• When fantasy is as boring as reality

    The whole thing is scripted, So the “reality” label is a bit misleading.

    The writers have the entire canvas of the imagination at their disposal, And choose to fill it with stories that wouldn’t be particularly interesting even if they involved people that I actually knew and cared about.

    For an adult audience, I think it’s just a bit silly, But I suspect that it could be quite damaging for younger, More impressionable viewers who may not realise that some of the behaviour portrayed by the actors is largely considered unacceptable by real society.

  • I hate jews

    See, the thing is, i hate jews. A lot. Friggen jews need to kill themselves to support my opinion please. Can 10000 jews stop 10 10 10 10 10 trains? Who knows? How about we test it? To austwistch it is? REALITY TV CAN SUCK MY A** YOU FRIGGEN JEWS

  • Reality TV is stupid

    It's incredibly boring. I don't care what some sex addicted, drug using, fame addicted loser wants to do with their life. And then teen's end up worshipping these people. It's pathetic. Overall reality TV is stupid and useless, and society would be better without it. Society says that they're goo but they're not.

  • Social pornography dumbing down society

    Reality tv is nothing but social pornography where the audience wants to know every dirty detail of a lame wannabe-celebrity's life. I once spent an hour watching Big Brother, and I'd probably be better of hitting myself in the head with a hammer!
    People who watches reality tv either needs a life or medical attention, possibly both...

  • Reality TV is not boring!

    Reality TV is exciting and it is definitely not boring. Okay maybe the only reality TV shows I am talking about are like Masterchef Jr stuff like that but the suspense of reality TV is really outstanding and can't be beat. One thing I think though is that their lives should be more private.

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