• Why we should bother with recycling

    You know that soda can you threw in the bin yesterday. If that had been recycled it could have become a air-plane part, a bike or even a new can. Or the pizza box from last nights dinner, that could have been recycled and used as a new box carrying valuables overseas simply by putting it in the recycling bin.

  • Recycling is da way

    Recycling helps our earth and is that way to a better tomorrow. So so it. Not for your sis for you ok you put a bottle in the recycling now or Donald trump will make the wall. Mexican food will no longer be in supply because you didn't put the bottle in the recycling. Thank you

  • Where does it all go if we don't recycle

    It ends up back on our table or in the mouths of marine life. The water u drink daily it mostly comes form the ground and with all the landfills just leaking back into the ground, most ground water u drink today was on your table last week. Yes Recycle

  • Yes recycling helps the Earth and in disposing trash.

    Alot of trash is generated in this world everyday. What if paper in this trash is burned? Or what if we recycle this paper and make a new recycled paper out of it? Isn't this reducing deforestation? Recyclable trash is used to make new things, reducing the usage of most materials such as plant and animal products. Therefore, it helps reduce trash and the usage of materials which can be obtained from other sources.

  • YESYESYES lets do it

    It stops idiots from killing our planet if we threw everything away the gas from it all will destroy our ozone layer. Recycling is a good way to help the planet from getting to hot or doing something otherwise that is bad ,recycling can stop that in its tracks that is why we need to recycle.

  • Just listen to me and recycle

    I am donald trump. I will kill you and drink your blood on my birthday if you dont recycle . You are dumb you are dumb you are dumb. Only a fool wouldnt recycle to save the earth. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you . I hate you.

  • Just listen to me and recycle.

    I am donald trump. You think i don't care about global warming and recycling, but i do. It will be a criminal offence not to recycle. I am going to put you in jail, the dungeons. You must recycle. Only fools would not recycle to save the world. Recycle now.

  • Yes, Recycling is good.

    Because it eliminates landfill waste and saves money and creates jobs and it benifits the environmental and reduces waste and saves energy and cultivates a green image and helps the enviroment and helps keep everything clean and helps us and the animals. I also think recycling is good because you can reuse it.

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  • I say no because there is to much cost on it.

    I don't think recycling is necessary because it has a very high price and there is many more landfill sites but some people say there is almost not any more room which is incorrect. There is many things that were right though like it decreases pollution and it helps the earth but the cons out weigh the pros.

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  • We Have Things Underground

    We are on this planet called "Earth". It is made of things that we can use. The planet I speak of has the same amount of matter today as it did before the industrial revolution (minus some space rockets). On Earth, we have an unlimited supply of energy from the sun, all of which is converted into some form of energy which can be harnessed for human purposes. Underground we get things and use them to help us live our lives without dying. Us human continually find new uses for previously useless material. Until the late 19th century, oil was useless and was never used by people. Now it is the most commonly trade commodity globally. Maybe some day we will come up with a use for silicon, aluminum, and iron; which are the most abundant materials on our planet "Earth". Until then, we can only hope that we don't start mining one day and find that- whoops- we mined the whole Earth and there is nothing but empty space now!

  • No.

    The world has taken care of itself for billions of years. One singular volcanic eruption does more damage to the atmosphere than the entirety of humanity's existence. Recycling is nice, and can certainly help to curtail our damage, but mother nature is more than perfectly capable of taking care of herself.

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themightyindividual says2016-04-11T20:15:33.677
Who told you guys that recycling is good for the environment? It causes toxic sludge and smog and consumes massive amounts of energy. And for what? An economic net loss? Are you people mad? You think we will run out of aluminum, the most abundant metal on the planet? Or glass, which is made of sand? You are insane! Insane, I tell you, insane!!!!