Is Rape a Gift for Women to Better Know their Place in Society?

  • All women are whores

    Women are only have value when they are servicing men sexually. Women should know that their role is to be subservient to men. Raping women should be normalized in society. Women should always submit to have sex with a men should he desire it. All women deserve to be raped. It should not be a crime.

  • Feminists are delusional

    Rape is natural because it happens between animals too. Our culture invented the concept called consent. Women are inferior to men, Have smaller brain, Are weaker and too much emotional, And are not even aware of their deep desire to be controlled, Used like objects etc. Because culture and environment teaches that rape is bad. All females should be raped, Regardless of her age.

  • No what the f**k

    Gift? What? No it is the god ordained role of men to serve women as protectors and providers raping someone is the opposite of protecting any man who rapes a woman should be put in prison for 70 years if not death I will ay that a woman should have sex with her husband when asked but you have no right to rape any woman

  • Good one troll

    I assume you posted this because you saw the heated pedophilia debate and the children should watch porn and child porn debate with sonicbro2000 with a troll and you posted this hoping to get me triggered because there’s a lot of backlash against the troll posts. You sir are just a troll

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