• Reason is reasonable

    How is reason against gods will? Your entire statement was unreasonable. Why is good unreasonable and bad reasonable. Doesn't that mean it is reasonable to hurt others? And it is unreasonable to help? I confused how you got God is evil from reason is not reasonable. Extend 4 more words.

  • Reason is reasonable

    Provided that we do know reason beyond that which we understand. We could use circumstantial evidence to derive a conclusion however there will never be a 'knowing' without knowing it for sure. It can be reasonable for a person based on their experiences, but never to a collective unless there's shared experience.

  • Reason is reasonable

    God's will has nothing to do with reason. No one has yet been able to determine whether there is a God or what said God would determine as reasonable. Every individual determines what is reasonable and what is not. We make every decision using our reasoning abilities. This is done whether we believe in a God, multiple gods, A female or male god, or none at all.

  • Reason cannot be opposed to revealed religion.

    If God exists, then revelations cannot be incompatible with scientific facts. The existence of God is simply one more premise from which we can conclude consequences. If this leads to a contradiction, it means that one of the premises was wrong. This opinion is supported by many Christian writers, such as Thomas Hobbes (who would nonetheless insist on the mistakes of greek philosophers, but opposed the scientific obscurantism of the Catholic Church).

  • Yes it is

    Reason is reasonable but reasonablereason is not reasonable as he/she/it claims to know god's will which is most definitely not reasonable and therefore I feel their account should be deleted.
    No one knows god's will; if said god exists in the first place. One cannot even begin to show proof of a god let alone know this god's will unless you are referring to a bible which was written by man who is flawed and such works should not be trusted as fact.

  • Reason Is Not Reasonable

    God is good, therefore God is reasonable.
    Reason is not reasonable, because it is against God's will.
    It is unreasonable to think that reason unreasonable, though.
    It struck me as odd... But then it is unreasonable to think rational...
    Good is clearly unreasonable, therefore God is evil, therefore
    Reason is irrational, and logic is illogical!

  • Reason =/= reasonable

    Using reasoning has led to things such as Nazi Scientists, racist genetics and terrorists concluding that what they do is justified. People using reason have come to terrible conclusions all throughout history.

    Though Nazi scientists used scientific reason in their experiments, they were ANYTHING but reasonable. Reason can sometimes be reasonable, but because it is not always reasonable the statement "reason is reasonable" is false.

  • "Reason has always existed, but not always in a reasonable form." - Karl Marx

    So we can just see how reason is limited in understanding physics, then how much more would it be limited in understanding the creation and God. When thinking about the beginning of time and about creation and God our reason actually generates contradictory ideas. It is not satisfied with the idea that the past should be infinite, yet at the same time not with the idea that time has a beginning either. They both sound absurd and we are forced to believe the opposite, yet its opposite is also equally absurd. Furthermore reason demands that the causal chain to the past should not go on forever, but it cannot really make sense of the very idea of a "first cause" either. And also it demands that contingent things must ultimately be explained by a necessary being, but it finds the very idea of a "necessary being" incoherent at the same time. It wants to have God as the creator of time, yet it cannot comprehend the idea that there can be an agent that acts like create, yet has no time dimension of his own, while at the same time in our own experience we can act precisely because we are in time; it is what makes any action possible in the first place.

    These examples should be an indicator that we shouldn't really pursue our intuitions to their logical conclusions beyond the limits of the natural world. Because reason wants to follow the train of thought to the end, but apparently it is trying to deal with a realm that doesn't work in human logic after a point. We may feel we are onto something, but that is just an illusion, and we shouldn't take such feelings seriously.

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