Is rape, as an anti-abortion leader recently said, like a car accident?

Asked by: Atlas01
  • I claim Yes only to pose a rather strange question

    Suppose it is dark, a man goes into the room and makes love to his girlfriend. She likes 'kinky' stuff, and as she requested an hour before the incident, he gags her and makes love to her. Later on he discovers that it he had gone to the wrong room and that the girl was his girlfriend's twin sister which he left pregnant. Did he rape the girl? Suppose now that out of love for her sister she doesn't say a word.
    According to the anti-abortionist this is what he meant by a "car accident". Would she still have the right to an abortion?
    I mean that accidents are bad things that happen to you that you can't predict and control. The victim can never control or predict the situation. Can the rapist? We can't assume that denial of a rape equals consent, but does its affirmation always denote that it really took place?

    Now suppose that the twin sisters are complexly crazy and they tell the man that he made love to the right woman. They were only teasing him to see how he would react. If this happened, then their prior affirmation was not equal to what really happened.

    I want to point out that neither affirmation or denial of rape is something that can always be established without doubt, and therefore demands proof.

    If accidents are things out or our control and desires sometimes get out of control, then shouldn't we look at the rapist as a murderer who plans and executes an action, and prove he did so rather than someone who was carried away and misunderstood what was going on?

    I am trying to push the understanding of the term "accident" when it comes to rape to its limits. It's a debate after all!

  • Kind of if you think about it

    Lets just take a second and break this down..... Its a traumatic experience, the cops usually get involved but only after its way too late to be helpful, the other person probably will be hesitant about giving you their phone number, if the aggressor is black then its a bigger problem then if he were white, it happens every day all over the US, it happens more predominantly in foreign countries, and someone always ends up getting f***ed....

  • That is the worst metaphor ever

    Rape is something with permanent damage that can destroy someone's life both mentally and physically. Women should wear modest clothing and men should not drink. It is mostly a man's fault but women should take some steps such as dressing modestly, limiting how much one drinks and having a friend around. Rape is not an accident but something that happens when a man decides to do something hideous and disgusting. It is stupid to compare it to a car accident cause car accidents happen due to human errors. Rape happens when a person decides to ruin a woman's life forever. I support death penalties for rapist regardless if they are drunk, mental, or have past problems. Regardless on when it takes place and why the rapist should be punished. Women should learn to be careful in where they go out and when. I'm not saying don't go have fun but take precautions as usual cause in some cases it can be prevented not all.

  • Yes and no.

    It depends are we talking solely about forcible rape? Or is statutory rape included as well? Because obviously forcible rape can't really be accidental, though someone mentioned that the rapist could have a mental issue which I guess could lead to a mental breakdown and the unfortunate circumstance of a woman getting raped. However statutory rape can be accidental, say for example a man's in a bar that only allows people 21 years and older inside (say he's 32 or something), and he meets a woman and either has a one night stand with her or maybe they date a while and have sex, either or the girl gets pregnant. Come to find out she's only 17 and just happened to look older, well let's say she gets pregnant freaks out and tells her parents that the guy raped her, now that guy who was completely innocent is charged of rape even though he didn't really do anything wrong.

  • No, rape is not an accident

    Unless the rapist has a mental condition in which case they should be institutionalized for life, it is not an "accident". Cars accidents are due to reckless behavior. Raping someone is much more than reckless behavior. I am deeply offended that anyone would be so ignorant as to say that.

  • No, but this is presented wrong...

    The idea is that if a person gets drunk and drives, they are responsible for what they did when they are drunk.

    In that way, if you get drunk and have sex, it is kind of odd to say that it wasn't real consent IF YOU CONSENTED. This position was taken up in response to people saying that you cannot give consent while drunk making any sex under the influence automatically rape. Further, this also was in response to people trying to peddle this when both people were drunk, not recognizing that, to be consistent, you would have to say that the people raped each other.

    I wish that these conversations could be had honestly.

  • For the record, it took about 20 minutes of laughing before I could come up with a response.

    Rape an accident? I don't see how that could ever be an accident. One does not "accidentally" rape someone. Examples of actual accidents for example, are things like tripping, bumping into someone without realizing it, etc. Rape is always on purpose, from what i've seen (being drunk doesn't count in my opinion). I know that guys get horny, but, there are the endless amounts of porn sites. To the person in the yes section who said that misunderstandings about age can happen, that isn't a real reason, because you should know their age before you decide to become more than friends. Look, i'm 15, but due to my height, most people think i'm at least 18. Most people who rape also don't bother to allow the other to use condoms or any other measure of birth control (which even then, can still fail). Personally, I think that an anti-abortion leader comparing rape to a car accident says a lot about that person. The person who was raped really should be allowed to get an abortion. According to a quick search on wikipedia, people can give birth at less than 10 years old. Really? Yes, a 6 year old got raped and actually delivered a baby. Does that mean to the anti abortion leaders that she has to go through with it? I know 13 year old girls have done birth, and most people think that that is insane. But a 6 year old girl getting raped? Now that is going way too far. Seriously, 6 year olds can't get an abortion? They have to raise the baby, while the rapist by then, probably already made other victims, or found a way to a remote island where they can't be caught.

  • No, one's an accident, one's a crime.

    That is the *worst* analogy that I've ever heard. The only similarities are that both events can leave psychological scars on those involved, and that's only if the car accident is very bad. Rape, purely by definition, is a deliberate act requiring a choice on the part of the person committing it. It requires that one choose to violate and take away someone else's basic rights and dignity. A car accident is just that; an accident.
    People don't try and deliberately cause car crashes because they thought it'd be fun, and even if they did it then wouldn't be a 'car accident'; it would be either homicide, a hit-and-run, or *at best* reckless driving. Comparing the two is similar to saying that accidentally falling down a flight of stairs is sort of like being stabbed to death.

  • Militant anti-choice activists are driven by extreme religious doctrines and politicians should ignore them.

    Right to life President Barbara Listing is seeking to prevent health insurance companies from covering abortion procedures, even in the case of incest or rape, likening being raped to damaging your car in an accident or having your house flooded.

    Frothing Christian nutjobs like Mrs Listing are entitled to their views, of course, but not to impose them on the rest of society: nobody in their right mind would want to live in a country governed by religious fundamentalists.

  • Rape is not an accident.

    Rape was voluntarily made by some other human being, it has nothing to do with an accident and it is immensely shocking that this leader would compare RAPE to a CAR ACCIDENT !!! Rape is never an accident. That's my opinion. These kinds of statement are scary ! A rape is like a murder, it kills you psychologically.

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