks barriers, and destroys social walls. Although rap has waned after the new millennium, the true rappers and rap songs will remain with us.

  • Self Expression, and yes, it takes skill

    Rap expresses the dark and gritty side of humanity. It has its root in the dark and gritty ghettos. Its grimy sound and lightning fast pace allow it to be perfect for venting and releasing bottled rage. Yes, it can be offensive, and maybe thats not the best thing, but groups being offended are just a stand in, a representation of something else. Moreover, even if rappers words weren't symbolic, then they can still release those feelings through song. Afterall, isn't raging via music better than raging via actually hurting people? As a final point, maybe try avoiding mainstream rappers. Look up the rapper Eppic on YouTube. No curses, no offensive implications, and a strictly positive message.

  • Rap is more real than Pop

    Rap music gives artists the chance to speak the truth, using their words to tell a story and shed light on topics that people choose to avoid. If you believe songs about money and hoes are all rap is about, you've been led on by a stereotype. If you actually gave artists a chance, and listened to their lyrics you could hear the message they're sending. J. Cole, for example, has some of the deepest songs. If you listen to "Lost Ones" it brings up the topic of ABORTION. "Problems" talks about a situation where a cop pulls him over and immediately assumes he's a thug because he's black, but he's actually a successful college educated man.

    If you think pop is the way to go, there's only a handful of topics pop songs are about. Sex and love mostly, but how many Taylor Swift break-up songs do you expect to hear? You do realize that means she has dated these people, so shouldn't this make her worse than someone rapping about real life situations.

  • You don't make sense!

    I think that most of you are generalizing rap, you hear about if from your friends and since you haven't listened to it, adopt their ideas. You don't search for the hits, and only listen to trash or bad rap. I doubt you even understand what "real music" is. Music is all about expression, so if your saying that rap isint music then you can discard Classical, Pop, and Country.

  • Rap does not define its purpose.

    Music is an expression.
    And while yes most rappers chose to rap about nonsense F!@#ing weed, smoke B#$&es and it sounds like nonsense (oh yes i agree with you completely on that), there is other types like gospel rap, when do you hear about that in the debate, never. Another one Lupe Fiasco he raps about the mistreatment of religions racism, 9/11 and war in his music. Rap is the genre not the content spoken about. And yes most rap is absolute nonsense but the other side should be considered

  • What they say in rap shouldn't matter.

    Really, in rap whether they talk about things that you don't agree with doesn't matter. Why? Because that is not what music is about. If music was where you could only sing about rainbows and kittens, then it wouldn't be a form of expression any more, because that is not what music is about. Music is rather about what the sounds are rather than what the sounds are interpreted as. A song could be an opera about killing everyone that lives in a particular country, but it would still be music because it still has all the the ingredients of music. Most of the people on the disagree side are really arguing whether it is ethical or right to let children listen to rap or whether rap is good music at all.

  • Of course it is even if your opinion of it is against it.

    Rap includes rhythm, harmony, and more that creates sounds that expresses emotion in the form of music. It is poetry as well as long as includes the necessities that define poetry. Don't get me wrong there could be a terrible rapper who like most just unintelligently puts elements together without being a poet or talented musical artist who just makes sounds. And the sole attention grabber usually relies in the beat of the song instead of the actual rap itself. Even that crap is still technically music. If you make a poem that uses rhythm and usually rhyme then even make it soundy poppy like pop music, well it is still rap music incorporated within it. Rap is music. If it weren't, we'd have to change the meaning of music and form a new definition but we can't because it is already decently clearly defined. Most of the people who say no are saying, whether they realize it or not, that it is music it just isn't good music. It is what it is. It's not bad either just stop listening to idiots that rap cause they're famous and that's what sells.

  • Why would it not be?

    Music is defined as expression through sounds. Rap combines music and poetry to create its own unique take on music.For all of those talking about how rap promotes drugs, abusing women, and violence, why don't you at least TRY to listen to a rap song dealing with expressing emotion, and not just the previously mentioned things? 'Lil wayne, Drake, and 2Chainz are not artists, and they should not be representing rap as a whole. I am actually a fan of any music, as long as it is truly expressing an emotion that is worth listening to. As an analyzer of music, I can honestly say I love rap. (Along with classical, blues, rock, you name it!)

  • Rap Music Is Real Music

    Most people who say rap music isn't real music, understandably don't listen to it beyond what they are exposed to on the radio or on TV. Because of this the most of the hip-hop they hear is the kind that real hip-hop fans don't support. Deeper in the genre, rap music is full of lyricism, and story telling which is most of the time far superior to any other genre. Rap music also covers a much larger span of topics than other genres do.

  • The rap music

    That is mentioned by those who answer "no" to this question is for the most part, very bad. But true hip-hop is more than just derogatory raps about woman and money. If you think rap is not a respectable genre after listening the the struggles of the Notorious B.I.G., the life of Tupac Shakur, and the peaceful aspirations of Kendrick Lamar, you do not understand the true meaning of music, to express.

  • You guys are ridiculous

    The question is: is rap real music. Of course it's real music you others answering are just coming up with a biased opinion saying its horrible and all it does is encourage violence ect. You obviously know nothing about it and I know for a fact that the music you think Is rap is lil wayne, 2 chainz, whatever. No, that is not real rap. Rap music in its best spreads true positive messages that brings people through problems. It's not all about violence and drugs. Some are good enough to be role models you just need to know where to look. So my answer is yes, rap is real music.

  • Completely! It is more than just fast talking!

    Music, like art, is crazy hard to define. Is music art? Is art music? Who knows! But, I can tell you that rap is as much music as the "top 40" music you hear on the radio or Beethoven's symphony. I believe that music is one expressing their emotions through rhythm. Beethoven did this with his instruments as rappers do it with their words and with their emotion in their rapping. One other thing that makes music music is that you have to actually USE the emotion in the song. You have to express the emotion through more than just your words. You have to express through your voice which is exactly what rappers do. When they're angry, they yell and scream in their songs. When they are sad, they show it in their voice. You get the point!

  • Rap is music

    Rap has a beat. Rap has instruments, therefore it is music. Your voice is an instrument. RAP is in a category of its own but rap is music. They talk really fast, so what. If we said rap wasn't music, we would have to through all the music genres and see what wasn't music. 'Rock isn't music, its noise.' 'Dub-step isn't music, its loud, boisterous annoying racket.'

  • Rap is crap!

    Mainstream rap, that is, dr dre, eminem and other such rappers talk about drugs, sex, and money like it is something that makes them "thug". The problem with all arguments against rap is, well, all they talk about is how rap is bad. No mater how impure and inappropriate the lyrics are, it is still music. Not to mention all the christian r&b and hip hop/ rap with a positive message. As crappy as justin beiber is, he is still an artist.

  • RAP = Rhythm And Poetry

    This verse is just one of many incredible verses that illustrate using the music itself why this is an ART FORM. Rappers have to use a LOT more words in their lyrics than other genres. I do not like the majority of mainstream Top 40 rap music but rather I enjoy the many, many gems that are found by a little digging. And now to the verse:

    Inspectah Deck's first verse off the Wu-Tang Clan song "Triumph"

    I bomb atomically
    Socrates' philosophies and hypotheses
    Can't define how I be dropping these mockeries
    Lyrically perform armed robbery
    Flee with the lottery, possibly they spotted me
    Battle-scarred Shogun, explosion when my pen hits
    Tremendous, ultra-violet shine blind forensics
    I inspect view, through the future see millennium
    Killer Bees sold fifty gold, sixty platinum
    Shackling the masses with drastic rap tactics
    Graphic displays melt the steel like blacksmiths
    Black Wu jackets Queen B's ease the guns in
    Rumble with patrolmen, tear gas laced the function
    Heads by the score take flight, incite a war
    Chicks hit the floor, die hard fans demand more
    Behold the bold soldier, control the globe slowly
    Proceeds to blow, swinging swords like Shinobi
    Stomp grounds and pound footprints in solid rock
    Wu got it locked, performing live on your hottest block


  • It is though

    Nowadays its hard to find good rap. But those who say it sucks only hear it when they play the radio. But theres phenomenal rappers out there. If you do research and history you will find mind blowing rap songs out there. The radio isnt all rap music. Its not.

  • Music is music whether you like it or not...

    As a musician who regularly listens to every genre you could think of, music is a form of expression that appeals to the ears that goes beyond just speaking. What ever method an individual or group chooses to express themselves, it's still considered music. Just because it doesn't appeal to you, doesn't mean that you can discount it.

  • It's easy to disagree, but...

    Music isn't about 'effort' or 'talent' because anyone can gain talent or put effort into something. However, it takes real motivation and passion to make it mean something and to make it work. I also think that it doesn't matter on the subject of what someone is rapping about because at the end of the day, that has nothing to do whether it makes it music or not. I'd also like to mention that rap music has a beat (rhythm) and a melody (tone of voice, and backing track).
    Lastly, music doesn't have to sound good to be music. It just has to have structured sound in a form that the human mind can process so that it includes certain traits. It's also about conveying a message and generating a response. If rap music was a type of music that didn't have a beat or melody and was entirely comprised of random sounds with no meaning to it so that you didn't generate a response, then it wouldn't be music.

  • If you have any understanding of music theory

    As I am a producer of many genres I can attest to the similarities of all genres. If you know anything about music you know about chord progression. Rap music has the one of the most varied selection of chord progressions borrowing from a range of scales. And to those who say the vocal section of a rap song isn't music because it's not melodic- would u agree a drum is an important part if music? If so your argument falls apart. In most cases the drum is not melodic but mono tone and rhythmic. Though you can argue rappers aren't mono tone therefore melodic even if they were not there is still no basis for the previously stated argument. For those who don't like the lyrical content it's really a mute subject but I'll address it anyways. Not all though I will give you most rappers talk about morally corrupt topics. Some even rap Christian songs. But on the same coin I've never heard a compliant about jimmy buffet who made a song with a hook of "let's get drunk and screw" or willy Nelson and a whole host of other artist across every genre. For those saying the producers are making trash I would encourage you to look at producer credits for some of your favorite songs. Some of the very people who produced a rap song also produce pop r&b and yes even country. In closing just because you look at a Picasso and don't like it does not meant it is not art. Just because you don't like or understand rap does not mean it is not music.

  • Melody and Pitches in the background music

    Not only does a good amount of hip hop feature vocally sung choruses or rapping with pitches thrown in, but the samples and instrumentals used are in essence music.
    Example that everyone will get:
    If you consider "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen as music (which it is) then using that same music for "Ice Ice Baby" should be counted as music.

  • Story telling ability

    Rap can fit more stories inside of it than any other genre. Granted like any other genre there is very crappy artists in rap. But if one listens to the greats of rap they would understand the amount of ability it takes to create multi syllabic rhymes throughout a song. Everyone says it is easy until they actually try to do it and create a story by rhyming. Frankly it may take an average person weeks to do what most great rappers can do in a day.

  • Rap music is real

    Rap music is the epitome of story telling. In around 5 minutes, the rapper takes you through his stroy, describing it in such detail, that you can almost visualize it. Rap music connects with you, it embraces day to day problems and shares common vies and thoughts. RAP IS REAL

  • Rap Is Music

    Rap is music; it comes straight from the soul; and it is used for us to show how we feel so you cannot deny the fact that it is indeed music. What people say in their raps doesn't make it less of music. People are too quick to judge and haven't actually listened to the music. If you're calling rap junk; you've gotta be kidding; do you know what kind of crap comes from your Pop Genre? If you think rap is pathetic you need to look back at that trash. Your pop music is still music, but its still trash.

  • Don't judge by generalizations.

    If we just judge rock by its worst proponents rock would be full of sexual references and disgustingly under-researched statements about politics and society as a whole. The same holds true for rap. Everyone who argues that it is full of demeaning language hasn't listened to the plethora of rappers who rap only in a clean manner. If you want to argue that there is no meaning behind it then you haven't listened to the many rappers who are speaking up in the name of social change and bring to light the issues present in our society. Go look up Aesop Rock or Fort Minor. Go listen to Linken Park or Watsky. Maybe if we all learned to look beyond the crap that has been promoted by the masses and actually looked for the real artists and actually put thought into their words we could all understand the complexity that rap truly can be. If you argue that it takes no skill why don't you try to make a backbeat that can actually hold the average americans attention for more than one minute. Why not try to make a full song that has more than one meaning behind it and rhymes and follows a rhythm to express a complex thought actually worth sharing. Try looking past the crap.

  • Of Course It Is

    People might say it's not because art and stuff, but no. It's music, whether or not you like what you've heard of it so far. So most mainstream rap tends to have ignorant lyrics. That doesn't mean it's not art. There's going to be bad music from any genre, it just so happens to stand out the most in rap music. There must be some ignorant people on if this is one of the questions with the most disagrees.

  • Rap by Definition

    A type of popular music of US black origin in which words are recited rapidly and rhythmically over a prerecorded, typically electronic instrumental backing.
    I guess that settles it, we can all go home, no need to look at the high percentage of ignorant closed minded biased (mostly bigoted) opinions that obviously don't know any form of expression of freedom or artistic expression.
    I suppose it would be great to argue this matter with any of your standpoints, however I could careless what you think haters

  • Music and Art doesn't require effort.

    Lots of people here are mixing 'effort' with whether it's music or not. Music doesn't require effort. 'Good' music requires some effort, and the message it portrays has nothing to do with whether its music or not. Rap also includes a melody through rhythm, instrumentals and vocals. It also talks about emotions or themes. Therefore, it is music.

  • Yes, Rap is Music.

    Many people interprete Rap as if "they can't sing, its not music". In which therefore it is clearly wrong. I admit modern day rap and falling down hill just because all the good ones got killed. Also, think about it... Everything was better in the 80's-90's, rap, rock, pop, you name it. They gave it a genre, just respect it. How many people think techno is music? I do, it uses music. Some people have different genres they listen to. I hate screamo, but hey, it's still a GENRE, and its still MUSIC.

  • As a genre...

    Rap is a music. Music is the arrangement of sounds in a harmonious manner. Rap includes a beat, normally some form of synth or other lead. The rappers produce lyrics which match the rhythm "the arrangement of sounds." Of course it is real music. In fact, it is real art. It's uniqueness is only paralyzed by jazz and classical music. You do not have to enjoy it and you can be discussed by the modern day trash, but do not blame the genre in of itself, blame the individual artists. Ignorant statements saying it is not real music comes from either the musically uneducated or musical snobbery. If it is not music. Then I must hear a better definition of music. I can not think of any possible definition that excludes the rap genre from being music.

  • Rap is both

    Rap can be poetry and music at the same time the main real difference is that rap has a different beat and more uptempo with background music. Add a beat or instrumental to someone reading a poem and it could become a "rap" or a song. On the other hand if you take away a beat and slow down the voice of someone rapping it could be very similar to a poet reciting their poem. I wish you could have a both button on this website.

  • Rap is Poetry

    Mainstream Urine stream rap basically kills the image of real hiphop. Real hip hop is a bout tellng a story and is comprised of:
    1. A Story
    2. Rhyme Scheme
    3. Flow and Deliverance
    4. Wordplay
    5. A Beat

    I would say where other genres focus on the instruments or dance rather than the lyrics, Hip Hop is all about the lyrics. Its pretty much Good poetry over a beat. While many rappers just take the easy route to fame by discussing money, women, weed, or the ghetto, real hip hop is still alive and well in the underground. Lets take the song ake Ill Mind of Hopsin 5 for example. This rapper discusses the troubled youth in today’s society, and the effects the media has, and the effects he has. He is asking so many questions about society and why they do stupid things. Here are a couple parts from the song.

    "Still you fiend for the glamorous fruits you don’t have, cause you idolize rappers that do.
    And all they say is, ‘I got money and it’s stacked to the roof’.
    And now you think that it’s gon’ magically just happen to you? How?
    Your lazy ass don’t commit to labour.
    You pick something up, try it out, and put it down two-minutes later.
    Then you complain about your life cause it ain’t getting catered.
    Now whoever tries to call you on your bullshit’s a hater?
    You want to succeed you have to try.
    Or one day you’ll get older and regret it all cause you can’t provide.
    Your friends are low-lives don’t act surprised.
    Look, just cut the bad fruit off of the tree, make the sacrifice."

    "So all you rappers whose soul is out on the wrong.
    You inspired the issue I wrote about in this song.
    You go to prowl on the young.
    Who roam around in the slums.
    See this is what happens when rap is overcrowded with bums.
    Hope the hour is long, when I’m rolling out with your tongue.
    The man above is my guide, you know the power is strong.
    All you menacing freaks, are only in this for cheese.
    And the mass controlled limit was breached, FUCK Hip Hop.
    They only in it for cheese.
    And any eye witness can see, they purposely making the innocent weak.
    My existence on this planet’s for you, I ain’t only here to benefit me.
    Yo, we need to make a change while there’s still time.
    It is hard, and sometimes I struggle trying to reveal mine.
    I can guide you if you feel blind.
    I just need you to be willing to journey into my Ill Mind."

    This is real hip hop

  • Yes, Rap is music

    Yes, It is because of the fact that it has a beat and some rhythm. Even though some people argue that it's only about a few things such as women and drug. However, There are many rap songs that do not follow this pattern and are about real life experiences.

  • Yes it is a genre of music

    Rap is a form of music. The rapper raps his lyrical rhymes in a rhythmic flow over an instrumental which usually is an electronic percussion melody and a beat with heavy bass, Sometimes accompanied with clapping or snapping. The beats, Rhythm, Rhyming structure, Synths, And melodies are all common components of music. Also, The rapper may sing in the hook or use multi-layered melodic flows in his rapping like Drake or Wiz Khalifa. Many rappers are also producers and/or play instruments like guitars, Drums, Or keyboards.

  • How do you define music?

    At the end of the day it depends on how you define music since their does not seem to be a universal definition of it especially seen by this post. Besides how do you define something that is continuously evolving and changing sometimes for the better and for the worst. At the end of the day I believe rap is music. For me music has always been sounds created by humans in order to represent something whether it be certain emotional states or logical messages. This makes a lot of things music but I prefer to keep my definition broad so I don't leave anything out, But at the end of the day I'm interested to see how others define music.

  • Among lyrical music, Rap is perhaps the most evolved and important currently extant genre.

    Am I saying you must like rap music best? No. Everyone has different tastes that define them. What I am saying that among lyrical musical styles, Rap is that which, At least in concept and at core, Can and has embodied and contained some of the purest distillation of humanism and emotion in all of modern musical history. Rap was born from the anguish of systemic oppression and has grown to encompass and represent human viewpoints from practically every walk of life. The best rap most often resembles poetry in form and nature. As much as lyrical music is the art of speaking in a way that one's words harmonize and agree with each other aesthetically, Rhyme, Tempo, Timbre, And all other aspects of speech which are important to rap come into play and are honed to a fine sheen. Now, Is it all worthwhile? No. Even Mozart made music for a paycheck sometimes. But business is not the enemy of art but the friend. In the correct balance, Corporate music can produce wonderful works. I do not agree with everything rap artists say, But I support their right to say it and believe it can have great intellectual value.

  • Anyone who says it isn't is either 40+, Or a 12 year old who was "born in the wrong generation".

    The amount of misinformation coming from the disagreeing side of this argument is appalling. It would be like if I argued that rock isn't real music because playing four chords on a guitar takes no talent. I would be completely misunderstanding the genre.

    The main focus of rap is the lyrics(obviously). Unlike a guitar, Which you can play incorrectly, You can't "incorrectly" write lyrics, Which is why a lot of people write simply, With basic rhyming or wordplay. These simpler songs are usually what get popular, Because people tend to prefer a catchy song to a clever song(which isn't a bad thing, It's just the preference of some people). There are, However, Many popular artists who write very intelligent and complex lyrics, Such as MF Doom, Aesop Rock, Eminem, Nas, Kendrick, J. Cole and plenty of others. I guarantee you these artists are a million times better at songwriting than any rock or pop singers, Simply due to the fact that songwriting is their speciality. A lot of people on the other side seem to think that because rappers don't play instruments or sing they are not musicians, But like I said, They are songwriters, Their speciality is songwriting, It would be like if I said a drummer isn't a musician because they can't play the piano. It's a dumb argument.

    A lot of people seek to think that rap has no "musicality" making it not music. This is literally just untrue, It is objectively music, Just listen to any rap beat, They will always fulfill whatever dumbass definitions the opposition will make for what "real music" is and requires. They often include jazz elements, So unless you want to argue that jazz isn't music, Don't argue against rap beats. Also, Anyone who says rap beats are simple might want to consider that the reason they are simple is because they lyricism of the rapper should be the main focus, And an overcomplicated beat shifts that focus(although it should be said that making a rap beat does have its own challenges and required skillsets, It's harder than a lot of people think it is).

    Lastly, Anyone who argues that "new-school" rap is trash, And not "real" rap, Is just as bad as the people who think rap isn't music at all.

    To conclude, Stop misinterpreting this genre, Anyone who respects music and artistry will agree with me in this debate, And anyone who disagrees with me clearly lacks an understanding of rap, Or just music as a whole. I suspect the only reason my side is less popular on this website is because most people on this website are only here because they were looking for people who agree with them, Whereas in the real world, Most people know that rap is as respectable and valid as any other genre.

    Rap is music, Get over it.

  • I mostly do not like rap but I would call it music, Even if it is in the outlying region of it

    Popular rap that demeans women with the b word, "ho" etc and the indiscriminate use of the n word (no, Ending in "a" does not make it any better), And just the general glorification of a bad way of life - none of this is inherently necessary for something to be rap. Rap can have good lyrics and good messages, Or even bring up issues but in a more well though of way. As far as the music part, Just like any other art form, There is good, Bad and everything in between. While I do not get into this, Even when the lyrics are decent, I can still recognize when someone has put a good effort into it versus when it was cheaply whipped up. I can appreciate talent, Even when I am not into the style. Rap does have rhythm, Sometimes harmony and even melody at times, So even though it is not my thing, I still call it music, Even if I have to stretch the definition just a little.

  • By a stiff definition of music, No. By my personal opinion, Yes

    I absolutely respect the definition of music, Which consists of harmony, Melody, And rhythm. I respect the foundations of music and the art and history behind it. That is fine if you want to analyze and critique a piece of fine classical music. However, The fact is that unspoken definition of music for most people today, For better or worse, Is not that rigid. For most people, Music is more about a feeling. That nod of the head or the tap of the foot. It is more something you feel and less something you assess like research. That is not to say that traditional views of music should be forsaken. We should not dumb ourselves down and be ignorant of the foundations of things. Above all else, To paint all rap music with a broad stroke is just as ignorant. I can think of numerous rap songs which evoke and express deep, Soulful feelings and messages to create a work of art that can be felt. It is also okay to like a song that does not have a deeper meaning and simply creates that "head nod" feeling. Finally, Yes, There is rap that is pure hot garbage with little substance, Meaning, Soul and at best can only meet the rhythm criteria. However, Do some research. Find meaningful rap. Don't be closed minded

  • Rap is modern and should not be looked at (only) from the academic point is view.

    Main argument against rap is that music has to have a melody, Harmony and rhythm (and timbre) and rap does not. I suggest, In the same way as a Happening or any other kind of performance art is an art form, To look at lyrics as a kind of melody, As it is leading in the music (mainly sampled beat), In addition being that some of the lyrics are sung.

  • Rap is music just non traditional

    Rap is not like most traditional music it's approach is more poetic it's basically a fushion of urban poetry and beats to keep the lyrics flow. You would have to really have to emerse yourself into it to see it as music. Im into more rock music but love old school hip hop i mean look at Cypress hill and house of pain true funk classics.

  • The people on the > are senseless idiots who know nothing of the topic

    In Bacon's "Advancement of learning", Puts emphasis on the good of having knowledge. One thing is that is detrimental to it is coming to quick conclusions without knowing about the subject. We here have, People, Is a great example of this idiocy. We can see people dismiss a whole culture and lifestyle of the 70's that still holds historical value in today media. The people on the right, I guarantee you, Have only heard of a song or two from rap, Hence their basic opinions. Isn't it clear when half of these 'poor opinions' bring up the "sex gun and drugs" arguments are brought up repeatedly? On that basis, Its no surprising that rap would be reduced to primitive utterances by the uneducated. To bring up that this genre "appeals to the masses" because people are simple-minded, You all should really examine yourselves first. In truth, The "mass" of this page are the ones who say "no" and provide a poor and uneducated opinion on the topic. I'll have you know, Musicologists to consider rap a genre of music, Or 'real music', How ever you want to call it. Search it up on google, It isn't really hard, Or you can go to your university's library catalogue and expand your mind - well that's if you HAD tertiary education. I'll give you a start, Search up "Steven Hager on Hip hop". Ultimately, What this all comes down to is which hive-minded group is larger, Unfortunately.

  • Yes it is

    Of course rap is music. It has a rhythm, An instrumental and vocals. It is a genre of music, Of which there are numerous. Music is essentially just organized sound. By the definition of music itself, Rap is and should most definitely be considered as real music. It's that simple.

  • Duh it's music

    don't be a moron. It's music. Just because you're an old fat dude who spent 10 years in his basement learning how to play the solo to all the King Crimson songs doesnt mean every musical act has to play a guitar to be considered music. Grow up you losers.

  • Wow the no comments

    What I hear from the no section is that is talks about drugs and money, Sex, Its too fast, Its doesn't make sense, The beat is terrible. Ugh like come on you guys don't ever listen to the meaning behind it, Like we want to understand your shit pop/rock bullshit that talks about all soft shit. But I listen to it anyway and now I like it/understand it. Take time to appreciate what rap and many other genres had impacted people lives.

  • Older Rap has more heart than almost all modern music

    Rap can be about a variety of things. From NWA’s “gangsta gangsta” to Eminem’s “mockingbird” but at its heart what a rap song is just a story told with a rhyme and a lyrical flow. These song are very often fuelled by real situations. These songs are rappers ways of expressing themselves and actually being heard. In Eminem’s “toy soldiers” he recounts the deaths of some of his fans in the neighbourhood he grew up in, He calls for the end of arguments between rappers that are causing violence. To these rappers these songs are their voice. These songs are just their way of trying to change the world for the better

  • Fuck all yall

    You 40 year old parents are talking about shit about kids and how its ruining them https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=m0UpE212nPQ

    there are rappers out there that rap about what needs to to happen to the would and all the bad things that can easily be fixed but no one is doing anythiing about it

  • Rap is true music

    I can understand why people think it's not but real rap like old school and lyrical rap is music. To me rap is the most relatable genre because real rap is the art of story telling. Rap talks about social issues like tupac and Biggie and NWO. "I see no changes wake up in the morning and I ask myself
    Is life worth living should I blast myself? "Changes Tupac "Livin' life without fear
    Puttin' five karats in my baby girl's ear" Juicy Biggie "It used to be a time when you could just say a rhyme
    And wouldn't have to worry about one of your people dying" Like Toy Soldiers Eminem. I could put so many more lyrics that show why rap is music. Rap to me gets the most emotions out of me. One of my favorite rappers Eminem and many other rappers make me think, Make me laugh, Make me sad, Make me happy, Make me relate and more. To me music is what makes you feel emotions and rap makes me feel the most emotions so thats why I think it is. Like I said I understand why people think that but if you say it's all about drugs and guns then you haven't heard actually listened

  • Music is Rap

    I can understand why people think it's not but real rap like old school and lyrical rap is music. To me rap is the most relatable genre because real rap is the art of story telling. Rap talks about social issues like tupac and Biggie and NWO. "I see no changes wake up in the morning and I ask myself
    Is life worth living should I blast myself? "Changes Tupac "Livin' life without fear
    Puttin' five karats in my baby girl's ear" Juicy Biggie "It used to be a time when you could just say a rhyme
    And wouldn't have to worry about one of your people dying" Like Toy Soldiers Eminem. I could put so many more lyrics that show why rap is music. Rap to me gets the most emotions out of me. One of my favorite rappers Eminem and many other rappers make me think, Make me laugh, Make me sad, Make me happy, Make me relate and more. To me music is what makes you feel emotions and rap makes me feel the most emotions so thats why I think it is

  • Letting out stress and still making others happy

    When others say that its just a bunch of curses they should really listen at to what there saying its all the stress that they have over come, And many other people go through the same thing so when they listen to the songs they don't feel like the only one.


  • Let me just state that, for the record...

    There is a piece of sheet music that only has one note in it, and it's only instruction's are to "hold for a very long time".

    So rap and Hip-Hop and all other genres in existence can absolutely qualify as music if a single note can.

    And no matter what anyone else says, it won't change the fact that there are incredibly creative figures in the Hip-Hop and Rap Genres (N.E.R.D. , Kendrick Lamar, Vince Staples, Aesop Rock, BROCKHAMPTON, etc.)

  • Wolfi you are wrong

    Wolfi you are wrong and trash. All your opinions are wrong. Go back to the Germany and speak the Schnitzel Bratwurst you Crout. Is this what they teach you at Catholic School along with that Mary Mother of God nonsense. This is why your kind should be exported out of the country.

  • Wolfi you are wrong

    Wolfi you are wrong and trash. All your opinions are wrong. Go back to Germany and speak the Schnitzel Bratwurst you Crout. Is this what they teach you at Catholic School, where they brainwash you with their Mary Mother of God nonsense? You are a disgrace to America and should be deported.

  • Shut up wolfi it is music

    Wolfi you are wrong and rap is music. It has all the things that music has, including tone and beat, and when you listen to it the music part of your brain is activated. Just admit your wrong and I will accept your apology. Also, you are trash. . .

  • Like making a sandwich

    First of all, this is like if I were to make a sandwich, and you were to say that this sandwich is not a real sandwich because it doesn't have mayo on it. It's still a sandwich but because you never ate a sandwich without mayo you dismiss it.

    Second of all rap isn't only about guns and drugs it's about the experience someone had grown up in a culture full of these things.

    Music is art and just like photography painting film, there are so many ways to express a message. Don't dismiss if you don't like it then don't listen to it, and stop putting other people down

  • Of course it is

    Everyone's argument is that it's about drugs and sex and swearing but that's gangsta rap from the 80s and 90s. More modern rap has more meaning, no matter what people are used to. The reason younger audiences are more drawn to rap is because older audiences are used to other genres.

  • Rap has meaning, and it follows the definition of music.

    Rap songs have meaning, and even though rap nowadays isn't as meaningful, it's 100% still music. Especially the stuff from N.W.A reflects the real world, and has lots of meaning to it. The definition of music is a vocal with instrumental sound to express emotion, and many, if not all types of rap demonstrate some sort of emotion and meaning.

  • Obviously It Is

    A lot of people say rapping is just talking into a mic over a beat. Okay... In that case, surgery is just poking around in someone's body and hoping for the best. Playing the guitar is just pluck various strings over a hollowed out piece of wood. See how that works? There is an immense amount of talent that goes into rapping, you people just don't understand what that talent is because you listen to different music that requires different talents. In other words, it isn't a processing error, it's a different operating system altogether.

  • Listen to more hip hop before stating your opinon

    I can tell people saying rap has no substance have not truly listened to the genre and have just heard rap songs on the radio. While some songs can be vulgar and seem to have a negative influence, many have a great message and are extremely insightful. You can’t blame someone for talking about the hardships they’ve experienced in life if you’ve never been in that kind of situation. Regardless, music is not defined by whether it has a positive message or not. Many hip hop artists do actually play intstruments, and even if they don’t, it arguably takes more skill to produce and compose music than to play it. Thousands of guitarists, pianists, etc can play a famous song, but few can actually write one. There’s no such thing as real music, the only matter where ones opinion counts is whether they like a genre or not. There’s no debate for whether a genre like hip hop is or isn’t "real music"

  • It is rap

    I believe rap is music because it is good music and people like good music and everyone else who disagrees can go suck a big fat banana. Rap really speaks to me because they speak words and it is a beautiful genre of music. Tiger is a loser thank you.

  • YES it is and its RACIST to say otherwise

    Majority of the arguments on this page are saying that rap is all about drugs, sex, death, rape, etc.
    I'm thinking what the fu**?
    Take "Black Spiderman" example. A rap song by the artist Logic which could basically be one of the many meaningful songs of our era, highlighting deep racial and social issues prevalent in society to this day. People that think rap isn't music obviously cannot appreciate the diversity musicians are trying to promote. "Glorious" by Macklemore is also another song which promotes ones love for life, and yes through RAP
    People are so delusional nowadays to think that Rap is not a genre, a sub genre or even a type of music. Its like saying that classical music isn't a genre of music because all it is just a bunch of jumbled chords?

  • Who tf gave their grandma and grandpa there phone?

    Rap is real music, I don't understand why people don't get this. You need to actually listen to it and think about the lyrics they're singing. Some of the rappers are just trying to flex ( flex means showing off in case some old fool hops on here) and talk about the stuff they have, however most rappers are actually telling a story. Now I'm not using an example because I know y'all oldies are still gonna argue. But before you say hip hop ain't real music, give it your ears and pay attention to the lyrics, if you don't like it that's your opinion. But please don't come on here saying "Rap isn't real music" when you don't listen to it and stop trying to ruin the genre of MUSIC for people who enjoy it, cause guess what ITS NOT GOING NO WHERE!

  • It's a matter of opinion.

    I'm reluctant to take a side. This debate is very opinion based. If you ask me, rap is music. It's just really shitty music in my opinion. I absolutely despise most of the rap I hear, but if other people enjoy it, leave them be. I don't expect everyone to enjoy swing, all I ask is that people who do enjoy rap, don't expect everyone to like it. Although I do have to say that the lyrics are ridiculous, and there is little to no tune at all....Along with the fact that I've had many people blare rap in public on speakers. Not saying everyone does this, just please keep your music to yourself. Although all these factors are annoying, that doesn't make rap not music. It is in fact music, it's just looked down upon a lot.

  • Rap is an art form as well as music

    Rap at the end of the day is a creative compilation of sounds, samples, and spoken word. To claim these components as non musical is insane. Several people on this forum have claimed that rap is just an "art form" which is just redundant because music and art seek to accomplish the same thing... An expression of self! If a rapper is telling other about their perspective on life is that not the same thing as Kenny Chesney singing about how sexy his tractor is? The depth of a musicians message is irrelevant because music is just that! The crafting of a message through sonics and lyrics.

  • Music is art?

    Rap at the end of the day is a creative compilation of sounds, samples, and spoken word. To claim these components as non musical is insane. Several people on this forum have claimed that rap is just an "art form" which is just redundant because music and art seek to accomplish the same thing... An expression of self! If a rapper is telling other about their perspective on life is that not the same thing as Kenny Chesney singing about how sexy his tractor is? The depth of a musicians message is irrelevant because music is just that! The crafting of a message through sonics and lyrics.

  • Unsupported opinions on rap

    A lot of rap doesn't have swearing, I personally think rap with swearing makes it a bit more fun and interesting, but there's christan rap that sounds just like normal everyday rap you'd hear, except you don't hear a single swear word. So if anyone likes rap for the beats or likes the lyrics just wish they were a little more tasteful or "nice" you can look up "Christian Rap" and a very good song by them is the cover of "Waves" or "Drifting Away". And for those of you who arent Christians, I am not a believer in god and this mucus doesn't bring god or Jesus up very much. There's a couple "God reach for my hand" "He the man" stuff like that but it doesn't say it too much so you don't want to listen!

  • Yes, anyone who disagrees is either not a fan of rap/hip hop/MCing, or just believes in the stereotype that Hip Hop is negative.

    "Girl your daddy's was a real nigga, not 'cause he was cold, not because he was the first to get some puss 12 years old, not because he used to come through in the Caddy on some vogues, not because he went from bagging up the grams to serving O's, nah, your daddy's was a real nigga, not 'cause he was hard, not because he lived a life of crime and sat behind some bars, not because he screamed 'Fuck the law', although that was true, your daddy's was a real nigga cause he loved you". Those were the words of J cole in "4 your eyez only". Of course it focuses on drugs, and other similar subjects, but it also reflects on the truth. The truth being that people have to go through this. These particular verses of the song have an emotional feel to it, it says, "Your father was respected, not because he sold drugs, not because he was a criminal, but rather, he was respected because he loved you". Of course there is bad Hip Hop out there which has no feeling or point to it, but I'm just pointing out that Rap is without a doubt music, and the people who disagree are just judging a book by its cover, and ignoring the pages.

  • Rap is actually amazing

    1. Get a dictionary and look up the definition of music. I actually cannot believe you need a dictionary to recognize music
    2. The only people who think rap isn't music are racist white people who think they are superior for listening to classic rock or country or something. The fact that 60% say no only shows that many of the losers that spend the time to write a post are these racist white people
    3. Rappers are talented.

  • Yes is is

    I love rap so this may be a bit biased but saying rap isnt music just because you dont like what it is about, is like saying that the earth isnt a real planet because you dont like it. Just because you dont like something doesnt make it fake. Rap like any other genre has a beat, instruments, vocals, and fans. So if rap isnt music why is pop real music and why is country real music. They all have the same key components!

  • Beats and music

    I only like hip hop/rap because of the music.
    Don't forget that actions speak louder than words
    so ill say yes and no
    the music is creative but the words are pretty much harsh
    inappropriate and very bad to use especially to kids and teens.
    For example im a 13 year old who loves music but I only hip hop music without the words like (timmy turner=designer,wake up=fetty rap)

  • Just because they aren't "singing" doesn't disqualify it.....

    My reasons are three-fold.

    1) Just because the rapper isn't "singing" doesn't disqualify it (for two reasons). "A" - If you have to sing for something to be considered music, then all "instrumentals" would be disqualified. More importantly, "B" - Just as singing has its components that make it up, so does rapping (speed, flow, rhymes and rhyme scheme, rhythm, etc.). In my opinion, to say rapping to a beat isn't "music" would be like saying that (rhyming) poets aren't writers.....Nevermind that some of the best examples of writing have been written poetry.

    2) To disqualify rap from being considered music because of its "content" is EXTREMELY narrow-minded and somewhat hypocritical. This argument basically condemns 1 or maybe a few "sub-genres" of rap at most. Just as there are many different sub-genres (or "types") of music that can fall under the umbrell of "rock 'n' roll" for example, the same can be said for rap music.
    And speaking of rock music (of which I am also a fan), if you are going to condemn rap music for violent, bigoted, or sexist, lyrics, then you should do the same for rock music as it has just as many examples of the same sort of content. What's more, I can assure you I have heard examples of this in country music (particularly sexist lyrics about what a man/woman's "role" or "place" in the world is) as well, albeit not as prevalent.

    3) If you want to say it isn't "music" because they aren't playing any instruments (and try to tell that to a "DJ" or rap "producer" who makes the beats, that using their technology isn't as tough as mastering an instrument), then how would you justify the fact that rap music is commonly built around "samples" of other songs - from other genres. If it takes "samples" from songs that you consider to be music that it builds the beat around, then by definition wouldn't what you then listen to on a rap album be music just the same? Here's an example of what I mean, using numbers (hopefully it makes sense). Let's say "1" is a sample of a rock song and "2" is a sample of a pop song. We can all agree they're pieces of music....Now lets say a rap producer combines sample "1" and sample "2" to make a rap beat that we'll call "3". Well if 1+2=3 (as is the case in numbers, 1, 2, and 3, are all numbers, then why wouldn't the product of two samples of music pieces also be a piece of music?

  • Rap is real music

    If you look past all the garbage rap (Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, other autotuned garbage rappers) and look at the real lyricists within the genre (Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, J. Cole, Logic) you will see that there is more to rap than just drugs and gang glorification. For those who say that rap is just sampled drum machine beats, both Kendrick and Cole both have jazz infused within their music. They also use their music to tackle social issues and injustices. Chance's music is some of the most diverse in the industry, with infusions of both jazz and gospel. Logic uses his music to express emotion from his life and his upbringing.
    In conclusion, there are bad rappers, just as there are bad artists in every genre, but many rappers bring real skill and wordplay in order to convey a real message about society or themselves.

  • Of Course it's Real Music!

    Rap is a form of expression, similar to any other kind of music. The songwriter's background or race does not change that. It is a pop version of poetry. Poetry has rhythm and sometimes rhyme. Rap is another form of poetry, and it keeps all the meaning and emotions poetry has. Poetry is music. Rap is poetry. Rap is real music.

  • It's not about if you like it or not

    The debate I see in a lot of the opinions on both sides is "Is rap good?" not "is rap music?" Rap is undeniably music - it has the elements that make up a piece of music. An artform is not less of an artform if you do not like it. Let's take death metal as an example - a type of music I definitely do not like - I consider it annoying noise and silence is strictly superior to it in my opinion. That said, the key words there are in my opinion. Death metal, like rap, has the elements of music, and is in fact appreciated my many people as music (even if those people are a minority, and I intentionally picked a somewhat niche genre for that reason). Rap falls in the same category, while I am not generally a fan of it, many are and it is in no way "less" music than any other genre just because of its' polarizing nature.

  • Music Has No Pure Definition

    Music, in a most broad sense, has no definitive definition, which means you are going to get varying answers to this question wherever you go. Taking this from an ethnomusicology standpoint, one would have to say that rap is music for several, albeit basic, reasons: it is performed under time signatures, it has affected society in ways unlike speech has, it has a beginning and an end (like every song, ever), and in most cases, unless it is done a-capella, has instruments as a backup. This simpler version, the a-capella version, is much closer to what some might consider "poetry," but can also be considered music as well. Consider how most people will generally accept the idea that Native American chants are music; rap is just a more intelligent, albeit more vulgar, form of chanting. Therefore if we are open enough to consider Native American chants as music, then surely we can be open enough to consider rap music as well.

  • Yes It IS

    Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice
    I say the darker the flesh then the deeper the roots
    I give a holler to my sisters on welfare
    Tupac cares, if don't nobody else care
    And uhh, I know they like to beat ya down a lot
    When you come around the block brothas clown a lot
    But please don't cry, dry your eyes, never let up
    Forgive but don't forget, girl keep your head up
    And when he tells you you ain't nothin' don't believe him
    And if he can't learn to love you you should leave him
    Cause sista you don't need him
    And I ain't tryin to gash up, I just call em how I see em
    You know it makes me unhappy
    When brothas make babies, and leave a young mother to be a pappy
    And since we all came from a woman
    Got our name from a woman and our game from a woman
    I wonder why we take from our women
    Why we rape our women, do we hate our women?
    I think it's time to kill for our women
    Time to heal our women, be real to our women
    And if we don't we'll have a race of babies
    That will hate the ladies, that make the babies
    And since a man can't make one
    He has no right to tell a woman when and where to create one
    So will the real men get up
    I know you're fed up ladies, but you gotta keep your head up

    Aiyyo, I remember Marvin Gaye, used to sing ta me
    He had me feelin like black was tha thing to be
    And suddenly tha ghetto didn't seem so tough
    And though we had it rough, we always had enough
    I huffed and puffed about my curfew and broke the rules
    Ran with the local crew, and had a smoke or two
    And I realize momma really paid the price
    She nearly gave her life, to raise me right
    And all I had ta give her was my pipe dream
    Of how I'd rock the mic, and make it to tha bright screen
    I'm tryin to make a dollar out of fifteen cents
    It's hard to be legit and still pay tha rent
    And in the end it seems I'm headin for tha pen
    I try and find my friends, but they're blowin in the wind
    Last night my buddy lost his whole family
    It's gonna take the man in me to conquer this insanity
    It seems tha rain'll never let up
    I try to keep my head up, and still keep from gettin wet up
    You know it's funny when it rains it pours
    They got money for wars, but can't feed the poor
    Say there ain't no hope for the youth and the truth is
    It ain't no hope for tha future
    And then they wonder why we crazy
    I blame my mother, for turning my brother into a crack baby

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  • Yes it is music

    Music by definition is a sequence of sounds (often instrumental) that form a melody. If you believe it or not, they're lyrics are the melody. One of my music instructors that inspired me once said "We as musicians create noise, but we also create silence. If there is constant noise, we don't have music." Like it or not, rap fits this description. They sing to the beat, they pause as needed and create music all the same. Just because it is different, doesn't mean it shouldn't be categorized with music.

  • What is the definition of music?

    The definition of music is a instermentle sound or a written piece of music so you could write the lyrics or the write the down notes ,but you don't nesceserly have to write it down you can type it or just do it as you go well I think the genirel princable is your piece of music is saved some where but what if your having a rap battle where you are making it up as u go u could say it is saved in your memory.

  • To all the people bashing sampling

    Sampling isnt theft, taking melody's/fragments lf songs is commonplace, u know guitar solos well they have licks taken from other people. Also sampling didnt start with rap. It started in classical music with people like steve reich. Steve reich indluenced david bowie, brian enonetc etc so shut up u little idiots

  • If u dont think rap is music u are an idiot

    The arguments against rap are as follows
    -its easy
    -its bad
    -its all about sex
    -sampling is stealing etc etc
    -bo melody
    First off none of these are true. But second bad rap doesnt mean the entire genre isnt music, u can find rock songs with no melody or anything but that doesnt mean its not music. Everything in conventional music and xists in rap, you often have some form of melody in the beat or some sung chorus type thing. If u sample "real music" then u have some avtual music in it.

  • It is music

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  • Of course it is

    Rap is music it just isn't, overall, very good and more or less talentless compared to an actual band. Speaking from a standpoint of contemporary rock or pop or country even metal vs rap...There just isn't any talent there comparatively. Rap is music, but like many have said already, the live component is non existent. No one plays the music live because it's all done in a studio. They studio produce some great shit but seeing it live a total let down. There's no purpose to see these artists live. Same goes for many rock bands etc but it's across the board for most rap outfits

  • Its a bunch of poems

    Rappers like kid cudi,tupac,bone thugs,and nas use drug refrences but it is all about the messsage.Alot of rap music is deppresing and talks about suicide,and that they dont wanna be here no more that they would rather be in heaven.Of course alot of rap is about weed i wont deny that but its all a good reason

  • Rap is poetry set to music

    Any considerations of the content of said poetry are entirely subjective. Singing is not required in order for the qualification of "music," and instrumental genres are not challenged in the same way that rap is.

    Music is a deliberate arrangement of sound; this may be by humans exclusively, but that's an entirely different debate. Regardless, rap is not merely a cacophony of noise, and is dependent on the utilization of rhythm, a musical method, in its delivery.

    Rhythm is still music. A lone man playing drums in the street is still playing music.

    The quality of rap music is subjective, but its being categorized as music is not inaccurate.

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  • No question at all

    Rap is a musical outlet the fact that the outlet is used by people with less opportunities than others, people who turn to the drug trade as a way of making a living after being disenfranchised with education and the "system". The subject of the music does not effect its musicality that idea is just your middle class privilege in fact if anything its subject is more REAL than anything else.

    In addition the beats that back up rap take as make skill to make a your anything from the Top 40. You would struggle to make anything that would gain any traction. The graft that rappers and the guys making the beats put as under privileged youths is more than you can imagine.

    Finally, we can all agree that music is an art form and in art no one has any right to discredit anything it is all in the eye of the beholder.

  • It all depends on who you listen to

    If you listen to Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole then you will find meaning and emotion in his songs, but on the other hand if you listen to chief keef and wocka flocka flame you can see the difference of the good side of rap and the emotionless effortless side of rap. I feel like people listen to one song from the worst underground rappers and think this is crap and just listen to the radio and follow the bandwagon of listen to the top musicians like Beyoncé and justin Bieber giving no one else a chance.

  • I'll just leave this here

    Rap: [mass noun] a type of popular music of US black origin in which words are recited rapidly and rhythmically over an instrumental backing.
    Music: [mass noun] vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

    Can't argue with the facts boys

  • A Bad Painting is Still a Painting

    It really does not make sense to me how you guys are defining what music is. A bad painting is still a painting, why is music any different? Even if you don't agree with the message of rap music, that doesn't make it not music. How does that make sense?

  • Rap is music

    Of course its music because it uses real instruments and voices. Rap shows u about life and how life is. Music is for everyone to enjoy and there is different kind of music and there is many ways to create music now. So I agree rap is music in many ways.

  • Rap music has an emotional feeling and a powerful message.

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  • Of course it's music. Art is expression.

    There is no reason to call rap 'not real music'. There are so many ARTISTS that rap about real shit. If you listen to mainstream bs then yeah it's not as soulful as other hip hop. But "pop" music has questionable lyrics too. Nobody argues what that does to the youth. Hell, rock and country have questionable content as well. Don't get me started on country music: promoting alcoholism lmao. Y'all just racist and uptight.

  • Rap IS actual music

    Some people may disagree but I say that rap is a type of music because you would rap on the radio the radio is a bunch of songs so rap is music because you hear it on the radio. Although there are many other reasons for why rap IS music, this is one of the.

  • The content doesn't matter

    Music is a form of art and expression that uses musical notes. Rap and hip hip is a form of expression that uses musical notes and a beat. Especially a beat. There are songs in in all genres that have stupid lyrics, so don't hate. Just acknowledge that you don't like hip hop, and some people do. Man, some people. Y'all know that rap is one of the earliest forms of music, so it qualifies as music just as much as mic eating rock stars.

  • First of all, The word "music" doesn't even have a real, stable definition. What is that makes music be music?

    "Real instruments"? Voice IS an instrument, and usually rapping is done with bases, which are usually done by "Real" instruments. Or "computers", and some of you may be going against that too but i won't talk about it here because i'd fall off-topic. "Rappers only talk about bitches and drugs and that's not considerable art" First of all, not all rappers talk about that. Some of them express their feelings, their viewpoints of the world through rap. Also, probably a good part of you listens to Rock or Metal such as Van Halen, which talk about pretty much the same things you listed but nobody gives a shit because UUUUH VAN HALEN PLAYS GUITARS HOW COOL. "Rap takes no talent at all it's just talking fast" Well i could smash my head against a piano at incredible high speed but that wouldn't mean i'm good. But a Jazz piano player could play more refined and intricate notes at the same speed of my head bashing against a piano, and that would obviously make him a better piano player than me. The same goes for rap. It's not just about talking fast, it's about finding the right words, the metrics, the catchiness of the rapping along with the beat. And finally, i'd like to remind you that technique =/= automatically good music. So even if rap is usually played on 4/4 (Yes, usually, not always, listen to Death Grips and Flying Lotus), that doesn't mean it's automatically bad. Kendrick Lamar with his "simple" (because i repeat, rappers CAN have talent, it's just a different kind of talent from the traditional music we were used to before it) rapping gives me way more feelings than that cold music machine of Wynton Marsalis.

  • Rap is Music!

    People who say rap isn't music know nothing about the art and have no idea what they are talking about. Stop listening to popular rap and listen to an artist like Big K.R.I.T, Dr. Dre, and Eminem. After listening to music like that with true meaning you have some major balls to try and say rap isn't music.

  • Rap is the most popular genre of music

    How can you say it is not music. The rap is the acronym rhythm and poetry . It is supposed to be meaningful and there are many rappers that do make songs like this from B.I.G, NAS, tupac from the past generalization to J.Cole, kenderick lamar etc in this generation. Stop generalizing and saying its all about drugs and what not. And even if some rap is not meaningful it is just a song to have fun and turn up to who wants to cry dancing at the club

  • Cheap sounding background beats, sampling other musicians, and talking sh*t does not music make

    1. The beat: Years ago, I had a cheap Casio keyboard with pre-programmed beats and sounds. That is what I hear in today's rap - simple, push-button sounds from a cheap keyboard.
    2. Sampling: If I were a musician who created a unique sound and wrote a song to go with it, then, with actual talented musicians, recorded that song, I would be furious if some no-talent rap "artist" stole it.
    3. Vocals: This is the only somewhat original part of the rapper's "art." Sometimes rappers actually do a good of job mixing together rapidly "sung" vocal parts. Unfortunately, most of the lyrics are very weak to the point of sounding kind of silly, and there is almost nothing that sounds original. The use of similes is nauseating ("this is like that", "he is like ______", she is like _____"). Also, rap overtly uses vulgarity, sex, and promotes the use of alcohol and drugs. These lyrics are more for shock value than anything that is actually meaningful. And don't get me started on rhymes that remind me of a poem written by an 8 year-old. I miss the days when song lyrics were true poetry and it was often difficult to know the true meaning because one could interpret the song in different ways.

    I haven't even discussed the personal life of rappers, their ridiculous choice of clothing and adornments, or the childish names they give themselves, but that's another argument.

  • What defines music?

    I am not a hater of rap music. I enjoy several of the popular artists today. My opinion however is that rap should be grouped into a category all on its own. Music is usually defined by instruments and singing, so while it does not quite fit into this category, maybe it could be called a form of poetry, since that is what rap is at its core. Rap is a form of art for sure as are all other genres, but I do not believe it quite fits in with other MUSIC persay.

  • It might be an art form (?) But, it is NOT music!

    Rap might be considered poetry. But, at least according to the definition, and my lifetime of playing melodies, it is not music. Main reason? There is no melody (or quality!)
    I am so disappointed that our young people are being taken to a lower level by this.. Stuff. Nice language! So demeaning to women! Teaching people to be ... Criminals!

    My thoughts.. Rap is Crap!

  • Sorry rap is not real music

    Everyone talks about the struggle on the streets, drug life, gang life we have heard it repeated to death. And that its an art, sorry it doesn't take too much to flow just a decent vocab and ear for the MIDI produced beat or a sampled piece from some else's hard work. But to truly see if it is real music is the live experience. What do you see at a rap concert? The DJ pressing a button playing music no talent there, the rapper with 6 other guys repeating what he just said. A hey ho, uhh for an hour or 2 and that's it nothing musical there from what I can see. A rock on the other hand is very different. Every person on stage plays an instrument or two amazingly too actual rockstar status. People actually playing the drums, bass ,guitar, piano, actual singing every night on tour for 9 months out of the year. Its not done at just a press of a button and the music plays. And for people to say all they do is scream is very ignorant. Clearly they haven't heard the different sub genres of rock. Not saying that some bands don't but they perform that every night not so easy. It also comes to the audience. For rap less than half actually play a musical instrument. As for rock about 90% play instruments.I could have have picked any other genre of music like jazz, classical, blues, flamenco. I've listened to rap for many years as a multi instrument musician it doesn't hold up. Its in pop culture its in style to like rap course everybody defends it. It just makes me laugh when I see a rich white kid bumping lil boosie. He couldn't relate at all but its in style. I could go on about the constant dissing, who's the best rapper or who go's the hardest. You will never know. To sum it up its not real music no matter how much u think your expressing yourself or your opening your soul. For u mixed tape underground rap fans or its art sorry jay-z isn't the next Pablo piccaso.

  • Ask a rapper to "sing" any song, just once...

    The fact sadly is that rap is not music, but a mix of sounds, and already used beats. Any rapper you ask to actually "sing" any other song will fail miserably. The "talent" they have is not in their voice, but could be in their ability to mix like sounds, and contrasting sounds that people can dance to. It's not a real music, it's borrowed from others, and then strung together with lyrics. The whole idea of being a rapper is to "look the part" and act like a jerk I guess. How does the word "pimpin" become a good thing? Last I heard a pimp was a cowardly man who mentally, physically, and emotionally abuses women for HIS own profit. Seriously? That's cool? Get real.

  • 'Soothing':That's what Music means....

    In my opinion Rap music is isn't the real music, what I call.
    So, First a question is raised what exactly MUSIC, this 5-letter word actually means? Its the activity performed to entertain yourselves and give a chill pill to our daily BUSY schedule (except for the professionals). But, Nowdays the real definition has changed. All the fast routine, i think, has changed the art as well.
    Fast Music Real Music
    1. Its not soothing but, actually makes us more Tired.
    2. Its not for a break off the busy schedule and work but It fills up an instinct to an individual, sometime also acting as a DRUG.
    So, I conclude by saying that Rap music isn't Real usic

  • No its not

    1. Rap is literally a poem about sex and drugs, no lyrical meaning in any music (maybe 2 songs). Look at all of lil wayne's music (like wowzers and lollypop) Rappers just keep rethinking the same idea and writing about the same topic just to make millions more dollars like 2 chainz (she gotta big booty so i call her big booty) or (they ask me what i do and what i do it for, and how i come up with this s*** up in the studio, all i want for my birthday is a big booty call) the last line here has no relation whatsoever to the previous lines, yet this song is still somehow popular. Or whiz kalifas smokin good where "smokin weed like its oxygen" repeated the whole song.

    2. There is no effort in rap, you sometimes don't even write your own lyrics, and 99% of rap beats aren't made by the artists, they are made by other people.

    3. You don't have to be musically talented- a lot of beats and drums are computerized, and all you have to do is talk in rhythm, you don't have to have a good singing voice and be able to sing, i don't like country but at least you have to sing. You also don't play along with a band so it's not really a group effort.

    4. People say rock is all about drugs, and i wont deny that alot is, but a hell of a lot less than rap, and alot of the songs actually have meanings and a purpose and not about smoking weed.

    5. If you say all rock is about death and suicide, try and name 6 rock songs about death and name 6 rap songs about drugs and sex and tell me which one u finished quickest

  • No genre of music is the best

    Lol it's totally funny to see this topic need to debate. Everyone has his/her own favourite music genre. If it was bad, it would not exist in the world at this moment. I rarely listen to rap music but I greatly respect the way rappers show their emotion in their songs.

  • Rap is crap

    I don't see how talking really fast and cursing excessively about drugs,white women,and guns could be considered music. Maybe it is considered music because of the jungle beats and excessive bass in that plays in the background? Ebonics is widely used in cesspools like Detroit and Atlanta so it should not be considered rap.

  • Rap is the worse thing we can subject our kids to.

    This trash that is called "music" by the black population is a perfect example of who they really are. Not one of these so called "Artists" can play a single instrument, they just steal samples of other peoples work and pretend they are creating something. Most of it sounds like a bunch of chimps screeching in sync to a chainsaw trying to cut concrete.

    No, in all seriousness, Rap is nothing but an excuse for blacks to get away with hate speech and call it music. I say ban it burn it.

  • Rap and modern art have much in common

    Rap is to music what modern art is to paintings and sculptures: fraudulent versions of the real thing with a common aim to distort and demoralize. We live in an age when that which our senses and conscience once would have told us is obviously bad or ugly, and should be rejected, is now to be accepted as good or beautiful.

  • Is poetry music

    No the answer is no. Poetry is an art for but not music. If I were to take poetry read it fast and add a beat it's rap (I would also have to ruin the poetry beauty). Rap is just poetry, bad poetry at that and it isn't even art in my opinion.

  • Rhythm and Melody

    Most historical musicians define music as being a combination of both rhythm AND melodic lines. While a steady rhythm is present, there is not much to offer in the way of melodic variety in spoken word presentations. The artistic or aesthetic merits are definitely up for debate, as would be in any art form or entertainment product, but to call rhythmically spoken words along with pre-recorded and cut rhythm tracks do not constitute music.

  • Rap is poetry with a beat in the background.

    In my opinion, rapping has more to do with talking than singing. In order to be classified as music the vocalist should be singing and rhyming, not talking and rhyming. Thats why they are called "rappers," not singers. Music is more complex than rap. Sure, it is hard to make quick rhymes that make sense, but it is even harder to sing and worry about your voice while rhyming while also keeping in coordination with the band playing with you. I enjoy listening to some rap, but I cannot say that it belongs in the music category.

  • Rap is not music

    It does not meet the definition. Music requires harmony, melody and rhythm. While "rap" might qualify as rhythmic chant, it has neither harmony nor melody. Anyone trying to claim that it is music, should read the definition. After that, they might go about trying to get the definition changed with examples to defend their position.

  • What is music?

    The definition of music is, The art of arranging sounds, in combinations of rhythm, harmony, and melody.
    Last I checked, rap has rhythm, yes, melody, sort of, Harmony? Are you kidding?
    Harmony is a collection of sounds considered to be pleasing.
    Rap is a popular form of entertainment involving pronounced rhythm, and rapid or chanted lyrics.
    If that definition of rap is considered true, then it cannot be harmonic
    And if it cannot be harmonic, then it doesn't fit into the definition of music.
    If it doesn't fit into the definition of music, then it cannot be music.
    It is relegated into the realm of a form of entertainment, which however well it entertains, is not music.

  • Not to me

    For the most part it is rhyming to a beat with no melody. If you don't a melody, you don't have actual music. Sure it might sound like music to you, but it does not technically meet the definition of music. Some rap might meet this definition but it's not enough.

  • Most rap isn't real music.

    Generally, rap is almost music. Creative expression alone does not qualify something as music. Rap has the rhythmic part down. However, most of it barely has any recognizable chord progression, and without that it can't be placed into any known keys. This isn't true of all rap. Some rap does have simple melodies, however a lot of those are often samples from other songs. Most rap songs sound like songs that were started but never finished.

  • No, it's not.

    It’s not to me, because it has died when Tupac and Biggy smalls died. After that day they put these "rappers" but really there just some wanna be's! They need to get someone like Tupac back because. When Drake "freestyle’s" it comes form his phone??!! The examples of the "rappers" are: Lil Wayne , Drake , Niki Mainj ,Rick Ross , the main ones but that is my opinion.

  • No...At least not to me.

    Their are truly a lot of amazing rappers out there that don't go all for the darker and dirtier types of messages as so many presume. So note I'm not saying this cause I have anything against this type of art but it's just not in the same category as music. Though what is "music".

    Music: The art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

    Though this definition can be somewhat relative, I did find the all other definition included these key terms: "vocal" and/or "instrumental", "harmony", and "emotion".

    So basically for something to be considered music it has to be either vocal or instrumental or both, have a harmonic effect, and express some sort of emotion.

    Now does rapping fit in?
    Well is it vocal/instrumental? Yes vocal.
    Does it have emotional expression? Yes.
    Is it harmonic? No.

    Can you listen to rap without wanting to jump and do something? Can you be calmed by it? Can you listen to it without having your heartbeat altered?

    I'm not trying to be mean but this basically means rap isn't 'music', at least in technical terms.

    Though what of people's reaction to it? Does that go unnoticed? Well no though does a chant go unnoticed? Poetry?

    Regardless if people think if rap is music is or isn't it's not what decided whether it is.

    I mean if I decided a burger at McDonald's wasn't really a hamburger but something else wouldn't I be doing a complete ridicule? Just cause our opinion might be different from something doesn't mean we have the right to change it or try to interpret it differently.

  • No not really

    It lacks several elements that make music what it is. Music is rhythm, beat, melody, and harmony. Rap does have rhythm and beat, but often lacks melody and harmony. It is similar to chanting which also is not truly music. Some rap would meet the definition for music and some contain sections of music but the genre as a whole lacks these defining elements.

  • It is just vial and disgusting.

    There isn't ant chance that rap can ever be classified as music. Music has emotion and meaning, and rhyming vulgar words with even more vulgar words, and catch phrases like "ho shut the f up" are complete garbage. It is just a culture of idiotic people coming up with moronic things to say. But this is not music.

  • No musicality involved

    Rap (and in turn, most of the hiphop genre) simply cannot be classified as music due to a simple lack of musicality. I'm not going to say that electronic music cannot be music, because that would obviously be nonsense; I love ambient, techno, and even some modern rock artists use computerized synthesizers and beats these days so that's not the problem. The problem that restricts rap is the fact that it uses little to no musical arrangements, and the actual beat provided is stretched out to fill the entire 'song'. There are people who argue that anything with a beat should automatically be considered music, but if that were the case then a carefully constructed farting noise should be considered music as well (which it isn't). Lyrics do not add any musicality to this either, no matter how 'deep' the lines are, or how well it rhymes.

    Finally, the nail in the coffin for rap is the fact that most rap 'artists' steal the works of real musicians and claim it as their own. True, some of them do reference the original artist, but in a lot of cases they don't and simply claim all of the arrangements to be their own. Just search for Bushido (a German rapper) and Dimmu Borgir (a Norwegian metal band) to see an example of a rapper sampling the music of a band and selling it in stores as if it were their own. Music cannot, or should not be founded on the stealing of other people's works and that is why I believe rap (in its current state) should not be considered music.

  • Rap is NOT Music

    It is simply talking to the beat of background noise. How that can be described as music is beyond me. Rap needs to be relegated back into the rooms of teenage boys from whence it came. The lyrics (if you can call them that) are mostly crude, obscene and nasty.

  • Melody and harmony are keys to music

    How can you have music without melody or harmony. Some rappers have a sense of melody; but that's maybe 1 in every 50 rappers. And that is coincidental. Rap is a music-like artform at best. Just like McDonald's and other fast food are not really "food" but "edible foodlike substances".

  • Poetry to a beat

    That is the main description of what it is. Music is instruments and/or a singing voice. Rap is really talk with limited sound in the background. Sure, there is a beat to it and often rhymes but that is not the essence of what music is...As I said above, it is more poetry.

  • Music is with many instruments.

    Rap is simply not that. "Music" is with real instruments, not just a kick drum and a man quickly reciting lines that rhyme. Shakespeare even did that. Don't get me wrong, it definitely requires skill to do this. It just isn't real music. People get this misconceived notion that if you talk quickly about something, that you can throw in a kick drum and call it music. The fact is, you can't.

  • Of Course Not

    Rap is not music. This shouldn't even be a debate. It's not a matter of opinions. There is no grey area when it comes to music. It either is music or it's not. You may like rap, you may dislike rap, but rap itself is not music. That's a fact. A cat is not a dog, a cat's a cat and a dog's a dog.

  • Like fast food

    It is to real music what McDonald's is to French cuisine. Music has a particular key that may change, it has harmony, a melody. Rap just has deep percussion, violent lyrics, and "artists" that advocate murder and assault. Rap only appeals to the lowest common denominator. Any moronic idiot can make lyrics about beating women while spitting into a microphone as an electronic drum thumps out a beat.

  • It is noise

    CRap "music"? Violence, irresponsibility, racism and chauvinism - yeah, great material to push in an "art form."

    Music is comprised of several basic things. Melody, Counterpoint, Harmony and Rhythm. RAP fails on 3 out of 4 of the above. Like Dave423 said, "what key is it in?" It's in the key of noise because that is what RAP is. All this garbage about culture and honesty regarding the state of their life is just a poor excuse for disgusting, violence promoting lyrics.

  • It's not music, it's cRap

    They take snippets of looted beats and sounds by legitimate artists, add worthless of-key noises like the sound of an asthmatic brontosaurus, they don't really sing and they say disparaging and demeaning things about women and White people. They also glorify gang and thug "culture" which it is not and the glorify violence. Rap/cRap is about the defiling of a civilization, not the uplifting thereof. Shame on the "rappers!"

  • Hate it so very much

    All it talks about is drugs, gang, killing, raping woman, etc. It basically promotes this thug culture that the rest of now have to deal with. Most rappers steal off each other as well as from musicians of other genres. Its soulless music that caters to the lowest of the low.

  • Is rap real music? No.

    It's worse than the "poor man's poetry" that is displayed in birthday cards and the like. It is illiterate, violence promoting, racist, sexist, pseudo-poetic nonsense. The only thing musical about rap is the unimaginative smarmy noises made by cheap mixers and tone deaf operators. The only reason rap is popular is because one doesn't have to go through the "trouble" of actually learning a musical instrument.

  • Rap doe not meet the definition of music

    Rap has no melody or rhythm so it is not music. Rap has a beat and it has words that sometimes rhyme but it does not have a melody. There is no art in rap either its all about emotion. I will not go in to the destructive aspects of rap but I will say that general rap enshrines and advances destructive and self destructive behavior like; killing, drugs, misogyny and hate.

  • Tearing up America

    This type of music only makes record companies rich and hurts the youth of Today with its lyrics of crime, drugs, women, cussing ect. I dont listen to it and dont support it either. Kids gtlorify it and often simulate the lyrics in the music., making for a tarnish brain and lifestyle.

  • Boring, repetitive, puerile

    Mainly young males agressively trumpeting their sexual and martial skills at ear-drum splitting levels. It's an assault on the senses. Once you have heard one of these diatriabes, you have heard them all. I can see how it might have been a fad for a year or two, but the fact that it's been around for decades is an indication that the audience is in a state of arrested psychological development: perpetual adolescence.

  • Rap is not music

    In order to make music, one must have talent. You either play instruments and or sing and that is music. Rap is not music, because it's bits of recordings that has been stolen and chopped, along with records scratching, and talking; not singing. Or should I say yelling, instead of talking. It's all yelling from conceited, no-talent blacks who are unattractive. They're yelling out to the world, boasting about themselves. They're either delusional or they're lying by saying they're special, rich, strong, wonderful, and good looking. All a bunch of cRap.

  • Any noise that causes drain bamage cannot be music

    It's simply chimp chatter, nothing more. Simply consider its source:

    “Since the dawn of history the negro has owned the continent of Africa – rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet. Yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light. His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled. A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour. In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud. With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail.”— Charles Darwin

  • My views on rap "music"

    I see no reason to call this series of noises "music" when you compare it to Mozart, Beethoven, or even our own country music. The sort of sounds that come out as "rap" (which would be better called "crap") is the result of ooking and eeking by negroes who want to wage war on the civilized people of America .... And probably of Europe also.

    This definitely cannot be called "music", as the sounds are unpleasant, and words are trashy, and the performers look horrible.

  • Is it really art?

    Those who say yes explain that rap has a "beat to it" and that it is art. Martin Luther King's speeches had a "beat." Yet is he a musician because of that? NO. Rap is simply a fool giving a speech with crappy computer-generated background noise. If they wanted to be musicians they should get a real band, not download one. Other people who say rap IS music say that music is art, therefore rap is. NNNNOOOO. This disgusts me. If you see someone cussing every five words, saying inappropriate slang, and basically jamming words together, you would think they were crazy, or running from something. If you care enough to make your life about rap, at least take the time to THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE SAYING.

  • Not even slightly

    A standard rap 'song' consists of a basic, repetitive beat and some illiterate, incomprehensible, idiotic person talking quickly into a microphone. There is no musicianship involved, nothing even remotely smart or textured or different in these pathetic attempts to sell 'music' to the moronic masses. Not one rapper has any kind of talent.

  • No it's not

    It's what i like to call nursery rhymes set to music...Or rather adult poetry set to a beat. Music has been defined and stuck to for centuries and to come along and just say "oh you can speak without a melody that's ok....Just break all the rules of what makes a song a song" is rather improper and shouldn't be counted as a song but more of some grown up Dr. Seuss.

  • This Doesn't Meet The Definition of Music

    While people can argue this back and forth all day, the actual composition of music requires both melody and rhythm. Rap has rhythm, and lyrics, sure, but the words lack any distinctive melody, instead relying on stress accents to indicate something along the lines of pitch, but not actually using melody.

    So, rap fans, I'm sorry, while I think rap is an art form in its own right, 'rap' and 'music' are two separate entities. Take it for what it is.

  • Rap is Definitely NOT Music

    Rap is not music for a number of reasons, but most prominently because it is just speaking. Music has to have a melody and notes to it. Obviously, rap does not. Rap is just speaking poetry to a beat. It does not have a melody and therefore, it is not music. Some people might say that the drums that play the beat are music, but it has no melody, so it isn't.

  • Of course it isn't.

    It's nothing but vulgar adolescent bragging set to a mind-numbing beat. Music is an art form, and art forms evolve over time. Rap hasn't changed in 20 years; it's still just illiterate fools in baggy britches. A four-year-old child can "rap" if you teach him a few swear words. Rap is a lame joke that stopped being funny a long time ago.

  • CRap is not music.

    Rap or 'hip-hop' is nothing more than the ignorant chants of an ignorant species. Ignorance in a pretty package is still ignorance. Rap is glorified hate speech. It serves to demonstrate the true animalistic nature of blacks in this country. They are self segregating and still tend to live in tribal groups that practice warfare against other 'tribes'. Anything associated with negros either describes or falls to destruction in the end.

  • No Talent Required

    Other genres require a basic understanding of an instrument and how real music works, e.G. Key, chord progression, melodies. Yes rap does use a quirky and fancy beat, which does require one to be on time, you can make up the words by yourself with no real talent. Other genres; such as Blues, Rock, Jazz and Folk require these lyrical talents coupled with vast knowledge of music and an instrument. The other argument is that rappers are closer to poets. Well know because most of their 'lyrics' aren't nearly as complex, poetic or as thought provoking as poets. You cannot compare the likes of Edgar Allan Poe to Eminem just because they write 'poems'.
    So it is my belief that rap is not real music and that even basic songwriters of Jazz, Blues, Folk, Bluegrass, Country, Metal, Avant Garde and Rock are more talented than rappers. For example myself, i write Blues/ Psychedelic Rock and I am of the opinion that I am far more skilled and talented than any rapper. Just the fact that I can write solos, intros and melodies using a guitar and piano puts me above them.
    Rap uses sub par drum beats, no musical instruments and no proper vocals means it cannot be considered music. Any hip hop or rap fan who tells me they know a cool beat, i will make them watch John Bonham and Keith Moon.

  • Degenerate purposeless filth

    Its become nothing but packs of males rhythmically swaying back and forth, throwing finger poses around while rhyming profanity about what tacky belongings they bought with drug money and their dominance over the local breed ready females with a constant implied level of violence. No integrity, no moral value and essentially poison to young minds. It's entertaining at a level a typical 3rd grader might find impressive. And then they say that rapping about glorifying violence is not their fault, its what they live in. Guess what pavement beasts, you create this social destruction all by yourselves with your hugely disproportionate violent crime statistics and murder rates. Adapt to what is socially acceptable behavior or drown in your own ignorance and self inflicted inequality.

  • Just junk is all

    Yo! His lips are flappin' It's like his mouth is cRappin' he's got verbal diarrhea what's up with dat what's happenin' You know he can't sing and he can't dance, all he can do is stomp around, posture and pose and do a chant, can't play music, never touched a guitar, how'd his no talent azz ever get to be a star?
    Yo! His lips be flappin' it's like his mouth be cRappin' , he got verbal diarrhea so he dropped the C and called it rappin'

  • It is not music.

    It is just a bunch of horrible people talking about how they want to murder people, rape women, do drugs, etc. Rap has the worst cursing of any genre. It shouldn't be counted as music and new laws should be put into place to stop rappers from adding over fifty curse words in a three minute song.

  • No talent no meaning disgusting messages

    How can anyone who isn't completely braindead actually listen to this crap? Anyone can make a rap 'song'. It's just talking over a beat. Considering that you can make a rap 'song' without any musicians or musical instruments, it is not music and does not deserve to be called music. Idiots who listen to this crap literally only listen for the beat, which is computer generated and not music.

  • Can't believe it's up for debate

    There are no redeeming qualities to the garbage known as rap. It is a form of violent rage spewed by racist coloreds that forever retards the impressionable youfs that hear it's drumbeat of hate and violence toward women the elderly, whites and anyone or anything in conflict with the colored youfs thug mentality in America today.

  • Really? This cannot be serious...

    Didn't know this was debatable. There is no talent, no skill, no art, and no statement involved. I despair the world that there are any who would countenance this sort of trash as "music," "art," or anything outside of the noise that it is...

    If there was any talent involved with these self-aggrandizing gangbanging thugs, you'd figure one of the myriad of talentless trash overhyped by media and by self-loathing, greedy, childish teenage boys would have produced a symphony, concerto, or even a short song involving music that they could actually play. Instead, we are treated with the concept that violence, drugs, murder, and "thug life," is all that matters in the world. To hell with all of the "rap music," apologists, and anybody who colludes to ram this garbage down anybody's throat.

  • There is no singing involved. It's just talking, shucking and jiving.

    Hip hop (and it's derivative "trip hop", a combination of hip hop and ambient trance), the instrumental portion of rap, can be construed as music. Scratching record LP's on a turntable is no more music than the sound of my old truck with a broken muffler. Adding a drum beat to that doesn't count.

    I really have nothing more to add to this argument that hasn't been articulated very well here by other posters.

  • What is real music

    Its hard for me to understand what the words are and what the meaning is. To me music is about notes, harmonies, melodies and pitches. I just don't understand how one person thinks that just speaking fast or not fast at all while playing different beats in the background is music.

  • Rap does not fit definition.

    "Rap" as people may call it is a SPOKEN series of words in front of a small beat. The Google definition of music is "vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion." Which the "beauty" would be a opinion so I can not use that, but

  • Music has its own clear definition. Rap does not meet the music criteria.

    Music is a composition of melody and rhythm. Rap does not have melody and it barely has any rhythm, if any! It is only "poem". It can be considered worthless or worthy poem, depending on the lyric. But it is not music, because it is not. Rap belongs in books (as poems), not audio CDs or songs.

  • Why is it even being considered music?

    There are many different ideas of what rap is. Some people might make the claim that it is an eloquent and meaningful form of music, while others might describe it as an attempt at poetry accompanied by an irregular beat. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines music as the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity. Although rap does qualify with a few of these requirements, like an ordering of sounds, it fails the others. Rap is defined as a string of sounds with words being recited rapidly and rhythmically over a prerecorded, often electronic instrumental backing. This is not the same as the definition above. A song is usually a combination of music and singing together. A rap “song” is only a somewhat rhythmic background accompanied by someone’s attempt at poetry.
    “Rap is to music what modern art is to paintings and sculptures: fraudulent versions of the real thing with a common aim to distort and demoralize.” This powerful quote by Michael Mann just shows how some may consider rap a form of music, but factually, rap is not compatible with the definition of music, and thus, although many believe it, rap is not music.
    There are a lot of different views on if rap is even music, but honestly, rap does not even come close to coinciding with the definition of music. It is not the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity. In fact, if I were to define it, I might say it is the "art" of putting random sounds together to from a "beat" used to accompany an unsuccessful venture to poetry.

  • If it lacks melody, Then it's not musical. This applies to a wide portion of the genre.

    Rhythm is the only component it has. Without melody or harmony, It's really not fully music. This doesn't apply to 100% of the genre, Where sometimes melody and harmony are employed. . . . . . But in general, Most of it lacks the components to meet the standard of what is music. Blah Blah Blah.

  • Rap is a stupid excuse for any music;

    Rappers love to give themselves awards and they've proven they have inflated egos of themselves. But pay close attention to the REAL music the store owners love to play for their shoppers, Over the ceiling speakers, All across the country.
    It's all not anywhere close to stupid rap. Face it! The population hate and do not want to give any credit to 'rhythmic rhyming' any value as genuine structured, Real music notation, REAL MUSIC. But many are victimized by the continually failing public school systems of the U. S. The U. S. Used to be number one in realm of education. Is it now barely close to 40th? Blame the Liberal Idiots who control the the corrupt Teacher's Union. Brainwashing our children for DECADES is how the Communists who have illegally bribed Biden and his son and how the United States was DEFRAUDED by the CRIMINAL IDIOT in the White House.

  • Kinda…. Sorta. Almost… maybe?

    I suppose it qualifies as “music” in the most basic definition.
    But its just pure cringe. Listening to rap or hearing it blaring from a mile away makes me want to die. Get real it just sucks, Always has, Even the “old school”. Its a degrading pile of poo poo that makes black people look bad.

  • If rap is music does that mean poetry while the laundry machine is running is music?

    It's hard to find a way to say that the vocal lines in rap are "musical", Even though they are clearly rhythmic. If I hit a tin can in 4/4 time and say the same 4 words, One per beat, For a few min - is that music? Hard to agree that it qualifies as music, But this is an opinion.

  • Music is created, Written and played. Lyrics are sung.

    Rap is a beat box, Stolen music, Sorry, Samples, With talentless idiots either speaking or mumbling to a beat.

    Flatulence has more musical components.

    You can't spell crap without rap.

    Great marketing of no talent suburb kids acting like street thugs. To rip off gullible kids who don't know about history or music.

    Marylin Manson ripped off Cooper, And Bowie.

    Lady Gaga ripped off Dale Bozzio.

  • Depends, But most does not fit the definition of music

    Music requires melody, Harmony, And rhythm. Some rap music has this and is therefore music, Much does not and would therefore be a different kind of art form. Lots of hip-hop and remixes have all of these and therefore would be music. It depends on the song. I am not a fan of rap in general, But don't mind some of it. However, I do not think this biases me as I have heard some experimental heavy metal and jazz which wouldn't fit the definition of music. They are all art forms, Even if they are really unenjoyable, But we can't act like anything and everything fits the definition of music or even art, Otherwise those words become meaningless.

  • Not Music At All

    Rap might be poetry, But music? Music has to have a melody. Very little of rap has a melody behind it, And even if it does it’s sampled. What a lot of rap has is VERY vulgar language. My impression of rap when I was growing up is loud, Obnoxious sound blaring out someone’s car stereo that shakes everything around it coupled with the f bomb said about 5, 000 times, And this individual was either incredibly wild or in a gang. This type of music also scared me when it was on video games when I was little. Too loud, Too vulgar, No melody, No redeeming qualities.

  • No notes, No singing, No harmony, No dynamics, No music - rapis not music


  • Why are there so many stupid people out there?

    Rap is music because it comes from the heart. LOL
    Rap is music because it means something. LOL
    Rap is music because I like it better than country. LOL
    Listen to me. Rap is great. I like it. But by ANY objective standards, It is NOT music. Not by any stretch of the imagination. It is rhythmically spoken poetry. Rhythm alone does NOT qualify as music. A drum solo, By itself, Is NOT music. In a band, It is a part of an overall musical performance. Stupid people should just shut up. Go home. Smoke some weed. Get drunk.

  • Rap lacks the key ingredient of musical composition.

    Musical composition, By definition, Is uniquely linked to its creator. And while some compositions from the same artist, Can be similar, They are infinitely dissimilar, From different artists. When this is not true, Accusations of plagiarism are a certainty. An objective mind must concede the non vocal element of Rap, Nearly identical, Regardless of artist. Obviously copied and/or machine generated, It is immediately identifiable for its sameness. No MUSIC is actually, Uniquely, "created" or "composed". Words and rhymes, Perhaps. Music, No.

  • My opinion on this

    I do think rap can be considered music, But it is just barley there. Rap has some key elements needed to be music, Like rhythm and content (vocals), And it also has a flow of words, Weather good or bad. This is barley enough to make it music in my eyes. Hip-Hop, In my opinion, Was a lot better than modern rap. It had a good structure and story to each song, And not all of it was spitting words. Modern day rap, From what I hear, May take a bit of skill to make, Singing is very difficult, And making a catchy beat is also pretty hard to do, But I always hear modern rappers saying long lines that include a lot of swearing, Which I don't think would be suitable for children who just happen to hear these words. Obviously Rap can still be considered music because it does have the bare bones of it, And maybe a bit more, But I do think that its exhausting itself out. I am trying to be unbiased as possible, So please, If anything sounds biased, Tell in the comments.

  • Music and rap should be separated into 2 categories

    Most rap songs you've never heard of are either badly structured there is no tune in the lyrics and whatever lyrics there are even if it's just 1 or 2 sentences is Repetitive Nobody wants to hear the same sentence be repeated over and over and over and over I think you get my picture. Mumblin is not interesting that's while they never get an award. . . This may be off subject but rap music has become so drownded But that's besides the point. If you can't hold a tune with the music you are trying to sing or rap why should it be considered music art yes music no. Music is art rap is art but music is not rap. . . It's like the difference in between a cohesive story in a book and a simple rom that's not even meant to tell a story because you cannot tell a story by repeating the same thing over and over and over I rest my case

  • Ne honest now

    Why should we count monkey noises as music? Why should we count monkey noises as music? Why should we count monkey noises as music? Why should we count monkey noises as music? Why should we count monkey noises as music? Why should we count monkey noises as music? Why should we count monkey noises as music?

  • I literally don't understand how people listen to rap

    This isn't even like a matter of I hate it so much I am gonna insult it by calling it not music: Rap music doesn't even register as music in my brain. It's not that I don't consider it "real music", It's that I entirely don't consider it music at all.

    Certain rap songs are great and actually music like "Dear Mama" by 2Pac but I was listening to Lil Yachty's newest album Lil Boat 3 because my friends were hyping it and I mean it's not even music. I don't think it's even rap, It's like an entirely new genre of just no substance; I honestly don't see how someone listens to this like it's music. At most maybe you can listen to it like a podcast except you can't even tell what the guy is saying.

  • Rap truly is not music

    Rap isn't music, And I'm not saying this because of the messages it sends out (from mainstream rap, Like degrading women, Drugs, Etc. ); I know there are rap 'songs' that give out a good meaning. I'm saying this because there are no instruments being played (a computer is NOT an instrument) and the rapper is literally just talking.

  • It all sounds the same.

    It's just monotone mumbling over a dull, Repetitive beat that's nauseating to listen to. I don't think I've never heard a single rap "song" that I could tell apart from any other. There's so little variety in rap, And writing it takes so little effort, To call it "music" would be giving it far too much benefit of the doubt. It's so surreal to me that something like "Hamilton" even exists (let alone that it's critically-acclaimed), Because I will always view rap as low-class street punk trash and never as anything remotely artful.

  • Of the three elements that constitute "music", Rap has only definitely got one.

    Music is defined by its rhythm (beats, If you will), Melody (phrases of vertical note movement as viewed on a staff) and harmony (the overall context of the composition). It is not entirely incorrect to think of melody as sentences and harmony as the rules of grammar.

    Hip-hop definitely has rhythm. Can't argue that point.

    What seems to be lacking to me is often melody and almost always harmony. What key is a hip-hop tune in? What mode does the melody utilize? The hip-hop "writers", Who often assemble samples from other sources without knowing anything about music theory, Probably cannot tell you. When I do hear what seems to be a created melody (as opposed to borrowed or sampled), It also seems to have been created by noodling on a keyboard.

    There are pieces of "serious music" by composers like John Cage or Phillip Glass that often seem to flout conventions and utilize minimal (or nonexistent) melody and vague harmony. I argue that these should be considered "music" since the composers knew what they were doing and specifically went for the effect they achieved as opposed to cutting and pasting samples.

    Can collage be considered art? Sure! But a collagist is not a painter.

  • It's Spoken Word to a beat, Art and creative YES, But actual music NOPE

    I do not believe you could write sheet music for a rap song, Any melody or part that could be considered music is pretty much 100% of the time sampled from something else whether you realize it or not. Therefore, Speaking rhythmically over what someone else has created is not music

  • Syncopated banter based on a rant

    Aside from the aesthetics issues, Rap usually lacks many parts of the music formulation such as pitch, Timbre, Texture, Dynamics, Rhythm, Form, And harmony.

    There are unquestionably some synthesis of rap with recognized music forms but the rap stands by itself as an atonal limerick usually based on some insulting and/or vulgar theme.

  • There is no melody.

    This is not an argument as to whether rap is good or bad. You can like rap, That's totally fine. This is about whether or not it's music. Rap has no pitch. If I asked you for the starting note of a certain rap song, You wouldn't be able to give it to me because it's a word not a note. Since rap has no pitch it can't have a melody. You can't play the melody of your favorite rap song on the piano because there is no melody. Speaking to a beat is more similar to slam poetry than it is to actual music. It's as simple as that. When wondering if something is music, Whether that be jazz, Country, Pop, Classical, Etc. Try to hear the melody or play it on piano. If you can't because there is not pitch, It cannot possibly be music. That's not to say rap does not require talent or that rap is a terrible thing. It's just not music.

  • Why is rap is not considered music?

    Here is the simple answer. Music, By definition contains 3 main components. They are melody, Harmony and rhythm. Rap is missing two thirds of these key elements, Therefore, It is not considered music. Rap is considered an art, Comparable to spoken word as well as beatnik, Which are also not considered music.

  • Rap is poetry, Not music

    Most rap doesn't pay any attention to the actual chords and melodies and simply pays some random production company to make the actual music of the song. The main focus of most rap is the lyrics so it should be categorized as poetry. The few rap artists who make their own beats do have some musical elements in their songs but the actual spoken words don't add anything to the music.

  • It's music but not in the traditional sense

    Rap is essentially poetry over a beat. While there are undoubtedly "deep" and "meaningful" lyrics in rap music, A lot of modern rap music is none of that. Just talking about drugs, Crime, And sex is not artistic at all. Literally anybody could do that. The hardest part if anything is making everything have flow. Majority of the time no actual instruments are used, And rapping is not singing. Old school hip hop was much closer to music than today's rap because a lot of older hip hop has melody and the lyrics were better and usually contained less cursing (I have no problem with cursing in lyrics, In fact I listen to a lot of music with cursing, But cursing every 5 words is just ridiculous and unnecessary. ) There is also very little musical craftsmanship that can be appreciated in rap music. I've never listened to a rap song where I thought "wow that one riff really sounded cool and must have been hard to play. " When I listen to music I want to feel something. The lyrics have to speak a message and the music has to convey an emotion and make me have a response to it. I feel like rap music is music for the sake of music, Similar to pop music. That actually sums it up perfectly in my opinion. Rap is basically edgier pop music with harder beats. Again I still consider it music because almost anything can be considered music to the right person and I respect that. It just isnt music in the traditional old school sense.

  • Rap is not music.

    It is not music! It has influences on the people who listen to it. The people I know who listen to rap are more into the whole idea of doing drugs, That women aren't equal and the whole gang thing. Rap is misogynistic. I do not believe music for other reasons as well. Music almost always has instruments in the background, Rapper's lyrics never flow properly, They don't write their own lyrics and they don't even make their own beats.


  • What part of rap actually matches up to the definition of music

    Rap influences bad behavior, Bad attitude, Bad language, And bad sense of style. A bunch of grown men singing (fast talking and mumbling) to a lot of trash lyrics about drugs and sex is not music. There is no melody. Just a repeated poor beat with no instrumental support. Not to mention the actual "artists" give them selves stupid names, Wear nonsensical clothes, And usually wind up in jail or a lawsuit.
    Generation z is being poisoned by this genre of absolute garbage.

  • No talent or ability?

    If you can't sing or play a musical instrument, Your not a musician. . . Hence, It's not music. Rap stands for "rhythm and poetry", And that's what it is. . . Spoken poetry (albeit of a somewhat vulgar and simplistic type) spoken over the top of computer generated rhythms. Not to say it doesn't take some skill (I couldn't do it). . . But it's not music.

  • Rhythm And Poetry

    Music needs to contain a variety of musical notes. RAP is monotone with music backing. It has Rhythm, But so does poetry and so do ordinary speech and conversation as heard by small children who start making noises in speech rhythms before they know proper words (not suggesting a connection between rappers and small children). RAP is like we have learnt the rhythm we have learnt the words but haven’t go a tune. There is definitely a skill and talent required. It is not for me but my choice

  • Niggers can't make music.

    I hate rap music for many reasons, Though mostly because mother fuckin' Niggers are rappers. Also rap wasn't made by you dumb coons, And even if it was, That's nothing to be proud of. . . Rap was created by Jews. Why was rap created by Jews? To make niggers even dumber than usual, To make niggers want to shoot up, To make niggers want to shoot people, To make niggers wanna beat up white women, Etc. Niggers, Jews? With them around it's hard to snooze.

  • No melody. . . It has a rhythm though.

    It doesn’t have a melody. Music needs a melody. I consider it really, Really bad poetry. It has a rhythm but that’s all it has. Poetry needs rhythm and at least a meaning. That fits the definition of rap. Ok i need more words so a a a a a

  • Music requires rhythm and melody

    Rap has an abundance of rhythmic quality but clearly lacks a melody. You can't hum rap. If anything, It's just lyrics you put to a beat. That's not to say it's bad, Just that it isn't music. I would consider it a different form of artistic expression. Today's rap isn't even art, Mo bamba as my proof.

  • It is not music.

    Rap is its own thing, Separate from music. It sounds different than any other genre, And that is because those are real music genres, And rap is not. Rap does not have any of the elements that comprise a real song. There is no structure to it, There is no melody or expression through rhythm or musical notes. There are only sounds and clicking noises, With people speaking words over it.

  • I would have to say no. . .

    Many rap songs are found to be simple beats with just talk, Then again some music with simple beats can be good. Rap is just so much forged with semantics so many times, Could aliens have to do with why it was a fluke to be popular, Little microscopic computer chips puppeted people to support it. . . .

  • "Rap" is spoken word performance art, But it's not music.

    Gil Scott Heron is the closest thing to rapping being music, Because there's actually melody and you can sing his songs in your head to yourself later. The stuff that people rave about called "rap" today is just angry filth calculated to cause outrage. It's totally over-rated, Juvenile noise. Clever word games at best, But not music.

  • Limited skill, Many lyrics are too sexual or demeaning to women or have drug references

    Everything I hear if I happen to be in my son’s room it may be playing. Drake of whoever is on, If it rhymes I feel they use it just to MAKE it rhyme and if it is nasty then they go for it. Some of it is somewhat is tolerable, But as a whole NOT!

  • Rap lacks essentials of any other kinds music

    No melody, No structure, No singing, No real instruments. Just fast belting out of rhymes to the background of similar sounding synthetic beats. Average amount of notes in rap is usually 4 at best. I mean it is kind of art/poetry and requires some training and talent to do it but it is not real music.

  • Rap is as musical as an AK47

    No melodic content. No motivic development. No counterpoint. Minimal harmonic complexity. Simplest form known to man. It's for people who realized that they can't sing and can only count to 4.

    John Cage once wrote a piece called 4′33″. Which is just 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence. If only rappers can take after this man and stay silent forever

  • Rock is better than rap

    In rock they don’t always talk about sex and drugs, Yes some do but not all. Skillet talks about love and overcoming differences, And god as well, Three Days Grace has there own story’s to tell. In every rap song I’ve heard there was always sex, Drugs, Money, And sexual body parts, So stop rap it’s not cool and never will be, Except tobymac, Which is hip hop, But better

  • No, Rap is not music.

    Essentially, Rap fails to be music as explained by Kurt Poterack, PhD, A college professor of music:
    "Like it or hate it, Raps are not songs, Properly speaking, Because there is no melody. Rap involves the rhythmicized speaking of words against a strong, Steady beat. Indeed, There is usually a four-measure, Repeated musical accompaniment in the background, Although I would argue that this is not constitutive of the genre. Putting aside rap’s often morally noxious lyrics, I would make one basic observation: it should not be surprising that a culture, With an already-weak sense of melody, Would elevate to such a high level, Within its popular musical culture, A genre totally bereft of melody. With rap, We may have finally bottomed out. "

  • No, At best it's spoken word

    Most rap is just some person speaking while synthetic pre-recorded sound plays in the background. That's closer to spoken word beatnik poetry than actual music. Actually Beatnik spoken word is closer to music than rap because they typically used real instruments. The vast majority of rappers have no actual singing skills at all. They just speak, Or speak quickly to match the fake sound kit running in the background. Most rappers don't know any kind of music theory or even understand how to play an instrument, Not even their own voices. At best its a simulation of music, Like what a child would create. (almost any other genre) vs (insert random rapper here) do not both fit into what you would call Art or music.

  • Rap isn't art

    The notion of Art is something that breaks norms, And above all, Is beautiful. I can see that Rap is breaking norms, But beautiful, Or genius? It is simply a collection of pitches, Put together without any creativity-unlike classical music, Which is full of genius, Inspiration, And brilliant Ideas-which accurately portray the human condition.

  • I would say no but it is an expression.

    There are a few hip hop songs I like " Rappers Delight " but other wise it is just talking over a recorded beat. The Beatniks did it in the 1950's but then rock and roll came along. Hopefully something more creative will come alone and displace rap. People who can make great and pleaseing sound with instruments and skill must be discussed with the simplifcation of talk being called music.

  • No rap is not considered music

    The only thing with rap that is actually music is the background music the words the rapper are saying is just regular talking but faster. Unlike singing rap has no notes involved with it. Yes it has rhythm but it has no pattern nor actual notes involved. That is why rap is not considered to be music.

  • Is Rap Music?

    The definition of music is: vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, Harmony and expression of emotion. Yes, Rap conveys this and a story that goes along with it, But in a way that is offensive to certain groups (usually women) and is made up of mostly just angry sounding guys cussing for 3 minutes. REAL MUSIC, Conveys emotion and art, Has a story, Is made up of actual musicians (Rap has cheap electric beats in the background that just repeat for the duration of the entire thing instead of actual musicians putting time and effort into making the background music for the lyrics). I understand that people may not agree, This just my opinion on the matter. Granted I personally believe that it is the right opinion, It is still an opinion.

  • Rap is trash

    It sounds the same as any other rap and the only talent it takes to make rap is 1. Read a few dr seuss books 2. Garage band 3. Add lots of cussing. Boom you done rapped. The themes are also very negative and the people that make rap just put lil in front of a fake word to make their name.

  • It's the bare minimum of music if it is even music.

    Rap "music" is basically a rock song with all the talent and decent lyrics stripped from it. Really all you need for rap is someone who can talk fast. Someone who can rhyme sex terms with profanity and someone who can either play one note on a bass guitar or with a computer. There are no instruments, No singers, No talent required. Hell, A friend of mine can actually "rap" and he isn't half bad. If any young guy can imitate your "music" and do a half decent job then it isn't music. Take any rock, Blues, Alternative song etc. Very hard to imitate how they made it, Rap, Just need to talk fast and have someone who can use a DAW. I'm sorry, I just need the music I listen to to take some talent to make.

    Bottom line: Rap music is literally music with every piece that requires talent stripped from it. If you look up the definition of music it barely meets it.

  • Real music utilizes tension and release.

    A rappers voice rarely deviates from a single note causing many to feel anxiety and general irritation. Personally, I believe rap was designed to bring forth societal anger, But I digress. Why would it be considered music any more than loud static on a television set or perhaps, The loud and monotonous whine of an industrial machine? If rap is art, It's something other than music.

  • Most People Can Rhyme Words It Takes Real Talent To Sing Without Auto Tune or Play An Instrument Rap Is Crap!

    Auto Tune/Processing Is Overused And Should Not Be Accepted As Singing. In Order To Be Considered A Real Musician One Must Be Able To Sing, Or Play An Instrument. Rappers Are Not Musicians, Let's End This Now And Give Awards And Credit To The Real Musicians Out There. Enough Is Enough.

  • Music it is Not

    Rap is not poetry - not even beat poetry
    It is not Music
    Its not a racial because rap no matter who wants to create that idea is simply a fools idea of how to make money
    So Good luck and hope you fleece billions but know this what you are doing have nothing to do with "art"

  • No....It is an art form but not music

    Talking does not constitute music .....Talking over a drum beat does not constitute music.....Sampling which is a form of stealing what others have done and making a tape loop .....Is only a rudimentary , un original form of music.....Any One with a little practice can rap....It takes no great talent.

  • It's talking over a beat

    Looping a drum pattern and a simple melody lacks musical movement. It doesn't take you anywhere, and leaves you in one constant state of feeling. I know the literally definition of music means a compilation of sounds in a rhythmic fassion and yes rap does meet those requirements but I believe music to have a certain flow that rap doesn't seem to have

  • Because there is a beat, does not mean it is music

    First off I am young and grew up in an area where Rap was the predominant "music." I am a musician and producer myself (playing bass, guitar, organ, piano) I know theory as I have been honing my skills of reading and writing music for the last eleven years. I would like to say that rap in itself is not innately bad although I personally do not like it. However, knowing theory and talking to several actual musicians about this same debate the verdict that came up was, no, rap is not music. Just because there are instruments or rather (a beat) in the background over "lyrics" and I say lyrics very loosely, does not mean something is music. There is no melody which is what inherently makes something musical rather than a form of poetry (that is another debate but not this one). Lyrics make up a lot of most songs, however, when I analyzed a lot of rap either the lyrics following the structure of how the "song" was written the artist most of the time seems to either just talk or mumble. I saw prior, that a lot of people criticize the content matter, as I do not love it, what is I think the most disturbing is how simple it is. There is no intellectual value (which I think reflects the community it comes from). All songs are face value and that is simply it, no guessing or hidden messages, the listener does not have to think. Thinking is big proponent of music believe it or not. A lot of rap is unoriginal and rehashed, it is mass produced. As a musician though, what really saddens me is the lack of soul in rap, it is clearly to get rich quick as most of the subject matter is getting money and getting hoes. It is all the same and very uninspiring. Music is supposed to create feeling from the audience and musician, I have surveyed several people about rap and they have said that they like it because it is popular, not because it gives them a "feeling." Now from a theory perspective, most rap does not follow any form of linear song structure, which does not mean it is not music, however, it strays so far away from song structure it disqualify's it as music. As said before a lot of rap is incoherent rambling on a beat made on a kids desktop on FL Studio 12 or a Casio midi Keyboard they found at a yard sale. Rap should be considered its own thing, maybe a subset of hip hop, but even then it still does not make sense to fall in that category because a lot of hip hop incorporates elements of jazz and blues accompanied by actual vocals. As well most rap artists I have encountered personally have no actual musical talent what so ever and are actually tone deaf.

  • Rap is beat poetry not music

    Music by definition needs to have musical instrumentation, musical notation...Rap by definition is talking with rhythm and a beat. I'm not disrespecting the art form because I do like it to an extent but I would not classify it as music because it has more in common with the beat poets of the 60s than real music.

  • Rap is not music

    It all sounds the same, is painful to listen to. Music is beautiful, easy on the ears, even hard rock is easy to listen to. Calling Rap music, is an insult to music. Hard to believe a rapper won the Pulitzer this year. I understand that there is a message about the plight of blacks in there somewhere, but anyone who should hear the message won't bother.

  • Boring, banal rubbish

    Rap is non-melodious, monotonous, mundane and moronic. It is overly repetitious, i.E., redundant. It is overly repetitious, le, redundant . . . .
    The above aside, have you ever heard of a classic "rap" station?
    I'm informed by Debate.Org that I should write fifteen more words to complete my thought .

  • Rap is very thug based.

    If it has no melody it is not music. Rap is for the most part someone running there mouth to a beat. If the words have some good meaning,that is not bad. To me rap is for people that can not sense melody. There are way to many people listening with the light on and nobody home. I believe those are the people that like run of the mill rap(crap)-Have a good night.

  • Not really music

    I dislike rap but I can understand that some people do enjoy it and I do see that it requires some sort of talent. But I cannot see how it is music, unless it is an extremely primitive form, possibly harking back to cave dwelling times. But each to their own.

  • Well, lets look at the DEFINITION of music, shall we?

    According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, music is "the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in SUCCESSION, in COMBINATION, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having UNITY and CONTINUITY." If you can find a melody in a piece of rap "music," then it is rap music, otherwise, it is just a rap. But even most of today's "rap music" doesn't even rhyme, so it's not even a rap either.

    Then what is it??? Well, its a bunch of high school dropouts who get paid more than a lot of people because they can swear and curse proficiently.

    But there are some musicians who use rap in their songs, and use it well by putting it to a melody, and making it rhyme. That is REAL rap music.

  • Invitation to *insert random BS Criminal Gang name here*

    Get over here *insert n-word* ! This is Gangland! *insert N-Word* Smoke Weed you need it! I met up with big booty bitch i have money! I got guns this is gangland i go around shoot people *pulls up and shoot*

    That is my friends, 99 Percent of rap music today.

  • Rap is all about bullshit.

    Everytime, wherever i go i always hear rap music. But the thing is, rap music isin't music, it's just some person singing about something the music is about. (99 percent of the time it is all about Money, Guns, Drugs and other "Gang" BS) I'm the only one in my school that doesn't listen to rap music, and then there's always this person going around and singing "Gucci Gang" like it's some sacred song. Rap music is cancer made by stupid people who could have gotten a much MUCH better career. Although not all rap is bad (0,00000001 percent isin't, maybe exaggerating) Most of the rap is bad though. If there only was a law that banned rap music...

  • Doesn't fit the qualifications of music.

    Here is the definition according to dictionary.Com
    An art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.
    The tones or sounds employed, occurring in single line (melody) or multiple lines (harmony), and sounded or to be sounded by one or more voices or instruments, or both.

    Rap almost never has harmony or melody.

  • Haha No Way

    Unless it has, like, an instrumental track in the background with non-percussion instruments, then yes. Because percussion instruments, like snare drum, bass drum, etc. don't have specific notes with them (like A-G#), it wouldn't count if it were those instruments and people with no talent speaking over it. I'd put rap music into the category of generalized "art" because it's more like poetry than anything.

  • Pure and Simple Garbage!

    It will NEVER be real music. Unfortunately, those days appear to be over, especially when the majority out here are actually supporting this trash and unfortunately, acting and putting themselves out there like the rap purveyors themselves. Even country music is starting to sound rap-like, at times, but it's basically all we got left Sickening. Period.

  • Rap is more of spoken word rather than music

    Rap is technically not music since it doesn't combine harmony and instruments to produce sound. It is mostly "Spoken Word" or "Poetry" They actually don't "sing" they merely use their voice in rapid succession with emphasis on their words and emotions. Rap is mainly repetition of the same words, quotes and/or expletives. The majority of rap musicians do not use musical instruments, and use over dubbing or synthesized music, which to me doesn't qualify as music.

  • No musical talent needed

    How to make 99% of all Rap:
    - Speak in monotone voice
    - Beat in background
    - Talk about drugs, sex, and violence OR absolutely nothing at all
    - Be a gangster
    - No melody at all
    - Computerized + Autotune
    - No ability to hit any notes without Autotune

    MOST rap is like this. Example: Gucci Gang. However, a select few rap songs are pretty good. I like some Eminem songs like Lose Yourself or Love the Way You Lie because they all require talent, have a nice sound to it, and they actually mean something. I think everyone (although some with terrible music tastes) prefer more the rap songs that sort of change pitch like "Rockstar" or "Low" (I sort of like both). However, these two can barely be classified as music. The other 99% is definitely not music. Repeating Gucci Gang over and over again and then go into drug and sex references is not music.

  • Look up definition of music. Rap may be art or poetry, but it is NOT music

    None supporting rap as music. Back beat and bass are exactly the same in every song. Rap is just a way for blacks with no musical trading to express their hatred for police, white people, belittle women, and try to make it rhyme. Hopefully in 100 years when blacks evolve a teeny bit, rap will be gone.

  • Rap displays no musicality

    The so called “art” of rapping displays, from what I can see, no form of musical talent. The notion that having the ability to speak at a basic rhythm, with simple rhyme schemes, makes you a musician pains me. I’m bored by the idea that people lacking the talent to sing or play can call themselves musicians, while their “beats” consist of shitty samples and computerised drum patterns. Rap at its core is acceptable as an art, but not as music. The lack of melody, harmony, or texture in the vocals is boring, uninteresting, and lacking in any musical quality. People need to get real and see that rap just isn’t music. I’m my opinion, it doesn’t qualify to fall into that category, and it never will.

  • Nobody is saying rap isn't ART

    The main counterargunent I'm seeing is the notion that while rap may not fall under the definition of music, you can't put constraints on art. This is fallacious, as the argument is whether rap is music, not whether or not rap is art. It's a strawman used to refute a claim not being made because they cannot refute the one being made: that rap doesn't fall under the definition of music.

    Sure, rap BEATS are music. But if you took away the instrumental of most music, you'd still have a musical acapellas. If you took away the beat from rap, you wouldn't have any sense of music at all.

  • Terrible unnecessary noise

    I think blacks have a proud tradition, one that can exult and to which anyone who us part of it could hold up their heads with pride. Rap and the culture surrounding it has done nothing but categorise black people as foul-mouthed, violent, misogynist small minded thugs. I find it difficult to respect anyone black or white who sees rap as a valid form of expression, let alone call it music. It's merely a denigration of a proud people and culture that's made black people a joke. Who would take any of these rappers and their created personas seriously, theyre absurd.

  • When I got into music

    Real bands dominated the charts band like the Beatles to Alice Cooper were and are my favs These bands had identity of there own as you could tell them apart by the style of their sound. It all sounds the same now. Also they have heart as it meant something.

  • Rap is not music

    Music is defined as, "vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion." Rap does use vocals and ARTIFICIAL sounds, but it neglects beauty and harmony. Real music has a message that you can follow and not just random statements that have nothing to do with each other, but there are some rap songs with a legitimate message.

  • Music needs melody, structure, at least 10 different keys, usually a bridge, and rhythm. Rap barely has rhythm!

    Rap is not music!!!! Is it a form of poetry? Yes. Is it an expression of art? Maybe. But is it music? NO! Music requires more than an over developed rhythm that raps use so often, to qualify as music! Music requires a melody! It requires a structure! It needs to be at least more than four consecutive repeating notes. I don't like rap. I'm personally a fan of older music from the 50s 60s 70s and 80s and am in the minority of my generation being 15 years old. In general I don't like modern day music. I think this generation of music is horrible. The fact that Adel ever became famous baffles me. She must have the greatest agent in the world. But when I hear people say rap is music I go nuts! When I get in an argument of whether rap is music or not and say rap is not music, it's not an insult or is not intended to be offensive. That's not to say that I do like rap. I think music today in general is just about drugs and thugs, and most of the artists don't have an iota of talent. All I'm saying about rap though is that it's an entirely different genre. If you like rap, that's totally fine, but if you call it music, then you don't know what music is. By the way there is a rap that goes yak yak yak. Apparently, those noises are supposed to be gunfire. Have you never heard real gunfire or are you just totally deaf? Grenade! Get down! Whammy Kabblamy! For that matter do you even know what a firearm is? This rapper claims to know what it's like to be on the streets. Rule one. When you hear yak yak yak, it's probably a stampede. I promise you, anyone who thinks gunfire sounds like that wouldn't survive a day on the streets or any hostile environment for that matter. Andre purports to be a Dr. I will bet money he does not have a doctorate and he certainly doesn't have a PH.D. It really pisses me off when someone addresses themselves as a Doctor. I kind of went off track but it's all connected by a theme. Just to clarify one last time... RAP IS NOT MUSIC!!!!

  • Rap is Awful

    I know it's a horrible headline, but the children of the generation are blasting crap that is literally almost always only about sex and drugs, or picking up girls and the thing is, it should really just be a form of outspoken poetry, because well, all songs are technically poetry. Anyhow, the "singer" or the rapper talks over a repetitive and annoying beat (normally) and that's literally what rap is.

  • Rap is an art, hopefully we can all agree on that.

    It's not an art in the common sense, its a new form of art. Its not a music art, as it is primarily monotone, to which a percussion track is in the background. Music, in its purest form, is an expression of which notes will blend together to make you feel something. An emotion. Rap lets you feel emotion through words. That form of art is known as poetry. And to make my arguement sound illegitimate, I'm going to say, "Rap isn't music just because they say words quickly." There, now I'm done.

  • It's simply not music.

    As others have said, this is an art form, it's just not music. It is a corporate, packaged and delivered formula that generates huge profits. The "lyrics" may be clever but it is simply a matter of plugging them into the form. Love it, fine but it is simply not music.

  • It's simply not music

    As others have said, this is an art form, it's just not music. It is a corporate, packaged and delivered formula that generates huge profits. The "lyrics" may be clever but it is simply a matter of plugging them into the form. Love it, fine but it is simply not music.

  • Rap music? What rap music?

    In order to fulfill my qualification of music, there needs to be a melody. Rap doesn't have a melody. It's just someone fast-talking over a beat. But what is rap if not music? I'll tell you. There are two main types:
    1: Hate speech. Specifically, against white people and police.
    2: Flaunting.

  • It's not music, just verbal rubbish

    At best, rap is lyric verse, or spoken word set to a repeating rhythm. At worst, it's degenerate noise that glorifies criminal behavior and a lifestyle of violence. It is the outlet for the lowest of society to vent their hatred for law enforcement and those who have achieved more than they ever will. For those rare ones who become famous, their cars, their wealth, none of it can ever compensate for a lifetime of mediocrity; they are still the same base thugs at the core and nothing will change this. Their rapping only mirrors the excrement of their lives.

  • Rap is not music.

    I've thought about this for a long time. Music is either instrumental or with vocals. I think of a song as three things. The melody, the chords behind the melody and the words (lyric) if a vocal is included. The tempo is the framework which holds or contains the song but not part of the song itself. One does not need a drum set to sing a song on a guitar.

    Rap is quite obviously a lyric which is not sung, hence there is no melody. There may be music going on in the background in terms of sampling (ironically attributable to a real musician from some other time and place) and in some rap an actual melody being sung may pop into the performance, but it is the background singer(s) and is secondary and intermittent to the primary rapper. Same can be said for any bass line running through the song. Rap never has all three requirements of a musical song as any musician would define it - even any dictionary. Rap is basically a guy or gal talking in rhythm and I do not think anyone, even the rap artists themselves, would really disagree with this notion. Notice rappers are always referring to themselves as artists and not musicians? "I'm an artist!"

    Hence, rap is not music, It is an art form, no doubt, but it is not music, People arguing that rap is music get into an issue of semantics and about the definitions of the elements of music and/or rap in terms of this or that, but one cannot argue the stark and inherent differences between a song/music and rap. If there is no melody and no singing there is no song and therefore no music. Call it art. Call it inspirational. Call it wildly popular. Call it profound. But do not call it music. At best, it is a form of spoken word art, and to attribute anything further than that requires the proponent of rap as music to stretch the definitions of melody, lyric and chord structure.

    Show me the sheet music for a rap "song". See?

  • Rap IS music, but it isn't for everyone.

    I listen to many different types of music, but primarily heavy metal. I will admit that I strongly dislike rap and hip hop, but that doesn't mean that I don't think it is music. Music is a form of expression, and rap is just that. If there are people who enjoy rap, who am I to judge them for it? If you really want to strip it down, there is an argument to be made about elements of genuine musical composition being absent from some rap music. Many are lacking melodies and lyrical structure, but the critical element of rhythm and not to mention emotion, are very prevalent. However, music is not something that should be contained to a definition, nor is it specifically held to any structure. Music is art, and art is free.

  • No lol okay...

    I think the basic definition of music would exclude rap from it. Rap is basically spoken word with drums and bass in the background. There is nothing technical about it. It's mostly made in standard time (4/4 etc.) Is it good for what it is? Well....A vast minority of it is.

  • Meeeh meep lol

    Leeelokkkii xD rap is rape lolyup rap = rape rape=bad rape attracts feminism feminism=bad feminist=bad=rap feminist=rap feminist=rapists yup see i told u oh well i was saying this all the time but noone knew xD rofl ok umm yea am trying to get to the word count xD 2 more nvm its done oki stop typing

  • Rap songs have no melody!

    Most rap songs don't have a melody- this means they aren't a song! The melody is a very important part of a song. It's what people remember about a song. So since rap doesn't have a melody, it isn't music. I believe that rap is poetry, and also just don't understand how people listen to it!

  • Rap is not music

    Although right now, according to the dictionary, rap is music, I disagree. The definition of music is an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. Rap has one element of music, the rhythm. But just because you have one element of music doesn't mean you have music. Just like if you have an egg that doesn't mean that you have a cake. Rap has one element of music, which is the rhythm. Music as more elements that rhythm.

  • Rap is not music whatsoever.

    Music is complimentary, soothing, or has a point to make. Music has rhythm, flow and chords. A rapper is more of a poet than a singer. And from what "music" I have heard from rappers its all about sex, drugs, women. Over sexualizing of women too. I don't think its music so yeah.

  • Rap is not real music because there is no talent. Musicians back then used instruments and singers actually sang rather than using autotune.

    While rap may be the most popular music style today, it has no value. Rap from today will never be remembered 10 years from now. This is the opposite with what people refer to as "old music". This type will be remembered for hundreds of years. Rappers are arrogant, unintelligent, and untalented. They make millions of dollars for rhyming words to a beat. There are people like engineers and doctors who work harder than rappers would ever work, yet they make less than rappers annually. You cannot make out the lyrics of rap because it is just nonsense and sounds. I don't care if you like rap, but if you think it's music, you are wrong on many levels.

  • It's literally just talking to the beat

    Any body even the deaf can rap or talk fast to a simple I would probably like rap if any of it has a message but it doesn't it's mainly just sex drugs alcohol and all the other things that is wrong with this generation rap is what is wrong with this generation I personally would rather listen to christen Chenoweth or marvin gaye but that is just me.

  • Where are the instruments?

    Why do guitars, drums, pianos(not MIDI) exist? I don't see the talent in pressing a few buttons on a laptop and making a constant, lame beat, and then just basically talk-sing into a microphone. Rap is NOT real music... I don't understand how people can blast that shit in their ears, I tried listening to some just to see if I could find the appeal to it but nope... Just got a bad headache

  • Depending on the singer yes and no

    Yes: Brings out songs and lyrics that are nice to here which is good for music to do. Can be used to motivate a lot of people and some of the beats are nice to listen to and nice to sing along with... However...
    No: The lyrics contain slurs to the point where you question the singers intelligence and vocabulary, rhymes don't make sense, and the background music is blatantly ripped off of other famous old rock songs, and almost all of them begin with the beginning intro to dream on, better then country, but still awful to listen to.

  • Rap is music...Duh

    Ok ,ok so a lot of rap these days is about bitches and sex, and drugs but it still is music. When you're on the microphone you say what's on your mind. Rap is people rapping about what they see! You don't want rap to be about sex and drugs? Well that's what they see when they turn on the TV, that's what is being advertised to them. Like i said rap is just expressing what you feel. Oh, and for that motherfucker that said rap has no meaning have you heard of Eminem? Yeah he does have sings some may say are "Disgusting" but he does have some songs that have a very powerful meaning outside of what you usually hear with Rap music.

  • I play guitar, MOST RAP is not music, and not ALL RAP is bad!

    I am a really really really old guy of 60 years of age (LOL) who plays a mean guitar - Blues, Jazz, Funk, Swing, Reggae, R&B, Latino-Salsa, Flamenco, Some Country, Country Rock, Rock, Blues-Rock, some Metal from the old school days of Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, I attempt to play Classical, and sorry I for one do NOT like Country & Western, except for some notable old school C&W artists. Yes, I do like some Rock and RAP/HIP HOP crossover stuff and some RAP with comical and/or "dance-centric" themes, e.G., Slim Shady/Emimem stuff and/or Rap that makes you JUMP UP JUMP UP and GET DOWN!

    OK, my salient point; for the most part RAP is a PERFORMANCE ART mixed with BEAT POETRY and is NOT music. As well, MOST (not all) Rappers CANNOT SING one note, nor play a musical instrument. AND THE STEREO with old school LP records being scuffed up with a beat does not count as playing an instrument. To finish off here, some of the better Rap is quite good as Beat Poetry and yes, there is some talent to pull it off well, therefore I will consider Rap as an art form, but IT IS NOT music when you boil it all down.

    After thought; whether or not Rap is music or performance art, The GANGSTAH stuff, the flash of the BLING, the posturing, the over indulgence is misogynist, drugs and violent lyric/verse themes needs a tuneup - it's getting VERY TIRED, overdone, and repetitive.

  • Screamo, Rock. Pop, techno(sorta), jazz, blues... Not rap. Here are some words of true inspiration written by my friend(sorta) and I.

    I pledge my appendix to the drags of the divided states of america and fuck the republic and for what it stands, reincarnation, oh my god i'm invisible, with bigotry and racism for all...................MUSLIMS!
    " the pledge of appendix" by bijion and matthew
    Fuck rap you bitches and bye for ever

  • Rap is the only thing left

    All the great music., Classical, jazz ,rock, R&B, funk and rock has been wrote. The best ideas and creativity have been put forward . What we have left is so called Rap and 70's album filler pop. Sorry but to make money corporations have to push something to sell or die. Young people have have something to call their own by their own generation artists. Sadly music is having less prominance in society. Disposable income is spent on video games , home theater. Smart phones and computers. Young kids don't actively listen any more. Music is listened to passively as back ground. I'm sorry you can't seriously listen to music in your car. You have to pay attention and can't close your eyes and fully comprehend what is playing. Sorry rap is not music but another art form in it self. Right now I'm listening to The Who "Who's Next". I've have listened to it thousands of times and never ever have got tired of it. It's great music you can't turn away from. Let's see how many young rap worshippers will still be listening to any one Kanye West album when they are 55? Same mindless words and same beat. Sorry to be a pessimist but all the great music has already been wrote and all we have left at the bottom of the barrel is rap. Oh yeah. One more thing . I have this damn smart phone in my hand while I should be listening to The Who. Flop it goes in the couch. Now I can enjoy the music

  • Hell fkn no.

    Rap is garbage. I have a great day and I will be a good time to do the job is done by the time were were were well week with what we are not a problem in the world and the person who is the same as a whole lot more people

  • Shouting a kind of poetry to an horrific base beat

    That is exactly what it is: young, aggressive and angry black people shouting a distorted form of poetry against a background of deafening bass drum beats. I am a pensioner who needs his sleep, and my neighbour wakes me up every morning at 8 am with a noise which sounds like demonic chanting accompanied by a pneumatic drill pounding against my bedroom wall. Whoever first came up with this crap should be shot.

  • It doesn't take any understanding of any musical element or theory.

    Music is notes on a staff, arpeggios, scales, octaves, harmonies. Not a bunch of words spoken to a programmed loop that is apparently called a "beat". I also forgot about time signatures'. Rap songs don't even have a significant song structure. All there is is a verse and a chorus. Where's the bridge? The interlude, the actual song structure? Not to mention the fact that it doesn't even require the use of a MUSICAL instrument.

  • Maybe an art form

    Maybe an art form, storytelling perhaps, i think its lazy even though it is entertaining at least the good rappers are e.g. Eminem who extended and broadened his raps with the introduction of Dido singing. I suppose that is the crux, the rap can,t be scored, its basically a 4/4 beat.

    Posted by: 5252
  • Rap is crap.

    Because rap is not BLUES or JAZZ or SOUL or GOSPEL or
    any other good and original music invented by african-americans
    It´s just the whimsical nonesensical chanting of some idiot in silly outfit
    stealing some beat from some song that is not even a song because rythm and melody are nonexistent.
    From a white guy who loves BLUES JAZZ SOUL GOSPEL and who doesn´t care about the colour of the people who sing it

  • Absoletely, Its Nothin' except noise

    You like rap doesn't mean you will say anything to prove that "noise" to be music.Its just a big crap having no meaning with no proper rythm of vocals and beats.Its just another art of mixing fast bla bla with no understandable lyrics.Any freankin thing that makes you dance ain't music.Everyone has their taste, but please what aint music ain't music , make another category for Rap

  • Rap is not music

    The rap they come out with now is not music at all. It has no live instramentals and in most cases it just people speaking over pre recorded beats the often have no knowledge of music either needing to have tabs or scores. Its just simplistic baselines or beats layered together with other pre recorded sounds with words. Most old school rappers have even left the genre because of the lack of substance in new rap music.

  • Not even close

    Stolen "sampled"beats , very little creativity , only real value is as a shock value...Have said it for years and stand by this...It is the lowest form of "entertainment " for the lowest forms of life !! Ghetto jungle bullshit personally I could care a less about your money , your grill , your rims your ignorant white whores or anything spewing from your repulsive mouth

  • Several reasons why rap isn't music.

    - "Singers" have no melody.
    - "Singers" usually don't speak properly, I guess maybe if I said "jdkjsokfdslglks" with a small bass, then that'd be music.
    - It's basically poetry.
    - If rap is music, then so is cleaning the dishes... While normally talking.
    - Idk, if you call rap music, you'd call normal talks music.

  • Real music requires time and talent not autotune.

    The true meaning of music is that it takes time and skill to learn to appreciate a musical instrument. Rap music is simply just using auto tune and computers anyone can do it. A guitar takes time and heart to learn to play as well as singing If you call auto tune music then it is not real music . ITS SO OBVIOUS

  • Music needs a rhythm

    I was told me that is is argued wether or not drummers are considered musicians, because drummers can only create a beat, not a rhythm. If music needs a rhythm than rap is not music, for it only has a beat. I don't count the part when someone is singing with an actual rhythm in the background in songs that are labeled under rap.

  • Rap is trash

    Music is not only about lyrics but it needs to sooth the soul or take you into the mood of love or take you into a world of tranquility. Beautiful music of the 60's 70's 80's take you out the mood of sadness and depression. Unfortunately, rap makes you angry about the world and fill kids with violent and hate. Sorry, I can't get with it.

  • No disrespect, but isn't music

    Rap is poetry (not always good poetry), and can be a component to music, but lacks the qualifications to be music when standing alone. Music is vocal and/ or instrumental sound with a beat, and harmony (variations in pitch). Rap has volcals and beat, but is missing harmony. Because of that rap can't be 'sung', but it can be 'recited'

  • RAP is not Music ...

    This isn't really an argument: For example, lets take a guy that wants to write a complete song. He has buy and instrument then he has to learn an instrument, he has to practice and practice until he learns his instrument. If he wants all the basics, then he has to find other guys that have learned instruments and practiced and after all that .. They have to practice together .. Write lyrics , melodies ... The verse, bridge and chorus ... Maybe after a lot of hard work ... They finally have a song . ........................... On the RAP side of things ... For example ... A guy gets up and he says ... I wanna make a rap song ... He loads up the music on a cheap audio program writes some words and after a few minutes .. Its DONE ! ... Without having to learn an instrument , without learning to sing in key, pitch, phrasing etc. A Rap song could be set up in minutes after learning to load the sound loops on an audio program. Not even close to music .. Musicians create music Rap / Hip Hop create Rap and hip hop.

  • Disgusting disrespectful stupid

    Now rap now a days is "I'm gonna fuck ur bitch" they talk about how they grew up crappy, how they are gonna shoot someone because they r wearing a different coloured shirt or because they live on the other side of town also it is very disrespectful and degrading to women and all it is is autotune

  • Rap Is NOT Music

    Rap these days is talking with repetitive synths and drum beats. Every song is someone talking about sex, drugs, and violence. Sounds like health class. Samples are just stealing others' work, not making music! The lyrics are ridiculous. An example (panda panda panda). It is absolutely abysmal. Screw that crap. Listen to rock.

  • It's just talking

    If I would tell you something and I would just talk like a human, would it be music? No! Rap is like scissors it will always loose to rock yeah yeah yeah whatever yeah h h h h j jbjbjbjbj I I I I I I j j j j

  • Definitely, absolutely not.

    Rap is just talking. It doesn't have a pitch, which is so fundamental to today's music. Basically people practicing their swearing and gangsta voices. While pop lyrics repeat the same things over and over again, they look heavenly compared to all of the f***'s, b****'s, and n*****'s that make up at least 20 percent of rap.

  • No talent rquired

    Trash talk and grunting like a gorilla does not equate to music. Stealing other people's chorus's and grunting a few verses is hardly musical. The entire genre is a fraud, an excuse to glorify drugs and violence and hate speech. It is absurd to even compare it to music. NO.

  • No talent required

    Trash talk and grunting like a gorilla does not equate to music. Stealing other people's chorus's and grunting a few verses is hardly musical. The entire genre is a fraud, an excuse to glorify drugs and violence and hate speech. It is absurd to even compare it to music. NO.

  • Not Music, Just Poetry to a Beat

    I can't hum it, or whistle it, or sing it. I can only talk it to a beat! It also shows too much anger and hatred. Music should be uplifting. It should make a person feel good, have understanding, compassion, and love for mankind and the world we live in.

  • No! It's not damn music!

    Well, if it's in a part of a song I like it, but pail 'ol rap is just talkin' about sex, boobs, butts and things that should NOT be in music. Music is about expressing yourself not about discussing stuff like it is. Swearing is fine, but what they put in it is not cool. Not funny and sure as hell ain't good. So in conclusion rap is not music! It should die out! It should burn in hell.

  • I hate rap it makes me sad

    I cry every time b fcdfghnbgvfcdsxdcfvgbhnbgvfcdsxdcfvgbhnj jm jhu nhy bgy b h bnhy bhy bh n hun hun hun hu nhun uh nh nuh nh un uhn un hu nhu nh ub hub yun hubn hyub hubn hun hubn hub nhu nuh nhu nhu nhu nhu nh ub hb hb hb

  • Rap is virtually carbon-copy talking.

    When you listen to Classical Rock N' Roll, Swing, Queen, or any one of those more "classic" and "timeless", you can quickly recognize and gain a general vibe with the song that is unique in its own right.

    With rap (as well as with most young music), it all feels like it can be sorted out into around 2-3 categories of the exact same thing, just talking about "the struggle" or "the high-gang-thug-life" in a semi-rapid pace to some albeit generic beats.

    After a while, rap all feels the same and you can't really get a kick out of it like the other classics, and for good reason. It isn't made to be timeless, rather to gain money or short-sighted attention. It doesn't require much skill to do, just talk to a stale beat. And overall, it's just unappealing when you actually pay attention to it, no good vibes for the body.

    Can rap be done better? It has, but not enough to consider it, as a whole, actual music.

  • Rap is virtually Carbon-Copy Talking

    When you listen to Classical Rock N' Roll, Swing, Queen, or any one of those more "classic" and "timeless", you can quickly recognize and gain a general vibe with the song that is unique in it's own right.

    With rap (as well as with most young music), it all feels like it can be sorted out into around 2-3 categories of the exact same thing, just talking about "the struggle" or "the high-gang-thug-life" in a semi-rapid pace to some albeit generic beats.

    After a while, rap all feels the same and you can't really get a kick out of it like the other classics, and for good reason. It isn't made to be timeless, rather to gain money or short-sighted attention. It doesn't require much skill to do, just talk to a stale beat. And overall, it's just unappealing when you actually pay attention to it, no good vibes for the body.

    Can rap be done better? It has, but not enough to consider it, as a whole, actual music.

  • Popular music uses the lyrics to carry the melody.

    Rap is essentially the expression of words to a rhythm. Usually it has no melodic flow so I would say it's not music. Using samples created by other artists and re-arranging them is not "green field" creativity so that leaves anything original like the lyrics, backing notes, drum beats, etc as the actual art. In it's simplest form, I get a beat going on my drum kit and recite poetry and there's nothing there that qualifies as music.

  • Rap is not real music

    I say rap is not real music because music needs to have some form of words in it. Plus rapping is just gibberish and is not made in any decipherable language or even any form of speech at all. I would consider a rap real music if it was in even any form of speech like i dunno Arabic or something like that. I dont see how people could argue with this but i know they will anyway, thats what i have to say so goodbye.

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  • Rap is not music.

    Rap is very discriminating towards many people. Many of the " songs" are made up of vulgar terms and very disrespectful. The rappers are very rude in the songs that they " Sing" and they don't respect the people they usually rap about. As a conclusion to this text, rap is not music... Sorry

  • No, rap is not music

    The people who rap are usually undereducated, unsophisticated, and the music is mostly just words jumbled up with some cussing involved in the so called "sentences". Rap is not music, and many of the people on this also agree. Rap is very disrespectful, and also very discriminating in a lot of ways.

  • Nooooo noooo noooo

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  • I don't agree

    Rap is not music music has to make sense and I honestly am in the generation of rap "music" to me music is either metal,rock,or dubstep but rap it's just insults for my generation i don't hate rap I just don't think it's music I listen to DMX and Eminem but the other ones I just don't care for

  • How is talking music?

    The music behind rap can be semi-interesting and rap can be fun to listen to occasionally but the lack of musical talent needed is mind blowing. Some rappers do have musical or lyrical talent, but a true musician is multi faceted and, well, musical. If they talked in notes it would be singing, which is music. But they don't

  • Rap is music

    Rap has some of the most meaningful and deep music and not all rap music involves trash talk and "hate speech" and also one of the most popular rappers is white so the fact that you even said its an excuse for blacks to get get away with hate speech is just ignorant i can think of countless songs that have deeper meanings than any other genre of music and also i personally think that there is more rap music about money that hate speech which is kind of sad but it still just proves that you rarely ever listen to the genre but still choose to hate it and want it banned which is selfish

  • Rap is not true music

    Forget about the content of what rappers talk about. Listen to the Music part of it. Wait you can't? There is no music to it? Now listen to the Rapper sing. Wait they are talking in Rhyme not holding a tune? They are not singing?

    Now Listen to a good Rock song Listen to the music part of it. Wow so many instruments being played in unison with the song. Now listen to the lead singer. How the singer can hold a tune while singing. Listen to the Harmony of the other members of the band fill in parts of the song with their voices.

    Music can be Voice Singing, Instrumental, or both. Music cannot just rely on a beat and talking about a subject. Rap to many people is considered music, but its just a form of poetry not music

  • It's just fast talking.

    Rap music, while needing talent to produce, should not be considered music. In all truth, rapping is just fast talking to a beat produced by a computer. When rap first began, people used instruments and rapped about nice stuff, but now it's all drugs, cursing, and sex. Because I do not want to take any heritage from blacks, I will acknowledge the fact that rap takes time to produce, but it's just not the same as sitting down to write and produce a real song.

  • With apologies to Bob Dylan: "Where has all the music gone, long time passing..."

    " Vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion." That's a dictionary definition of music. So by definition, Rap is not music. At best it's the rhythmic chanting of generally poor poetry. And to call a rapper (or many of the other so-called singers we hear today) an artist is ridiculous. For example, go to a ballgame sometime and listen to our National Anthem being gurgled beyond recognition.

  • Rap is not music, it is rythmic poetry

    Music is a combination of melody, rythm, and progression. Rap has one element, rythm. It severely lacks in melody, or progression. I love rap, listen to it all the time, but would never call it music. When these rappers start playing songs in certain keys, and creating melody from those keys, then I will call it music. When they can tell the difference between two different keys, and can play a song in any key, I will call it music. Right now, it is a drum beat, and poetry, with a few mixed samples. Not very musical. To call it music is a slap in the face of real musicians, that know and understand music, and have spent years, and even decades mastering their talent.
    Be happy with rap for what is, poetry. Some of it is really good poetry. Saying it is not music is not knocking it, just correctly classifying it.

  • Nor is it "poetry"

    I've given it an honest listening since it came out in '88...Only because I've had to bear listening to it. Unless it's panned, it is the most uncomfortable sordid jumble of words, not to mention the beat. I've overcome opera, yodeling, modern (30's thru 60's) and have found some of it pretty amazing. Frankly, I find rap as annoying. Among all of "art" forms, it has no regard for space or reflection. It's an attack to the senses, like a sports bar with 30 televisions all set on the same channel, like a gallon of prune juice running through the colon.

  • Not real music

    There is not a single real instrument in any rap 'song' (and I use the word song lightly. Very very lightly). And it is the same way with pop music, most of the time. In my opinion, the only REAL music out there is country (although I don't enjoy it, there are still authentic instruments. I... I think.), rock, and metal. Meh, but what do I know?

  • By slang definition, rap is the spoken word.

    The biggest problem I see, in trying to argue that "rap" is music, is that all "music" has a melody line. Rap, by definition, does not. At best, rap is rhythmic, usually ethnic, poetry. I believe it should be placed in a category all it's own. It is a communicative art form, but it is not "music".

  • Music requires a melody

    Some of modern music should even be considered music because they dont have melodys rap has no melody what so ever it desevrs its own catolergory .There for i conculde that rap is not music and rappers should not be considered music. For anyone who wishes to argue google music

  • No it isnt

    Lol no it isnt lol no it isnt lol no it isnt lol no it isnt lol no it isnt lol no it isnt lol no it isnt lol no it isnt lol no it isnt lol no it isnt lol no it isnt lol no it isnt lol no it isnt

  • It's regurgitated vomit spewed over a microphone.

    Can you compose music using an instrument, or, a DAW?


    Are you just going to brag about having money, driving expensive Italian cars and fucking hoes and using every word that rhymes with nigger? While saying your songs have deep meanings about where you come from?

    Then yeah, It's good... Right?

    It's just shit and vomit being spewed out over and over again.
    They don't have a sense of musical theory, rhythm, progression, or anything else to do with making music. They buy beats and try as hard as they can to make it "flow". It's worse than any bubblegum pussy cuck shit you hear on the radio. It is the radio, actually. I can't wait for this shitty racist music to curl up and die. It's for insecure blacks and wanna-be Miley Cyrus whores, stanking up dance clubs.

    And Kanye is a cuck for BWC, His main audience is college hipster white boys.

  • Rap = Crap

    My problem with rap music is that pretty much all it has going for it is extremely loud music that just goes thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk, and people talking really fast. If I can recreate a song by tapping on my microphone and make rhymes while talking fast, then these so called "rap artists" are not doing their job. Also, rap is becoming one of the most popular music to this day, so imagine if little kids wanted to hear this. The lyrics are very inappropriate and could influence them, and the obnoxiously loud music could damage their ears.

  • Rap Is Garbage & I was victim of it.

    Beginning somewhere's in the 90's rap began devasting an entire community of people [Dark skinned people].

    Before rap, the music that inspired and guided blacks consisted of Jazz and good ole' sole music that EVERYONE could enjoy.

    The type of music that spoke of the realities of life, both good and bad, just like all music, but rap has on overall, digusting, emphasis on death and destruction and a false sense of a sustainable reality.

  • Rap Is Garbage & I was a victim of it.

    Beginning somewhere's in the 90's rap began devasting an entire community of people [Dark skinned people].

    Before rap, the music that inspired and guided blacks consisted of Jazz and good ole' sole music that EVERYONE could enjoy.

    The type of music that spoke of the realities of life, both good and bad, just like all music, but rap has on overall, digusting, emphasis on death and destruction and a false sense of a sustainable reality.

  • Really lol hell no

    No musical talent needed for it to be music you would need a musical artist because music is an art rap is a computer generated sound at best any argument that rap is music is simply ignorance at its core even most other types of music have been corrupted by the laziness of making sounds with computers and auto tune rather than a voice that is a gift for real artist and instruments that are buitiful when played by ARTIST! End of debate !!! Good day

  • It has no music, singing or anythin good

    First it is basically a sh*tty speech that is boring.
    Second it has no instruments but drums, or not even drums plus no singin
    third no excitement or emotions during the songs or even enjoyment for some
    I personally think there is no effort put in rap either
    Just no enjoyment for me

  • Talking is not singing

    I could talk to songs and lift my gold chain with diamonds just as high as rappers do..(rubbing their bling in our faces basically saying...Look at me I'm rich and your not) and they got all this money and aren't even talented In The least...Singing is tallent...Talking with music playing takes about as much skill as every 5th grader possess

  • It's sub-cultural rubbish.

    Okay, you can get into the semantics of what exactly the word Music means, but in my opinion you either define rap as not real music or as a pathetic, juvenile, anger-driven form of anti-music. Perhaps those who say rap is valid form of music might also suggest that a kick in the teeth is a valid form of dance.

  • Define music...Does Rap Meet Its Standards

    Vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.
    "couples were dancing to the music"
    This google definition sadly disproves that rap is music. Rap has no harmony. Har·mo·ny
    The combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions having a pleasing effect.

  • It sucks, Its awful, Not music

    Its horrible, there are too many swear words... FUCK, SHIT, NIGGA, GOTTA LOVE THE THUG LIFE. Thats a horrible sound for music, who wants music where people swear every other word? And the cheap background music... I am no musician, but I can probablyh make better music than rap. So, there for... It ain´t music

  • Rap walks a thin line

    The defenders of the type of (ugh) "music" are culturally biased. It's pretty obvious. "How dare you assume my people's art form isn't music. It must mean you are racist!"

    I'll give you that rap is "art" and "expression", but when you fart into a microphone and throw a set of drums down a flight of stairs, should we consider that music? Is Yoko Ono's screaming music? No. It's just vocal expression. Rap consistently walks that same line. So i'll have to go with "not music".

    Vocal expressionist art, but not music.

  • Rap is not a form of music

    Rap is a style consisting of words thrown together with a beat. Stating back to traditional music, we remember this music. A rap song simply comes and goes. I have never heard a rap song that had a good meaning behind it. Rap influences that behavior acting as if it is acceptable.

  • It is just not MUSIC

    I believe that rap is not music because it is a form of poetry yes i will agree with that. Anyone can rhyme drugs and sexual content, and anyone can talk really fast. The beat is all keywords and technology. I don't see why people find it interesting because it has no talent in it. Music: vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

  • Musician play instruments and spend years improving skills Rappers fiddle with samples or fake decks

    In all the years that the genre "Rap" has been around all I have ever seen is predominantly, but not exclusively black males swing arms about and shouting with a complete lack of any melody or actual sense. Add to that the predominantly foul, insulting, racist, sexist language and the surrounding "Gangsta" culture and you have your shock value, that, once may have been considered a talent or something new, but has become so common place it has been so eroded now that nobody cares. Oh, and I must mention it does all sound the same........ Its a pity the missed the "C" of the word Rap which would better describe it!

  • Rap is not music but it could be considered art

    Music is a compilation of notes played on an instrument. Music theory is a subject taught in schools. Proper scaling and other techniques take years to master Talking and rhyming on top of a computer generated drum pattern is not music and is a skill that most people acquire in kindergarten. Rappers can call themselves artists all they want, but the term musician is reserved for those who actually learn and play instruments.

  • Rap Is Not Real Music

    Music is not auto-tuned voices with a synthesised beat. Real music is a written AND composed piece with actual melodies. Since half of these wannabe artists don't compose their "music", it isn't real music. Rap is just hate speech with a " cool" beat to make it sound appealing to American youth.

  • Nope. Definitely not music.

    Its supports all that is wrong with society, and even worse, tries to make it cool . Scariest part is, it works.
    Rap is the new POP music. Its everywhere.
    The ratio of meaningful and lasting art found in rap compared to utter garbage is somewhere around 1 in hundreds or thousands.

    To classify rhyming