• Hate Monger, Idiot, Irrational Bigot, Delusional Nitwit, Anti-Science Promoter, You Name It, Ray Is It:

    Ray attacks that which he does not comprehend, which is almost everything in reality.
    What for: Money and Fame of course.
    His entire scientific knowledge can be written on the back of a postage stamp with a thick felt pen.
    His knowledge of the real world is little better than than.
    He thrives on money from books containing Naive Nonsense and videos that are even less rational.
    His Rational Quotient is non-existent. Which makes his IQ worth nothing because and IQ without Rationality is like a generator without a working motor.
    The only thing Ray Comfort really serves to accomplish is to Lower The Average IQ of New Zealand.
    Though often he raises the NZ average IQ and Lowers that of the US by working in the US.
    But, the US has Ken Ham keeping the US IQ low, adding Ray Comfort takes it almost to zero.

  • Unable to show basic reasoning

    Within his videos I see a repeating trend, he attempts to find people who know about as little of any given subject as he does (ex:evolution,homosexuality,atheism, exc...) and attempts to drag it down to a competition of who feels more right, he even refuses to believe that he could be wrong, which if you are a thinking sentient being, you should be able to admit. He drives all his morality from the bible and the bible alone, and considering some of the stuff in there (if a man lies with another man as he would with a woman he has committed an abomination,a woman shall not exert authority over a man,and many more...) he should attempt to at least listen to other arguments, and evident by his videos, he has a tendency to cut out things which he doesn't find favorable to his causes, meaning he has an understanding he may be utterly incorrect

  • Ray Comfort is spouting hate in a secular society

    Ray Comfort cannot prove his beliefs to be true. He uses his beliefs to create hate speech from his Bible, that inspires other Christians to cause harm to non believers especially gay people who he singles out in one of his videos. They do this through legislation or seeking special privilege from the society. Much like the hate monger Scott Lively who I hope gets crucified by the Courts, Comfort participates in this fraud of ignorance and superstition by producing hate videos. Their beliefs are protected by the First Amendment. But showing that they are causing a lot of indirect harm to people through their speech can be proven by the behaviors and laws Christians are attempting to get passed in this country after listening to his nonsense. He is a part of that, and that makes his behavior immoral - immoral before his god, and immoral in a secular society, where he has no special rights because of his beliefs. Non-belief and even the right to be gay is legal in this country. Comfort is committing a pious fraud, and is too stupid to realize the harm he is doing to others - he is making money from this harm for his organization. This guy needs to be charged and locked up. He inspires hate. What he is doing is NOT Honest or Christian.

  • Ray Comfort Idiot Moron and Fake Teacher

    Ray comfort is a idiot hate monger. He has been caught in so many lies, he edits his infomercials he calls movies to suit his bias, he speaks down to those who do not believe in the things he does, but worse, he is getting rich off of the idiot morons that support his fake ministry. Ray is in love with himself, and has always wanted to be a movie star. He comes across has hateful, ignorant but mostly like a moron. Anybody that would follow this guys theology, which is without love, would drink their own bathwater.

  • Idiot by choice. Hate monger by default.

    He is willfully an idiot. In drawing idiot conclusions to support his idiotic answers he often refers to hate inspired arguments. I don't think that, deep down, the bloke is as stupid as his 'arguments' indicate, but he is making a lot of money out of it thanks to the true idiots following him.

  • He's hateful and bitter, and believes non-Christians to be evil.

    For example (paraphrasing): "Never trust an Atheist. There's no such thing as a good Atheist."
    In my opinion, that's an ignorant and hateful thing to believe in. It's no different from saying "There's no such thing as a good Christian." or "There's no such thing as a good black person." or "There's no such thing as a good gay person."

    He's asking for people to not trust Atheists because they're Atheist. That's hate-mongering.

  • He just believes in what he believes in

    Do I agree with everything? No. But come on, compared to Newman, Broyhill, Ernest Hollings, evil men like him, this guy ain't evil. He's just preaching what he believes in. Why do we want to censor everything these days and call it hate. It's just ridiculous. We're not living in an age of elitism anymore.

  • Not a hate monger, just an idiot

    I think Ray Comfort is an idiot, but I do not believe he is a hate monger. If anything from interviews I have seen he seems like a nice guy, just extremely deluded or so invested that he cannot say he is wrong without causing huge financial ruin to countless people including himself.

  • Not an idiot, just deceitful and evil

    He looks like an idiot based on the arguments he presents, but I believe that he's just so motivated to try and 'disprove evolution' that he feels justified in lying and cheating to achieve those aims. Some of his questions are 'clever', e.g. he asks people which came first, the chicken or the egg. Simple evolutionary theory shows that the egg came first as ancestors of the chicken (which weren't chickens) laid eggs. People who can't answer this question don't understand evolution, and hence are potential victims. Hence, I don't think his outrageously stupid argument are due to personal stupidity, but due to low cunning and being prepared to outright lie to achieve his aims.

    But, in terms of his biblical stance on homosexuality, I believe that makes him evil. Not necessarily an obvious convicted criminal like Kent Hovind, but possibly someone who believes that they are helping homosexuals by preaching that they should deny their nature. Which could destroy people's chance for happiness. Which in my eyes is doing evil, even if he hasn't consciously chosen to do so.

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Sagey says2014-03-02T22:21:22.183
Here is an excerpt from Ray Comfort's own Facebook page, demonstrating the Lunacy and Delusional level of Ray's position: '“Ray Comfort: WHAT IF TOMORROW THERE WAS REAL PROOF GOD DIDN’T EXIST; WHAT WOULD BE YOUR NEXT PLAN? Brian Talbot.”

My reply: I would make it a matter of urgent prayer, and ask God what He would have me do next.'

Yes, even if it was completely, proven that no God exists, Ray would still assert on exists, as Ray would lose face, power and money if he ever backs down on his claims. Same goes for Ken Ham of course.
Ray is still pushing his hatred of gays, atheists and everybody else he regards as sinners.
Making him a hate monger.