Is Real Madrid’s decisive victory over Schalke meaningless because the Germans are such a weak team?

  • Yes it was meaningless.

    When you spend as much money on the talent they have amassed (some of Reals bench players would be starters for Shalke), beating Shalke, a mid road qualifier, is not the goal. It's championship or bust against quality teams. Real Madrid won as expected and will continue on to the next round.

  • Yes, Real Madrid's win was meaningless.

    I think that Real Madrid is such a strong team that they shouldn't take wins over teams such as Schalke too seriously. While all wins should be admirable, I think Real Madrid is smart enough to know what is expected. Real Madrid should instead focus on games with a little more significance.

  • A win is a win

    No team that ever wins a game or match would ever look at a win and say it is meaningless. Even against a weak opponent, you still have to prepare, practice, warm up, show up and execute your game plan into a win. Certain wins are certainly easier than others, but no win is meaningless, otherwise winning itself and all competition is thus meaningless.

  • Every win matters

    There is no such thing as a meaningless victory. Not only did they get the win and give some second team some experience but they are also one step closer to winning the tournament. They also get to put in some younger guys in the next leg and get them some experience. Plus they made money from the game and got publicity out of the mix.

  • not at all

    no, the germans are not a weak team at all. They are very good at the things that they compete in, and any team that beats one of them needs to be proud about what they did, and needs to be proud about being able to beat them all then.

  • no, not at all.

    Real Madrid's victory is important because it is, in fact, a victory. No team should ever be underestimated. The United States tied England in the world cup a few years ago, and no one saw that coming for a million years. Victories should always be celebrated, regardless of the odds.

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