• Reading fiction is escapism

    The four quadrants of how to spend time, in order of return on investment of time, are:
    1. Important but not urgent
    2. Urgent and Important
    3. Urgent but not important
    4. Neither urgent nor important
    It is tempting to spend time in quadrants 2 and three, but if you spend time in quadrant 1, the result is that 2 and 3 diminish. Spending time in quadrant 4 reading fiction leads to an increase in time spent in 2 and 3. Result: stress and escapism.

  • Irrelevant and horrendously boring

    Why on earth would anyone want to waste their time on a figment of SOMEONE ELSE'S imagination?? Perhaps you could socialise with OTHER PEOPLE and get a life instead of saying 'oh the fact that a christmas carol is ordered into staves instead of chapters mimics an actual christmas carol'. Terribly boring and so outdated

  • With the time it would take me to read a book it would take me to do something helpful to society

    Reading is a waste of time if not only due to the fact that we waste our lives doing it. It takes hours to read a novel and those few hours could be spent helping people. The same is true for movies but much less time is wasted with those and you still get the same story.

  • You spend a lot more time with a book

    My opinion is, if you are going to enjoy a source of entertainment why on earth would you choose a book unless you want to live in the Stone Age. You can absorb so can get the same story watching a movie and while your at it actually know what the characters are meant to look like and watch that whole movie in one or two hours. If you read a book, that takes at least a whole day of being antisocial locked up in your house looking a page.

  • Reading fiction isn't a waste of time!!

    When you read you can build your own imaginary pictures in you mind and reading also increases your creativity. However,people may think that reading is a waste of time and that's their own opinion. But when you watch the story as a movie you can't know the main character's thoughts and feelings Unlike books readers can know how the main character feels and thinks.
    Thank you :))

  • Reading Fiction is a total waste of time!

    When I was 4 years old, I visited Disney Land. I immediately noticed that everything there was just a cheesy painted fiberglass and plywood facade hiding a rusting steel frame. To me, reading fiction offers that same sense of disillusionment; it's just a paper facade built on a framework of lies. Why anyone beyond the 2nd grade would want to read it is beyond me.

  • Too time consuming

    It takes so long to read literature that doing nearly anything else in that time is preferable. I'm sure there are some hidden benefits, but it takes so incredibly long for those benefits to come to fruition that using that time to do nearly anything else would be more useful.

  • In the old days

    Stories had morals. Not just the values that people lack in their lives today, But an actual lesson that was taught via the story, I. E. "the moral of the story was that you shouldn't steal, Fuck your neighbor's wife, Etc. . . " Modern stories have done away with "the moral" largely because society has deemed any view of objective morality as oppressive. Instead, Fiction is based on hedonism and mental masturbation. There are no lessons to be learned and the hero simply gets off (the reader along with her).

  • Yes I think reading fiction is a waste of time.

    I think reading fiction is a waste of time because it is boring and it makes me tired. I think it is boring because all you are doing is putting your face in a book and read the words on the paper. It makes me tired because it is just so boring and when i'm bored I get sleepy. I might have read a couple good books but just because I liked it doesn't mean that I want to read it again. I might look at the pictures in Guinness World Record books but that is the only type of book I will look at more than once. This is why I think reading fiction is a waste of time.

  • Yes I think reading fiction is a waste of time.

    I think reading fiction is a waste of time because it is boring just like all books. I personally don't like reading it makes me tired and it is boring. I have read some good books but I wouldn't read and book twice unless it was like a Guinness World Record Book or something like that. Those type of books are fun because you really don't read what it is you just look at the pictures. This is why I think reading fiction is a waste of time.

  • Reading fiction is not a waste of time, okay? Okay.

    Like dude fiction is amazing and can teach you so many things. Its cool to read and like men can read fiction to its just like movies who likes non fiction movies dude..... ....... U need to read fiction if anything non fiction is a waste of time and happiness.

  • I think when you read you invest your time in good. Therefore, I don't think that reading is fiction a waste of time.

    If people want to manage their time well, they should read books about this thing to be able manage their time very well. Thus, how can something that help people to manage their time become a factor of wasting time?
    If you invest your time in good thing like reading, you will not waste your time.

  • No, I do not believe that reading fiction is a waste of time.

    Reading fiction is not a waste of time depending on what your reading. Growing up all I liked to read was fiction.Even now being a teenager I only read fiction unless I have to read non-fiction. But I don't read the regular teen fiction you think of. I don't read about vampires and witches and stupid love stories every time,but don't get me wrong I love a good love story. But I try to read ones with depth and struggles and real life problems. Things I can learn from. Every now and then for fun i'll read a sappy love story or a dystopian love story,but mostly I read things that make me think. My favorite author is Ted Dekker and if you've ever read Ted Dekker you know he makes you think. Reading fiction has helped with my imagination greatly. Now I love coming up with my own stories and i'm even more interested in learning how to write more efficiently because of my love for fiction. And in that case I really doon't believe that reading fiction is a waste because without it I wouldn't be in love with writing.

  • It inspires you to do things

    It takes you into a new world
    Where would the world be without fiction? Where would people be without fiction? Would we have such advanced technology as we do today, or would we have any technology at all because we did not have the imagination given to us by fiction? Without this world of imagination, Albert Einstein might just have been a normal person who would have never come up with E=mc^2. We would not be living in the world as we know it today in 2014. If you do not like fiction you may be one of the 36% of people who think fiction is a waste of time. Fiction is not a waste of time! If anything, fiction fills your mind with crazy, intricate, and interesting ideas you will want to experiment with; you may be the next Albert Einstein if fiction is on your side.

  • EW! No fiction, no happiness.

    Blech! No fiction? Horrible! Fiction gets your creative juices flowing AND gets you to adore life much better. No Twilight, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson... I'd be dull, bland, uncreative and serious. I think many people would be the same way! You can get more connected to tge magic of the world with fiction, and 33% of the people who wrote on here are boring and uncreative.

  • Are you serious? Reading fiction is the Bomb!

    The more that you read, the more things that you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." Dr. Seuss once wrote. There's no such thing as learning too much, reading a fictional stories has the same amount as beneficiaries that is provided by non-fictional books. However, reading fiction makes you comprehend, think, an fantasize a world that originate from worlds galaxies away, where as non fiction only states formal facts that only makes you think like a machine. The phrase 'reading fiction is a waste of time' does not make any sense, its irrational. There many ways of wasting time and I believe reading fiction is not part of that category, personally its like saying creating is a waste of time, which is wrong. There's no law stating that wasting time is illegal anyway, well depending on the circumstances, if it isn't hurting anybody then surrender your self to self-chosen ignorance as Confucius puts it best.

  • Not at all.

    Why are we assuming that fiction is not related to real life? May it be science fiction or a spy novel, every bit of fiction is inspired from the world we live in and it definitely gives you a much wider perspective on the actual events, oh yes of course their contents exceed the limits of our daily lives but that's what makes it great! I mean, no fiction is created by artifical minds right? "Real" people made them for "real" readers to read. This is how we adapt our minds to creative thinking and become open-minded. Even the most unrealistic book depicting a utopia cannot be thrown away just because it's "impossible", it represents a goal which we , as humans, yearn to reach and it will only serve to motivate us to better ourselves and our world. And remember, brain is still a mysterious organ and reality is what you believe it to be! Anything -a concept, a universe, a story etc- you can imagine is as real as you are!

  • Reading fiction is not a waste of time

    Reading fiction is one of the best things you can do, it allows the reader to broaden their mind and think of unique things that they would have never thought of before. Its basically like watching a movie except everything is up to your imagination as you read the words the author has laid out for you. I just become and active reader myself after hating books and its amazing how much I have missed out on something so fun.

  • Isn't imagination what got us to where we are today, so whats wrong with reading something that is imagination?!

    People think that reading is a waste of time because we need to focus on the real issues and we need to focus on fixing the problems in the real world instead of reading about fiction. People wouldn’t be inspired to fix the problems in the real world if they didn’t have fiction books to influence them in the first place, because those imaginary worlds can make us be brave, and encourage to fight for what’s right.

  • This Is Probably Both Valid and Sound

    1) If reading fiction strengthens the imagination then it is useful.
    2) Reading fiction strengthens the imagination.
    3)Therefore, reading is useful.

    A strong imagination is necessary for all creative and expressive endeavors. People generally want to leave a lasting legacy, almost all memorable people are either masters of creativity or expression. The writer acts as an agent of both these things, the politician expresses the views of his constituents or expresses his own views and creates the future, and the artist expresses and creates through painting and other mediums. The list does not end there, it can be argued that any human action can be a form of expression.

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