• Yes he has

    All his life he has over come many obstacles and being accused of murder was the biggest one. I beleive that he may have been in the fight but didnt kill anyone.He is a great man who is getting alot of lies spreaded about him. He is a great person and football player

  • Yes he has redeemed himself.

    I believe that Ray Lewis has redeemed himself. He was accused of murder, then went on to become a star athlete and a 2 time super bowl champ. I think that by becoming a better athlete, he has also made himself into a better human being. So yes, I do believe that he has redeemed himself.

  • He Is

    Ray Lewis went from being accused of murder to being a two time Super Bowl champion and arguably the best player to ever play his position Since the incident he has turned his life around and became not only a better player, but a better person as well. He redeemed himself.

  • Just because he won two Superbowl's does not mean he is a better person.

    Ray Lewis is constantly faking who he really is. After games he would cry, without tears, he would pray out loud to get the media around him, to kiss the ground to improve his reputation. He is a liar, and got away with murder. You are not redeemed for wining a Superbowl. He has not done anything to redeem himself or become better person.

  • No He Is Not

    Ray Lewis is not a redeemed man, because he hasn't done anything redemptive. He has not served time for his crimes and he has not paid the price to society or the victims. There is no reason why we should consider Ray Lewis redeemed just because he played a football game.

  • No he has not.

    He was part of a murder outside of an Atlanta club and reportedly told people with him not to say a word because he didn't want his career to end like that. He then struck a deal and ratted out his friends. No amount of Super Bowl wins can redeem him from that.

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