• Reality does not exist, only perspective

    Each of us lives dependant and bound by our own individual knowledge and awareness. All that is what we call reality. However, both knowledge and awareness are equivocal, so one's reality might be another's illusion. That being said, we are all living inside our own fantasies, and reality does not exist, only perspective."

  • To reject subjectivity of reality is to reject subjectivity wholesale

    There is no functional distinction between a 'universe' in which everybody lives in their own slightly distinct world and one in which everybody lives in the same world but observes it differently. And we do observe it differently, you only have to ask a group of people what a person in a photograph is thinking to get wildly different responses. To reject subjectivity is only a very short step away from rejecting your ability to be wrong (memories quite frequently get things 'wrong' according to an outside observer).

  • How far would we be allowed to take it?

    Some say reality can be subjective. The classic example is of a banana that a person insists it is a round, Red, Shiny apple. They say everyone else wrong in thinking it is yellow and long. People may argue that it is not hurting anyone, And if they think it is a apple, That is ok. However, If we do say this, Where would we draw the line? Could one call a nail clipper a gun? Or a stick a pencil? What if a school girl insisted her skirt was long enough for it to meet the dress code because she subjectively called two inches one? Or for the SAT a student said their computer was a seeing eye dog?

    I know this is all ridicules, But I just want to show you all how it is really hard to draw the lines, And if we say a man can be a woman, And a white person can identify as Chinese, Where will we stop? Will we ever stop?

  • What would be the implications?

    If reality were subjective, this would mean that reality would be at the mercy of any man's thoughts and feelings and imagination in the wink of an eye. Reality would be contradicting. God's face would appear in the sky. There would be objects of thought. There is no such thing as objects of thought. There are only thoughts of objects that we perceive and develop into conceptual knowledge.

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