• Look at UVA

    UVA ended up as a fluke after the person who was raped admitted they lied about the whole thing. Thousands of college rapes have ended up as lies. During the 1980's thousands of women were interviewed and found that many either were incosistent with their stories or flat out lied. Rape statistics claim that only 25% of all women undergrads are never raped! That is a higher percentage than south africa, the rape capital of the world.

  • The reshaping of Western cultural perspectives towards female bias lends undue weight to rape allegations.

    The first movement for the legal equality of women and men was that of the Suffragists -- men and women who wanted equal legal rights for women -- and that movement has sinced been hijacked by feminists whose agenda goes far beyond the social and legal equality of the sexes into misandry; a redefinition of gender roles disaligned with scientific information on the various forms of sexual identity; and a biased legal framework which upholds a child support system that sees children as maternal property and men as bound providers regardless of the level of access those fathers have to their children. Beyond legal transformation, the movement has unfairly demonized men as oppressive abusers in various forms while propagating a carefully marketed image of women as victims who do not possess the compus mentus to take responsibility for their life choices.

    For instance, it is often assumed that when a man hits a woman, he has done so from aggression rather than self-defense. In the case of rape allegations, there is a highly potent inferrence throughout proceedings -- from report to arrest -- that the male party is guilty from the outset and the female is an innocent victim. This mindset permeates through Western culture.

    Not only has radical feminism damaged the idea of genuine equality between men and women in this manner, it has encouraged the idea that women should not, must not, and can not be suspected of lying, of violence or of domestic abuse nor any wrongdoing in sexual, domestic or parental situations.

    Christina Hoff Summers, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, has studied the effects of radical feminism in the legal and social contexts for many years and reports a steadily increasing trend of false rape accusations, censorship of any academic materials that might contain mysoginistic viewpoints and a starkly biased (though rather unacademic) circle of influential feminist groups leading studies where cherry picked samples of respondants are asked deliberately leading questions. The results of these studies would not be accepted by a scientific journal, yet Western media and governments lap them up.

    For instance, the CDC study that has given us the oft-repeated phrase ''one in five college girls have been victims of sexual assault' prefaces its question sheet with ''in the course of answering the following questions, please remember that what a person does under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not their fault''. Such a statement alone shows the ultimately misandric idea that women are always innocent victims who are under no obligation to take responsibiity for neither the amount they drink nor the actions they partake in under the infuence.

    To teach young girls that they are innocent nomatter the circumstance while lobbying to make it legally so is not only a sinister use of one's time but is a scarring, destructive mindset to burden both men and women of future generations with.

    Yes, rape on college campuses is exaggerated.

  • No it is not

    Even if it was one allegation in the entire country. Rape is never overblown. Not ever with no exeption. It is a hellish thing to have happen. 1-1000 allegations it doesnt matter. Rape is issue.
    And rape is rampant in our colleges.
    Why are people so adament to bury this problem?

  • Fact: 98 percent of rape allegations are true. Source: False Accusation of rape; Wikipedia

    Most of the time, there isn't a reason for the person to lie about their rape. Sometimes people do, but to belittle someone who came out as being a rape victim is awful.
    Rape accusations should ALWAYS be taken seriously. 1 in 5 women are rape victims.
    If you consider rape to be 'overblown' you are siding with the rapists and perpetuating rape culture.

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