• Yes, I agree Real Madrid's 8-0 score proves they are a strong team.

    I believe that Real Madrid's 8-0 score proves the team is strong. I think that reaching a score of 8-0 is an achievement and shows the team not only has attacking prowess but also great defense. The proof will be evident as the season progresses. For now, they remain a force to be reckoned with.

  • Yes, it has to be

    Real Madrid's 8-0 score is definitely proof of the team's attacking prowess. Soccer or Futbol is generally a low scoring sport. Anytime a team can score 8 goals it has to prove that the team has a superior offense. I expect you'll see more higher scoring efforts by Real Madrid.

  • 8-0 score against anyone in Champions League is very strong proof

    Of course such a dramatic score is a proof of skill and strength of Real Madrid attackers (and whole team). Sure, Malmo is several levels beneath Real, there were some easily received goals, they lost all spirit and will to fight, but still: a) this is a Champions League match - Malmo is not THAT WEAK team and b) 8 goals, are 8 goals. That takes skill, that takes quality, thak shows prowess.

  • 8-0 score is not necessarily proof of a team's attacking prowess

    8-0 sounds like a fairly powerful offense, provided the team being scored on is good. If the team is one of the worst in the league, 8-0 could be considered a sign of a team's attacking weakness. Too many factors come in to play to decide whether a lopsided score is indicative of a team's streangth.

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