• Its fucking bad and the trolls need to stop

    In what world in rape a good thing, No yes means no. Don't be the worst kind of person and assert yourself over another person sexually. Only people with the smallest self confidence and dick feel the need and desire to rape. Fuck off you red pill pricks and suck a dick

  • Of course it is.

    If they do not give consent, Then it is rape. And doing something to someone without their consent is not okay. There is never any excuse to rape someone. It can have harmful mental and physical effects on the victim, Which is unacceptable. Rape is never okay, And you can not argue with that.

  • How tf is it ok?

    You are forcefully having sex with some WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT! It isn't a way of freeing yourself but a way to feel powerful and in control. Rape is never acceptable as you are ruining someone else's life in the crudest way in order for yours to feel better. Rape can completely destroy someone's abilities to ever have an intimate relationship again. My question is how do you justify raping someone? There is a reason why rape is illegal and should forever stay that way.

  • Rape Is Never Okay

    I think the person that voted NO, Misunderstood the question. To think that an attack that can destroy an individuals life is justified by whatever reason is absurd and preposterous. I don't agree with the image either showing that it is a man raping a woman as it is not always men, This is showing inequality.

  • Women always want it

    They may act like they don't but they definitely do, They just don't want to seem like thots to their friends. They are so fake. They should just shut up and take the d. And make sandwitches for the men since they are superior. Fuck u feminist pieces of shit.

    Peace Out Hoes

  • Rape is NOT ok

    It can never be just ok. For some it is the worst thing that can happen to them. It ruins there whole lives. But for others, It is a way of feeling free and alive; something that can save their lives. It is simply beyond good and bad. Beyond being ok or not ok. It is a matter of perspective, Intricacy and art. Therefore it is never bad because it's bad, But because it is deemed bad by many people from the first group and never allowed by society to be deemed good by people from the second group.

  • Rape is good

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  • Sluts deserve rape

    If the urge to rape were removed from all men, Then women would stop wearing clothes. The threat of rape is necessary to prevent them from dressing like prostitutes. If it were up to me, It would still be illegal to rape a girl in an alleyway or to kidnap her off the street - but it would become legal to in your room rape her anally without lube and cuntpunch her, Then to cut out her eyes and keep her as a slave. You could then go to the police station with CCTV camera footage showing that she entered your room voluntarily to ‘watch a movie’ and was not kidnapped, So the police would then give you a ‘slave licence’. This simple reform would eliminate female promiscuity, And ensure that 100% of women are virgin upon marriage (no women would be willing to visit men’s bedrooms and risk rape. ) You would be legally permitted to kill your slave girl.

  • It is not ok, BUT the word has been weaponized to the max unfortunately

    I do not condone rape in any circumstance whatsoever at all, However the word has been added in a weaponized stance to it the point where now regretted sex is determined to be rape. Rape can be a subjective manner because certain have different sexual morals too, Look at how such primitive cultures drive their sexual pleasures.

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