• With Narcissism on the rise - everything and anything someone thinks, says or does is passed off as "talent."

    Between facebook and Youtube - Life is a movie and everyone is THE star. The superficial nonsense that gets posted is bad enough, but the fact that everyone fawns over it as if every grammatically incorrect syllable uttered, every out of tune note plucked on a guitar, and every nails-on-the-chalkboard verse sung is heaven sent is almost laughable.

    Supposedly the cream rises to the top. Two words - Justin Bieber.

  • Auto Tune and Political agenda's rule

    Today and for the last few decades it's all about entertainment...Not musical talent. Most of today's so called performers have no real musical training. They are entertainers who rely on studio's to make them sound like they can sing. They have a liberal political agenda that they are more inspired about then their music.

  • The "talent" we have here is unoriginal.

    Ever notice how all winners of American Idol sound the same? It's because the only people who are considered "good" are the crappy pop singers with the same generic voice. People with more unique voices like alternative rock singer Amy Lee and classical/opera singer Sierra Boggess are unheard of because nobody likes to expand their varieties, they think "talent" is just having a pop voice.

  • We have singers who stripped half naked in music videos

    Songs today don't have much lyrics to them and does not make any sense. Music videos are garbage, they display sex in lot of them. Look at the video Rude Boy by Rihanna the lyrics and her the choice of clothing she is wearing. This not for the kids today should be listening to. In her another song we Found Love, all she does is repeat over and over with very little lyrics. Rap videos have guys with half naked girls in their video just to attract views. It's sad that people have to do this to become popular instead of creation of a their individual personality. So they use girls in thongs dancing around with their breast nearly hanging out. It's so bad that some videos even have age guidelines. When you have that its bad and mean they lack the talent to be true artists. I grew up hearing music in the 1990's and to me music was good then. Of course the years before that had good music as well. Soon after 2004 music went down the drain.

  • Talent in the form of creativity!

    Nowadays there are lots of ways to get attention to any talent you have (e.G., YouTube), but to get that attention you still have to set yourself apart from everyone else, and this is where the creativity comes in. People get more creative now cause they can find different talents that a lot of people don't have. And to me, creativity is more of a 'real' talent than many other things.

  • Talent is not on the decline.

    It is just that what has become popular is not what you like. Personally, i find Rihanna, Jay-Z, the whole lot to be quite mediocre. Most songs on the radio are, at least, pertaining to what I like. But this does not mean that talent is leaving America. You're just looking in the wrong places. It's all about the money these days, and we see it in politics, movies, music, etc. What the majority likes, that is what is put in the spotlight. You can't expect America to like the same things forever.
    There are a lot of artists I consider to be amazing, they're just underground or a lot less known.
    You just have to look for the talent; it's always there.

  • I don't believe mainstream music sums up ALL music...

    Okay. This is honestly a stupid debate question, and mostly old farts say it. Im 14, born in 1998, so I've grown up with "terrible" music. I'm not like most teens who listen to mainstream crap, a lot of the time I listen to oldies. But the question wasn't if mainstream music is getting worse, the question is, is real talent on the decline in America. No. When people think of music from this generation they think of the music that encourages drugs, sex, etc.. Because that's what they see on T.V. But there are lots of tremendously great artists out there. For example; Jason Mraz, Colbie Callait, Jack Johnson, Coldplay. These are mostly just the style I listen to, but in all genres there are very talented artists. You just have to look for them, because they are not put on as high of a pedestal as other artists. There are sooo many talented people in America, everywhere really, and to assume that talent isn't there just because you dont see it on you T.V. or you don't look for it on the radio/internet is stupid and ignorant.

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