Is reading English more difficult than writing English?

  • Writing english is more difficult than reading

    Because while writing we need to concentrate on spelling, Grammatical mistakes. And also writing english must in vocabularical form and it is not easy. There must a proper introduction, Thesis, Pints with example and example. So reading an english words is better than writing as it doesn't need grammatical form and conventional form.

  • Reading is difficult!

    In reading, you need to comprehend words, and understand EVERYTHING in the book, and if you don't remember a part, you need to start all over! Writing is easier because you get to write your own story, and you understand your story, because you made it! Reading is too hard.

  • Reading is more difficult.

    Reading not just for read we need to read to understand. Writing can write with your own words,feeling whatever. But reading we need to read other opinion, other words. Sometimes we do not know that words also. Reading need to speak with pronunciation and we need to read in correct way.
    Sorry for my mistake.

  • Writing is easier

    When we write, it stays permanent on where it was written but when words are said, they fade in time and cannot be easily remembered. Writing is used in document because when we see it, we can remember where we wrote it unlike speaking when you start thinking where and to who you said it to.

  • We cant show our handwriting

    As we all know that in reading we just have to read but in writing we have to write and we can even show our beautiful handwriting, I know that some people don't have beautiful handwriting but those who have they have a advantage. I know that in writing there are grammatical mistakes but sometime only the content matters not the spellings and most of the time we get prizes only because of it. So in my opinion I think that writing is much easier than writing.......

  • Writing is more difficult

    So, I am student that think about "Reading and Writing" a lot!!
    Because when we reading something that we are follow the structure in books and it's guide us to continue. But writing we have to make sense and write your own word by yourself and care about the grammar it will correct or not.
    So....For me I think Writing is more difficult.

  • Reading is quite difficult

    In my opinion, I think that reading difficult more than writing. In reading you need to understand the clear meaning of the paragraph or text without understanding the real meaning sometime you will misunderstanding. However, in writing you can write whatever you want according to your understanding no need to think a lot like reading.

  • Pronounciation is too hard

    If the words are high vocabulary it's gonna make us confused to say the words correctly. Besides, reading is also more difficult than writing because usually if we write , we'll using our general knowledged. Furthermore, if we are entering any competition such as debate that need us to spontaniously talk, it's gonna hard

  • Of course it is

    Because to read is comprehending the words and understanding them, and writing is just like copying, or taking an art lesson. You simply copy the movements. When you read it actually puts meaning and if you can't READ then it's nothing. Writing is just doing the movements, you can write things without knowing what it is.

  • Reading is hard

    In reading, you need to understand someone else's point of view. This can be pretty difficult. Instead of making your own stories with your own imagination, you are required to read someone else's story, and understand someone else's point of view. You need to see others people perspectives, and read between the lines.

  • Writing is more difficult

    It requires loads of creativity. It's not like you can get reader's block. You get writer's block though. It eats away at the creativity inside of our heads. Being both an artist and a writer, I know the struggles of both way too well. Reading puts you into the thoughts and ideas of others. You don't have to create your own.

  • Writing is easier to me.

    Reading makes you comprehend words and put them together in a conclusion about what you just read. In writing, you just write words to make up your own story. Plus, writing is a lot more fun than reading! Writing also makes you even more creative than if you just read a book.

  • Reading is Better

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  • Reading improves your pronunciation:

    When you write you just try to write easy words and don't use difficult words for best result as u don't have a large vocabulary as well as the right spellings of that particular word but when you read, you come in front of new words and when u try to read it one and the another time you will be able to read and by the side you will be able to write that particular word this will increase your vocabulary which will make your writing portion more imaginative and with lots of new words that will automatically impress the one how reads.....
    So, by your reading only you can improve your writing portion

  • Think abut the Children

    In grade school, you are supposed to READ 10-50 minutes each day to-find new vocabulary (which writing cannot do) and learn how to read fluently. Imagine if you had to WRITE 10-50 minutes. Our writing hand would be sore most of the time, and pronouncing "Glucose" would be impossible. Harry Potter, PJO, and HOO inspired our imaginations to the magical world, and many experiences were recorded for us to see. Reading is a fun way to spend your time in your imagination, and can be used to reach morals and scenarios.

  • Reading english is like ABC..

    When u write english u have to consider ur grammer (ie: punctuation marks, tenses, etc...) and u also have to consider ur handwriting. But when reading english i have none of this problem. That is also a reason why my hobby used to be reading books and not writing essays.

  • Reading is easier to read than to write

    Reading is as easy as one,two,three you have to know how to pronounce a word and that's all you have to know when you read. Writing u have to think,spell properly and check your format of speech. I wrote this piece n I thought, checked my spelling n checked my tense as well as my format

  • Reading is much easier than writing English.

    I'm a Korean student who use English as a second language. And I'm also not good at English. So, I can tell you that writing English is harder than reading. In my country, S Korea, and in my classroom, there are quite a lot of students who can't write English at all, but can read English. Also, I'm the one among them. When we read English, we don't need to think of the English grammar, the order of words and whether expression is correct in a context seriously. But, when we write English, we must consider of them quite deeply. That's why I say to write is harder than to read. If you wanna see the evidence of it, see the English test sheets for Korean students. It just asks whether they can read, not whether they can write or speak. Guess why the test consists of this way. Thank you and please forgive me about my poor English.

  • No reading is easy as compared to writing

    Its easy to read English because we don't have to think and read it from an article or any other source, but if we talk about writing we have to think , we write and then rewrite sometimes. Sometimes we make grammatical mistakes so in my opinion writing is more difficult

  • Obviously.. The effort to do these things differs greatly.

    When you read you just have to get the general idea. When you read you simply absorb the information in a comfortable way. Reading is entertaining, while writing is work. Writing involves a complete understanding of what you are saying and in the rules of organizing ideas. You actually require some useful life experience to write.

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