• Yes, e-gaming is great recreation.

    E-gaming is one of the most fun things to do with your recreation time. It is extremely fun and entertaining for anyone who likes games. A pleasant surprise as the result of e-gaming is that video games are becoming more balanced. This is because in order to be a true e-game there must be balance.

  • No, e-gaming is not the pinnacle of all possible recreation activities

    The answer to this question is entirely dependent on what forms of recreation we're discussing (totally open-ended, only video games, etc), and what "best" is meant to imply. But at face value, if the question can be rephrased as "is electronic gaming the best form of recreation", because this is subjective, the answer cannot objectively be "yes". There are many people who derive more satisfaction from relaxing with a book, or going for a hike, or scuba diving, or sky diving... the forms of recreation are practically endless. Electronic gaming is a recent development, which is harder for some people to enjoy than others. Be it a problem interfacing with the technology, an issue with the cost of such a form of entertainment, or a feeling of detachment from reality associated with "losing one's self" in a game, the activity just doesn't appeal to everyone. It is indeed an enjoyable form of recreation, and it is truly exciting to watch it grow as an art form and even sport, but it is not the absolute pinnacle of recreation activities.

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