• Yes it is!

    When you are a new prisoner, you are at the bottom of the masculine pecking order of the jail i and should be prepared to be assaulted by either other prisoners of the guards. Both will beat and brutally rape you.

    That goes for women as well as young men. Everyone is tortured in a prison!

  • This could all be ended with complete surveillance in prison

    Some would complain about privacy rights, but if you wanted privacy you shouldn't have committed a crime that lead you to go to prison in the first place.

    With complete surveillance the prison couldn't get away with turning a blind eye to abuse because the entire public would know about it. Yes I know some in the public don't care, but there are enough who do and would raise a stink about it in the court system. So prisons would have no choice but to quickly respond to any sexual assault occuring there.

  • No not all

    The average report of sexual crimes committed in prison (not just what was reported) was 4% out of all prisons. To say that it is normal is to say that it happens on an average which it does not. Likewise these acts should not be expected are considered "just part of being in prison"

  • Rape isn't normal, just like torture is not normal

    Now, before I start this nonsense I'd like the_serb to avoid the argumentum ad nauseam fallacy, fallacy of repetition. Torture has been brought up on his account so often it's starting to become bland.

    Now, Prisons, at least where I live, are not a place of torture. This is location dependent and prison dependent and frankly if someone is violating the law inside prisons (f.X rape) it should be dealt with. Prisons are supposed to rehabilitate and train the inmate to better live and adapt in our society, not punish him and fill him with anger that most likely gets him back in prison as soon as he gets out.

  • Rape is never normal

    Rape is a common part of being in jail but rape is NEVER normal. Rape is brutal violation of human rights and treating people like that is always abnormal and inhumane. If violation of someone's body and their right to be untouched would be normal, I would not want to live in this society. Rape in prison is COMMON meaning that it often happens but not NORMAL meaning natural and tolerable.

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SweetTea says2014-02-24T14:02:40.670
It isn't normal, but it is common. Anyone thinking otherwise is fooling themselves. Read the statistics.
Buckethead31594 says2014-02-24T15:17:40.500
Disgusting picture.

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