• Yes rape is always about power

    Depraved individuals find it a sexual turn on to hold power and control over someone, if we look at fetish fantasies like s and m or urinating on another it's not the act itself that turns them on but the fact that they are in total control of the victim whom they can humiliate, degrade ect which is then giving them confidence, boosting ego and that's the feeling which is erotic for them and it's the feeling of power that turns them on rather than anything else. It's a dangerous misconception many people have that rape is to do with sex, rape is an act of violence and abuse against another, there is nothing sexual about it for the victim.

  • No person in their right mind would enjoy raping any one else.

    Rape is a crime that has a devastating psychological effect that can last a lifetime. I refuse to accept that a normal sane person can gain sexual pleasure from this act when they will realise that their victim is horrified by it. It is only committed by mentally unstable people whose motive is unlikely to be about simple sexual pleasure.

    Posted by: chui
  • Generally, yeah, it is

    This isn't about a "quick whoopie" as someone earlier stated. This isn't about having uncontrollable sexual urges. People are people, not animals, we can control ourselves. Rape is about taking control of someone. Rape is trying to exhibit dominance or violate another human, and it results in the destruction of that person's psychological security. Those who have suffered through a rape often times don't feel safe anymore, they can develop anxiety and/or depression as a result, and most never feel like they are clean again. People tend to blame them for it. It's NEVER the victim's fault, and it is never out of uncontrollable lust, I don't care what anyone else has to say about it.

  • It depends, not always

    It's not a feminist thing, women can rape men as well. Rape isn't always about sexual pleasure, it's not always about people desiring sex they can't get without rape. It can also be a form of stating "you're lesser than me! I can overpower you." It's never the same, so it's a difficult question to answer. I recently have been reading a fiction book, but based off a lot of truth. A boy raped another boy because he was a "Hazari Shia", to him that basically means someone who is valuable as a chair. That definitely depicts something that could really happen, because he could have easily beat him up, but that's something anyone can do. Something you can fight back to, however, rape is humiliating and makes a person feel what the rapist is attempting to achieve.

  • Everything is about power.

    Every crime committed now is all about power. Every action, every crime is pursued by the motivation of power. As humans, our one desire is to feel that power, some have it to a great extreme; others have it to a minute one. However, the reason why people may steal is because the person they are stealing from obviously has more or has something that they want. If they don’t have that thing, resulting in them stealing it from them although it may not be regarded as conscious, the idea is that they want to be as powerful. Although rape may be about power, it is definitely a subconscious thought pursuing them of such an action.

  • Yes, because power is defined as having the ability to act in a particular way

    By definition, then, the ability to rape someone is an act of power.

    Unfortunately, life isn't always so clear cut. There are some instances where rapes happen out of a genuine confusion (she never said no) or a myriad of other causes, including mental illness. (But that doesn't make it okay).

    On a more complex level, power and control are the basis of many of our interactions. Having a job either puts you in a position of power, or a more submissive role. Having an education puts you in a position of power over those who do not. Being of a higher social status or income, puts you in power over someone else. This is because we as a society, have shaped our society so.

    I firmly believe that rape and sexual assault, even in it's mildest forms, are a result of our society's power structures. Men are told they are primal, aggressive, and capable of violence. Those messages aren't always overt - most often they are subtle (letting boys play violent sports but encouraging girls to play non violent and non competitive sports). Thus, many men believe themselves entitled to an extent - to have such power. Not only that, they sometimes believe they are incapable of resisting such urges, or that they shouldn't be held accountable for them.

    This can also be the case for women, today. In our 'sexual liberation' we have become more accepting of women who want sex - and thus sometimes it is easy to forget that it IS possible men don't ALWAYS want sex. Women can 'assume' that men will always want it and be ready - when in reality, that is not the case. (And obviously, rape can happen to men, and women and can be the perpetrators).

    So unlike the other 'yes' arguments - I took a different approach. I still agree with most of the other arguments in this 'yes' category. But I wanted to share that our society and structures are directly shaped by power - and thus rape is about power. But not always so overtly as you might think.

  • There are plenty of examples to say yes

    Rape is not always about power but there isn't an option for "a lot of the time". In prison rape is often about power and dominating another man. ISIS right now, like in prison, are using rape as a weapon to spread fear and terror. Although there will be a degree of lust involved here it is quite obvious they are showing that they just can.

  • It can be.

    When it comes to rape, I truly don't believe theres a definite 'yes' or 'no'. Just like a lot of things, you can't put a staple on why people commit such a horrible act. It can be for revenge, lust, opportunity or indeed, power. In any case its a horrible, disgusting act and is not acceptable in any of these circumstances, or any I have forgotten to mention.

  • Feminist nonsense at its finest.

    Rape is not about power. Rape is a horrific crime done by force, absolutely. Something that destroy's a young lady's innocence and virtue. But it is not about power. All who partake in the crime do it to take advantage and get a quick whoopie, in a bad way. Rape should be punishable by the worst punishment possible, but let's not lie to ourselves. It's not a freaking crime about power, it's a crime about lust. Sexual immorality can turn anyone into a monster.

    Only time rape is about power is when it has to do with the men of an enemy country raping the women of the conquered country to demoralize and cheat the enemy.

  • The answer is quite obvious

    Rape is done because of sexual pleasure. If someone has a fetish for a particular type of person that is strong enough to make them throw their life away and live life in prison forever just to get some, then they will probably commit rape. It is not something that a logical man would do. You can't base you're generalization of men off of the crazies.

  • Rape is for sexual pleasure, fulfillment and satisfaction.

    Rape is aimed at achieving sexual gratification or pleasure through using power.

    The ends (goal) of rape is about the raping party, usually the male, attaining sexual pleasure, regardless of the raped party, usually the female, not consenting to the sex. Since the raped party does not or refuses to consent, the raping party takes the method of using force and power so that ultimate the two can have sex for satisfaction.

    The question whether rape is about power or sex becomes very, very clear and direct if you ever think of rape with yourself in the position of the rapist. It is about and for free sex.

  • Nothing to do with power.

    I find it ridiculous that the common feminist narrative has completely cast aside the basics of human (and animal) biology by apparently rewriting history. I also am highly opposed to the notion that any scientist or researcher even SLIGHTLY implying that rape has to do with Sex, Lust and Reproduction is chastised for it.

    Rape is HIGHLY structured around self sexual gratification and is highly premeditated by arousal (often uncontrollable).

  • Yes and NO

    Rape is about more than just power. It can involve lust, hate, etc. My point is, that rape is sick, disgusting, and morally wrong. If you rape someone it is against their will. It is completely, entirely, unacceptable. It doesn't matter what the situation is, you do not, and should not rape someone.

  • RadFem Alert! RadFem Alert!

    Rape is a crime of opportunity, not a crime of power or oppression. If a potential rapist sees a potential victim, well, it's probably raping time. It has nothing to do with some power dynamic. It's just a crime that will be committed by someone who irrationally wants to if they get the chance.

    To those feminists who don't understand, we know rape is wrong, hence why it is illegal. Get your facts right as to what rape really is.

  • Motivations are diverse

    The motivation of every single rapist is not the same. Rapists will have many different motivations. Regardless it is a heinous crime that should be punished with life in prison without parole. The motivation doesn't change how bad the crime is or its worthiness of being deterred with strong sentencing.

  • Short answer, no.

    Rape is about lust. Rape happens when someone wants something and cant get it. They don't do it so they feel as if they wield more power than the victim, they do it for their own personal gain whether that'd be sexual or emotional. Some people are insane and can't help it, but it is most certainly not about power.

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