• Rape is a proper grounds for divorce, because it is an illegal act.

    Rape is a proper ground for getting divorced. Rape is an illegal act, even if committed against a spouse. Any illegal act committed against a spouse should be considered grounds for a divorce. Rape is abuse against another person. If rape is committed against a spouse, then it is spousal abuse. Abuse is also grounds for a divorce.

    Posted by: ShortTrev
  • Rape is a violation of trust, personal space and morality, so how can it not be grounds for divorce?

    Rape is a crime. It doesn't matter if you're married or not, it is a crime. A person has no right to impose sex on someone who is unwilling. This is assault. Rape is probably one of the worst forms of assault, and I honestly don't understand why this is even an issue. This seems like a very common sense issue, that any dummy should know the answer to.

    Posted by: 4uncLife
  • If the rape is committed by one spouse against the other it should definitely be grounds for divorce.

    If one spouse forces themselves on the other sexually it is a total lack of respect for the victim. It is an act of violence just like any other type of physical abuse and is definitely grounds for divorce. If a rape occurs the resulting emotional conflicts will not be overcome and most likely will result in more attacks in the future. Better for the attacker to be publicly identified as a sex offender to protect those they encounter in the future and for the victim to be able to attempt recovery.

    Posted by: EweIICist
  • Obviously-real men don't rape---ever!!!

    Any man who thinks he is entitled to sex needs his head and hand examined...His head because he is abusive and crazy..His hand because it must be broken---

    there is no excuse---no excuse for abuse--if he thinks he is entitled to sex anytime he wants, than she is entitled to steal all his money, his car, his house --sell it and make off with the profits...After all whatever is his--is hers---right???? Buncha trash!!!!

  • Rape is rape, and the results are extrely difficult to deal with

    I have being married for 20 years. After 5 years of marriage he committed his first rape, I was drunk and had no force to fight him back. After that he behave as nothing ever happened. I was so confused about what happened, cause he said he was just having what was my wife's duty.
    Years passed by and the problem got worst. I though I had a problem, I had no libido. Not knowing I was trying to deal with the fact that he was my husband and rapist. Then it got worst cause he forced me or threaten me, or fight so hard I was afraid of him. That's when the coercion rape was my daily basis. He raped more than 2,000 times in all those years.
    We has 3 kids and everyone thinks we are the perfect family. He's the best dad, the best boss, the perfect friend you name it, no one would ever belief what he did to me.
    I started to have physical problems due to the stress I am living. I had three nervous breakdowns. And the last one had been the worst of all. One they he tried to touch me and without any knowledge of what was happening, I started screaming and yelling him not to touch me. Since that happened it's being six months and I'm trying to fight the depression I'm in so I can fight him back in court. Don't know how it's going to end, but for experience you have to divorce your rapist. There is no way on earth you will get better until you have him out of your life.

  • Rape practically signs the paper

    Absolutely, rape should be grounds for getting a divorce. If someone commits a rape crime, and spends the next 20 plus years in prison, then yes, if a husband rapes their wife, or vice versa, this should give them the right to request a divorce. At the end of the day, rape is rape.

  • Of course it should

    Personally I believe that there are many good reasons for divorce, there's no point in staying married and making yourself miserable right?

    As for spousal rape, this is sickening, the idea someone would force the person they love into sex is just wrong, I would then debate that there was love in this relationship and that divorce would be the best option. This would also prevent chances of recurrence.

  • Rape is unacceptable and if a woman is raped, she should be granted a divorce.

    I believe that rape is proper ground for getting divorce. If someone is raped, they are in an unhealthy environment, with the possibility of it happening again. Someone who will rape is more than likely violent, and the person who gets raped is in a violent environment. I believe no person should be made to stay in those conditions.

    Posted by: FemaleTyron73
  • Yes, rape is proper grounds for getting a divorce.

    I do think that rape is proper grounds for getting a divorce. A lot of people think that when you are married, the man or woman should be required to have sex whenever the other person wants to, and it's just not that way. If a man or woman is raped, I would say it's complete grounds for getting a divorce.

    Posted by: SeriousNestor34
  • Rape is a proper reason for getting a divorce, because it is just another form of domestic violence.

    Rape is domestic violence, just as much as hitting is. It is even a worse kind of violence. No woman should have to live with a man who treats her like that. She should be allowed to get protection from a man that forces her to have sex against her will, even if he is her husband.

    Posted by: BestGreg
  • Of course not

    I would never divorce my husband for raping me. If he feels the need to rape me that must mean I'm not having sex with him often enough, and as his wife I'm obligated to have sex with my husband whenever he wishes, so why should I think that divorcing him is merited just because he raped me?

  • I do not believe rape is a proper ground for divorce, because the couple should be able to work through it.

    Even though it would be very difficult to work this issue through as a couple, I do not believe the woman should be punished for having a terrible thing happen to her. They are not easy to find, but if you have a man who is compassionate, and can overcome his feeling of being violated, you can probably work it out and help each other through this.

    Posted by: AboundingCaleb
  • Getting a divorce is about personal feelings and being unhappy with your marriage, not about the law.

    There are many ways rape could enter a marriage, the husband could rape the wife, the wife could rape men on the street or even some one else rape one of the two. The point is not what happened, or how it happened the point is the couple happy? If any illegal activity happened that is a separate matter from a divorce best left to the police. You do not need a solid reason for a divorce, just be unhappy enough to go through the effort of getting one and pay the cost afterwards.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • I do not think rape is grounds for divorce, because it is not the woman's fault she was raped.

    If a woman is raped, it is not her fault. She was the victim of a crime, and it would be unfair if her being a victim could be used as grounds for her husband to divorce her. A husband should stand by his wife at such a hard time in her life.

    Posted by: BashfulEmil60
  • Absolutely not .

    In some countries it is against the law to have sex with your partner against their will but just because it is the law doesn't make it right. When you get married it is your job to give your partner anything they need and if your partner has to force you to have sex with them who is the one doing something wrong?

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MasturDbtor says2013-03-27T08:24:33.320
What are we talking about here? There is confusion. Some of you are treating this like "rape" as a grounds for divorce for the husband when the wife is raped by somebody else and some of you think this is about spousal rape. No and yes, respectively.