Is rap music wrongly accused of violence and sexism?

  • Country music does the exact same thing and rap music can also be positive and bring up social issues.

    Ok so to those of you who are blaming rap music for sexualizing women I'm just going to say that for one country music does the exact same thing and besides that rap can also be positive like talking about social issues for example. I'm also going to say that the rappers aren't just putting those lyrics in the songs because they're sexist they do it to express themselves or express certain feelings that they have for another person not to sexualize women in general.

  • Yes, it's a way to escape

    I have always listened to rap music,especially Eminem and it's a way for me to escape the outside world.Its not just the lyrics but also the rather.People can't just blame rap the same effect comes from pop and rock music.

    I just love rap music,I always have and always will

  • No, rap music is too many times focusing on sexist topics.

    For example, whenever I turn on the radio its some rap song (or hip-hop) mainly focusing on a womens body. And its just men singing about this topic, some women sing about how their bodyis used for tweaking or other stuff. My point made is that society today focuses on women being known mainly for their body image, mainly rap.(this could also be the reason why so many girls have body disorders).

  • Rappers rap about these subjects for a reason.

    Yes, rap music explores some topics that are negative or even vulgar, but it isn't just for fun. Rappers rap to tell stories and express themselves, they do not rap to objectify women, even if that's how some people see it. Rappers could be focusing on these topics because they have witnessed these things or it played some role in their life sometime. These topics also raise awareness to these issues.

  • Rap takes to much blame

    Its not even crazy! Sex on the music videos came way before rap. Look at white snake and all the other white/rock & roll bands. Violence on the other hand was present before rap was even thought of. Rap has gotten a bad reputation because of the white media. Everytime a gang member gets shot or some boy shoots up his school the media is quick to throw rap in the mix. What ever happen to blaming it on parenting and what's going on in their own families. To say someone does bad things because they heard some song or played some video game is stupid. Where is the accountability? Rap is just a cop-out for white America and nobody makes anyone do things, that they don't want.


    While i agree that Rap is somewhat sexist lyric wise. Mkst of the Late 80s Rappers were NOT sexist and rapped about Political issues. Todays rap music such as lil wayne is sexist but in reality the actual rappers arent sexist. Example of this? Dr Dre was notoriously. Accused of being sexist but he also had a wife and 3 Kids and is still married.

  • Not ever rap song

    Is about women and violence. That's what most people think when it comes to rap, but you guys have no clue. Everything has a meaning and it is the people who said NO that are idiots. You all need to listen to rap and actually listen to the lyrics. You are all stupid.

  • I'm not the biggest fan of rap...

    but to blame one time of music for violence and sexism is wrong. Some times they can be violent or sexist. i seem to remember quite a few 90s rock songs which i do like that have a lot of violence in them. and sexism is also something thats been done by rock and country and every other type of music. So does it have these things, sometimes yes but it wrongly blamed because so do all other types of music other than maybe instrumental.

  • There is nothing inherently violent or sexist about rap music,

    it is merely a vehicle for expression. Saying rap music is violent or sexist is a generalization which is used to close people's minds. Like saying Americans are obese. You will get a lot more from music if you judge each artist on there own merits rather than which genre they are associated with.

  • The accusation is spot on

    Rap (and, now, trap) stems from a society which is inherently unequal and individualistic, and its lyrics are a mindless glorification of this social Darwinism. Those who "make it" get all the money, girls, luxury objescts; those who don't are the listeners who give them views, likes and listens. Vote with your headphones.

  • No, it is not wrongly accused.

    I anything, people don't talk about it enough, and give it too much of a pass. Especially the left, of which I count myself as well, who are kings of hypocrisy when it comes to pointing out issues in cultures that aren't traditionally defined as "white". To suggest that hip-hop doesn't have an issue with promoting violence, drug abuse and sexism is to figuratively shove your thumbs in your ears and shout "La, la, la, I can't hear you!" You literally have to be deaf not to recognize these problems, and even then all you need to do is see the corresponding music videos, which are sometimes even worse.

  • Have you heard it before

    To the window to the wall... That's all that crap is. Sex and violence. There are real musicians who rap and make good music with meaning but a lot of them just spit out vulgar stuff about banging lots of women and beating people and shooting gangsters. Too much violence and sex.

  • No, rap music is violence and sexism.

    Rap music sends a terrible message to society. Every song has the same message with slightly different lyrics. Essentially it starts with talking about how many women they have slept with. Then it goes into how much money they have. Finally, they talk about selling drugs and killing people who interfere.

  • Yes, BUT...

    Rap music isn't the only popular form of entertainment that shows those things. You can turn on the tv and see violence and sexism at anytime. People look down on rappers but none u them can relate. Some of those rappers have gone through hell on earth, and the life they live is the only life they know.

  • All rap videos have men surroundd by women

    Although it's not just rap music that do this (including Lynx adverts), their videos are definitely full of sexism, swearing, acting like they own everything, treating people like crap and so much more. They also feature very ARROGANT artists that only rap about how sweet their lives are, because they can rap, have shiny cars and have tons of half naked women in their swimming pool. Bunch of crap. If we were to stop this bull getting into people's mindsets, we should stop people from buying this crap.

  • Rap Music is Form of Expression

    Rap music is a form of expression about a way of life and a subculture of America. There may be aspects of rap music that are associated with gang warfare and sexism towards women. However, there is a niche market for rap music. Women listen to rap music just as much as men do, so it is an unending cycle of give and take in the consumer market. Sometimes, deviant forms of music are popular with people who grew up in a type of culture.

  • Rap Music and Violence and Sexism

    Rap music is very much about the lyrics written and used to promote violence and/or sexism. Rappers are generally raised in violent areas and they are raised not respect women for who they are. This is what these people know so they sing about it. They sing about gangs, rape, killing, shooting and degrading women.

  • No, it's not wrong to accuse rap music of violence and sexism.

    Rap music stands out amongst almost any other genre of music as extremely violent and sexist. While this may not be the case of every single rap song, it is a majority case. The prominent themes of almost any popular rap music today include degradation of women into objects. Rap also often includes references to shooting, stabbing, fighting, etc.

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